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“What are you doing” Shen Ruoqing immediately frowned and pulled him back.

Renbo gritted his teeth, “Su Feifei is planning to let us starve here.

If we dont leave now, when will we eat Do you still want to stay here and suffer The daily physical training was already annoying enough! I dont want to stay here for another day!”

“Are you sure Su Feifei said that she hates betrayers the most.”

Shen Ruoqing stood up and glanced at the crowd.

“Think carefully.

If you go out now, itll be considered a betrayal.”

On a hot summer day, the word betrayal made everyone calm their minds down instantly.

Betrayal was already scary enough when it came to Su Feifei.

What was even more terrifying was that Su Feifeis hatred was also added to the premise.

Everyone shivered.

“N-no need…” Someone laughed drily.

“Feifa, you can go and enjoy your meal.

Well wait for Su Feifei to come back.”

Xiao He didnt take the bait.

“The food we usually eat is much better than this! Su Feifei only went to find food for us!”

“Oh Looking for food” Luo Feifa laughed.

“Sure, Ill wait and see.

With more than twenty mouths, the wild fruit she plucked should be more than enough, right Hahaha, I hope she can do this!”

Although Tiantian was infuriated, she suppressed her anger and pulled Xiao He back.

“Su Feifei isnt here.

Lets ignore her.

The more we talk to her, the more excited she gets!”

Xiao He gritted his teeth and could only bear with it.

“Hmph! Ill deal with you when Su Feifei comes back!” He said.

Luo Feifa narrowed her eyes.

How dare this small fry be so arrogant

Even if couldnt do anything to Su Feifei for the time being, doesnt mean that she couldnt do anything to these two little followers!

Its good to teach them a lesson so that she knows her place.

They should know that they are also benefiting from the Bo family by relying on Su Feifei!

She gritted her teeth and was about to step forward.

“Youre Xiao He, right” Luo Feifa sneered.

Xiao He quivered.

He suddenly realized that he had talked back to Luo Feifa just now!

Cold sweat instantly seeped out from his back.

What was going on… He definitely wouldnt have dared to do this in the past! It would probably be difficult to even look at each other! Has he been influenced by Su Feifei recently and is starting to learn some disdainful behavior

Before he could think further, Luo Feifa had already come forward.

Its over!

Xiao He was shocked.

He subconsciously dodged backward, but the sound of horse hooves suddenly rang in his ears!

[F*ck! He looked scared to death! Fortunately, shes here!]

[I dont even dare to look! Xiao He, when Su Feifei isnt around, we should restrain ourselves!]

[The sound of horse hooves! Its definitely Su Feifei!]

[I heard it too! Come quickly!!!]

Luo Feifa naturally heard it too.

She stopped what she was doing and turned around.

Then, the corners of her lips curled up and she sneered.

“Look, your Su Feifei is here.

She looks so high-spirited.

She probably picked five kilograms of wild fruits for you, right”

Under everyones anticipation, Su Feifeis figure soon appeared.

She moved quickly with the horse.

She easily crossed the bushes and stepped on the thorns.

There was a section of muddy ground full of obstacles.

She directly leaped, pulled the reins left and right, and ran quickly.

[This riding skill is awesome!!!]

[I never knew someone could look so handsome riding a horse! This is the first time Ive ever wanted to learn how to ride a horse!]

[Attention, everyone.

If you need to learn how to ride a horse, youre welcome to experience it here! Theres a discount if you use Su Feifeis name! Please add us for more details.

As long as you like Su Feifei, were open for business!]

[Youre really a good businessman.

Great opportunity awaits!]

[Thats not right.

Whats Su Feifei carrying]

The drone flew in Su Feifeis direction.

The camera zoomed in.

Everyone also saw that thing at the same time.

Amidst the flying mud, there was a dark brown thing that was covered in bristles and was about two meters long on the horses back.

It lay motionless behind Su Feifei, and its hooves were shaking in the wind.

Xiao He sucked in a breath of cold air.

“Th-that is…”

The horse neighed.

Su Feifei stretched out her hand and put on her signature smile when hunting for prey.

[This smile, Im numb, Im numb!]

[Thats the same smile when she shot the rabbit, the same smile when she caught the snake, the same smile when she fished…]

[So this time its…]


“Xiao He! Tiantian! Come over here!”

Su Feifei said in a clear voice.

“Get ready to kill the boars!”


Everyone was in a mess.

The bullet comments were silent for more than a minute.

However, Su Feifei didnt seem to notice anyones reaction.

She pulled the boar down with one hand and threw it on the ground.

There was a bamboo stick stuck in the pigs head.

It was obvious it put up a fight before it died.

[My Gosh!!]

[A pig!]

[A wild boar!!!]

[Su Feifei went out for a while and brought back a boar!]

[Thats a… wild boar]

[Thats at least 500 f*cking pounds!!]

[Get out of the way!!! Su Feifei has something to say!]

[Su Feifei is still the best!]

[What are you waiting for if youre not a fan Join us now!]

The atmosphere was so quiet that it was a little strange.

“Su Feifei, this is…”

Xiao He could not help but confirm.

“Food,” Su Feifei licked her lips.


Several shocked gazes were focused on Su Feifei.

Renbo trembled in the wind, looking at the bamboo on the pig head, his body felt weak.

Luo Feifa was so angry that she almost threw her noodles aside.

If she had known that Su Feifei would bring back a pig on this trip! She would rather die than show off her instant noodles!

What was there to show off

Before anyone noticed, she turned around and ran, quickly moving out of the screen.


[Luo Feifa, youre lucky you ran away fast this time.]

[Stop scolding Luo Feifa.

I can see that she has improved.

In the past, she didnt leave after getting mocked.

Now that she knows the consequences, she quickly left.]

[Su Feifei has really managed to get meat to eat every day! Thats awesome!]

[Production team, can you play the video of Su Feifei fighting the wild boar Please show us!]

[Me too! I really want to see it!]

There was a huge commotion online.

The program team quickly responded.

“Its not that we didnt want to.

It was just that she was too quick for the drone to keep up!”

“What are you doing” Su Feifei turned her head and said, “Start cooking!”

“Ah, ah, yes!”

Xiao He and the rest were still in a daze, walking on cloud nine.

Tiantian was slightly better off.

She rubbed her hands excitedly and said, “We have meat to eat!”

She looked at Su Feifei and subconsciously acted coquettishly.

“Su Feifei, I want to eat braised meat.”

“Sure.” Su Feifei nodded.

[Su Feifei, I want to eat it too!]

[Me too!]

[I realized that Su Feifei is really amenable to coaxing but not coercion.


Soon, more than 20 people surrounded her.

Some of them couldnt wait to get their hands on meat.

Even Feng Xueges people couldnt help but come over to watch the show.

The scene on the field suddenly changed.

Everyone gathered together to deal with the wild boar in full swing.

All of a sudden, the survival show turned into a food variety show.

There was strength in numbers and coupled with the temptation of delicious food, everyone was full of energy.

It didnt take long for the wild boars fur to be completely skinned.

Su Feifei deftly dissected the pig according to its parts.

“Start the fire.” Her hands didnt stop moving as she instructed her team members.

Qiu Ye also walked over, his face full of excitement and anticipation.

“Su Feifei, I want to eat braised meat too!”

[What was his name Who is he again]

[Hahahahahaha, he really changed his ways!!]

[Why dont you say that Qiao Hefeng is a good teacher]


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