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“Exchange it with the seasoning.” Su Feifei said expressionlessly.

It just so happened that they didnt have much seasoning left, so if they didnt have it, what might happen

“No problem.

Ill go and get the seasoning now!”

Su Feifei turned around again.

She planned to make braised meat, which was convenient, fast, and delicious.

If they couldnt finish it, they would pack it up and continue for the next meal.

“Su Feifei, the condiments are here!” The two staff members worked together to carry a large box for her.

Su Feifei raised her eyebrows.

Did this mean that the entire production team was here to freeload

The staff member stood there, not daring to speak.

He only glanced at her frantically from the corner of his eyes, trying to hint at her.

Su Feifei accepted the spices and didnt say anything.

[Hahahahaha staff: I want to get a free meal, but I dont dare to say it.]

[I bet the staff wants to eat that too!]

[Su Feifei turned around and saw that the staff was still rooted to the spot.

“Ill get someone to call you guys when the dishes are ready.” She said.

“Really” The staff member immediately broke into a smile.

“Good, good, good! Well be waiting for you!”

[Gosh, youre f*cking nice! Hahahahaha!]

[Take your time, we can wait!]

As soon as he left, Su Feifei began to cook.

After she finished frying the sugar, she added wild ginger, wild scallion, the spices provided by the director team, and the freshly boiled lard into the pot.

A sizzling sound rang out, and everyone immediately surrounded the big pot.

They couldnt bear to leave.

Su Feifei deliberately waited for more than ten minutes before she asked someone to add the wild boar meat into the soup.

A strong meaty aroma spread out along with the boiling stew.

For a time, the sound of countless people swallowing saliva rang out around the big pot.

“You guys go away, dont let your saliva drip in.” Qiu Ye shouted and started to drive them away.

As he spoke, he even gulped, trying to make himself not so obvious.

[A large-scale drooling scene!]

[I really want to eat Su Feifeis cooking! May I ask if itll be on sale!]

[This fragrance is too overbearing.

I can smell it even through the screen.]

[Those with faster hand speed will benefit from this.

If theyre lucky, theyll be able to eat more than the others!]

The process of waiting was extremely torturous.

In the end, even Qiu Ye couldnt help but go out for a walk and come back.

Seeing that the meat wasnt ready yet, he clutched his stomach and cried out, “Su Feifei, Im begging you.

Please scoop the meat out.

Its been almost an hour.

The meat is really done!”

Someone immediately agreed.

“Thats right, thats right.

Su Feifei, were so hungry.”

“Let us have a bite first.”

Su Feifei poked the meat with her chopsticks, and the chopsticks immediately penetrated the soft and elastic skin of the wild boar.

Everyone stared at her without moving, waiting for her to give the order.

Su Feifei retracted her hand.

“You can eat now.”

When this sentence entered peoples ears, it was no different from the sound of nature.

“Hurry, hurry, hurry! Put out the fire and fish for meat!”

“Its so fragrant, wow! Ive never been so greedy in my life!”

Qiu Ye quickly brought over a big bowl and began to frantically fish for meat.

Someone immediately shouted, “Director Qiu, leave us some as well! As a director, youre snatching meat from our guests, dont you feel embarrassed!”

“Why should I be embarrassed”

Qiu Ye picked up the meat even faster.

“We provided the spices.

Without those things, how could the meat be so fragrant”

Although he said that, he stopped after scooping up one pot and called the staff over to eat with him.

Seeing that Su Feifei didnt stop him, the others didnt say anything more.

“Eat as much as you want.

Gather with your rice bowl in one minute.”

Su Feifei suddenly said.

No one raised any objections.

In just two days, this team quickly adapted to Su Feifeis various orders.

Soon, everyone gathered together.

Su Feifei was holding a bowl full of braised meat.

She waved her hand and said loudly, “Lets go!”

Half a minute later, their entire team stood in front of Luo Feifas team.


Luo Feifa was speechless.

“Xiao He, stand at the front!” Su Feifei walked to the front and said.

“Yes, captain!”

Although Xiao He did not understand why he knew that listening to Su Feifeis words was the right thing to do!

He stepped out of the ranks and stood in front of Luo Feifa.

Luo Feifa frowned and was about to get up when she heard Su Feifeis command.



This order was given.

Everyone was already drooling crazily, but they held their bowls and endured it.

How could he still hold back at this time

Who cares where he is He directly started eating!

The sound of him eating echoed throughout the entire deserted island.

It was the sound of chopsticks hitting a bowl.

It was the satisfaction of eating the fat and lean meat and green wild vegetables.

It was the cheering of delicious food, the screaming of the taste buds.

Luo Feifa, who was holding the last mouthful of instant noodles, was so mad that she had to look away to contain herself.

The entire team was standing less than a meter away from their team.

They immediately surrounded them.

He was digging madly in this bowl of rice!

In an instant, Luo Feifas face turned green with anger!

Motherf*cker! Wasnt that intentional


[I love Su Feifei, she takes revenge on the spot!]

[No way, no way.

Although the public execution is late, its still here!]

[Im laughing my head off.]

[Luo Feifas face has turned green, and shes also swallowing her saliva!!]

[I suddenly feel that Luo Feifas team members are a little pitiful.]

[I really want to eat that piece of braised meat in Su Feifeis bowl.

It looks soft and tender…]

The strong fragrance filled the air, making the people in Luo Feifas team drool.

“Su Feifei!” Luo Feifa shouted, “Go back to your place and eat!”

Su Feifei stood with her hands behind her back.

“Everyone is free to move around on the deserted island.”

Luo Feifa was furious.

Then, everyone in the live broadcast room saw the following scene.

She fled with her team members.

They finished the meal while Su Feifeis team chased after Luo Feifa.


After eating, everyone burped and gave a thumbs up to express their satisfaction.

It was so fragrant!


[Help! Help! Hahahahahaha!]

[Su Feifei, why dont you give me a days rest Im dying of laughter every day!]

[Dont be too cruel.

What if you kill her]

Xiao He was the one who ate the most.

Whatever Luo Feifa had ridiculed him with just now, he had turned it all into strength to chew on.

He was even prouder than Feng Xuege when he won the championship.

In the end, everyone on Feng Xueges team received a bowl of meat as well.

The directors team, Su Feifeis team, and Feng Xueges team all had meat.

Luo Feifas entire team could only hold the instant noodles in their hands and occasionally gulp and smile bitterly.

In the end, Luo Feifa was so angry that she shouted, “Su Feifei! Just you wait! You have so many people, lets see if you have the ability to eat meat every day!”

“What if I do” Su Feifei turned around and asked.

Luo Feifa didnt expect her to suddenly answer.

She narrowed her eyes.

“What do you mean”

“A bet.”

Su Feifei looked up.

“Itll take at least three days to get through this forest.

There arent any herbs to exchange for points on the way, and Ive used up all my points to build the wooden houses.”

She raised her head.

“Lets make a bet.

Lets see if I can have meat in every meal.”


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