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[This voice sounds so familiar.]

[Whos this Is there an encore to this show]

The camera considerately turned to the source of the sound.

Not far away, a man could be seen slowly limping towards the camp.

He held onto a bamboo pole and carried bags of various sizes all over his body.

He took a break to catch his breath before continuing again.

His face was bruised and swollen.

If one didnt look closely, one wouldnt be able to recognize him as the handsome Qiao Hefeng from before.


The audience gasped in shock.

[Qiao Hefeng]

[Oh my Gosh! This savage is Qiao Hefeng]

[He looks like sh*t and hes still coming back]

[Is he so hung up on this show]

When Su Ling saw him, her heart was filled with joy.

Qiao Hefeng loved her so much that he must have returned for her! This was great.

There was one more person in their team, at least one more labor force than Feng Xueges team!

“Hefeng, youre back…” She happily went over to him.

She reached out her hand to help him.

Unexpectedly, Qiao Hefengs body, which was originally as stiff as a zombie, suddenly nimbly twisted in the opposite direction and avoided her touch.

Su Ling raised her eyes in shock.

‘Whats going on

Qiao Hefeng didnt even look at her.

He turned around and walked toward Su Feifei.

[A plot twist]

[Has Bo Xi wooed him silly]

[What is he trying to do]

Qiao Hefengs face was full of ambition as he walked in front of Su Feifei.

Xiao He immediately reached out and blocked Su Feifei.

However, the next second.

With one swift move, he directly knelt down! Two lines of tears fell from his swollen cheeks, and his bangs trembled as he cried.

“Su Feifei, I beg you, let me join your team!”

Su Feifei was speechless.

[I have the same expression as Su Feifei right now]

Xiao Hes mouth was wide open, his jaw almost dropping to his chest, “This, this, this…”

“After processing what happened, you realize that Su Feifei is your one true love” Tiantians face was filled with shock.

The others were discussing this situation all around her.

Su Ling was shocked beyond words, but she quickly recovered.

Perhaps, Qiao Hefeng was scared of Bo Xi and wanted to join Su Feifeis team! However, it didnt matter, she could still play this situation in her favor!

Suddenly, Su Lings slender body suddenly shook, as if she was about to faint.

“Hefeng…” She said weakly.

In the past, Qiao Hefeng would always support her with a concerned and anxious look on his face.

However, after a few seconds, Qiao Hefeng remained unmoved and continued to cry in front of Feifei.

[My dear family, I dont know why, but this looks really funny.]

[Hefeng, where did the wound on your face come from]

[Who hit our Hefeng!]

[Theres definitely a secret behind this!]

Su Ling secretly gritted her teeth.

Her body shook even more as if she was going to fall down in the next second.

“Hefeng, Im so dizzy…”

“Im begging you, Su Feifei! Ill listen to everything you say!”

Su Ling was speechless.

[You went out for a while and left your ego behind or something]

[Why is her face full of question marks]

[I havent been online for two days.

May I ask if I missed any important plot]

[Ive been following this show every day.

I have the same thoughts as you at this moment.]

Su Feifei took a step back, her face full of disdain.

“Our team doesnt accept cripples.”


“Im not a cripple!”

Qiao Hefengs face was filled with fear, and he was so frightened that his face had turned pale.

He trembled.

“I promise Ill do whatever you ask me to do.

I wont be lazy, Im serious!”

He reached out his hand and subconsciously wanted to grab Su Feifeis trousers to continue pleading.

However, as soon as he reached out, he suddenly thought of something and retracted his hand like lightning.

‘I almost made a mistake, I shouldnt touch her.

He — who was as fragile as a piece of parchment paper — had already suffered a weight that life could not bear.

At the thought of this, he cried even louder.

“If you dont accept me, Ill be…”

He immediately stopped, not daring to continue.

[I wasnt hallucinating just now, right]

[Did something happen in the hospital Could it be related to his attitude right now Silin and Hefeng went to the same hospital right]

[Qio Hefeng has turned over a new leaf!]

“Alright, dont cry.

You can stay.” Su Feifei was so annoyed by his crying that she agreed just to make him stop.

“Alright, thank you!”

Qiao Hefeng stood up excitedly and turned around to look for the camera.

What was he doing

Qiao Hefeng grabbed a cameramans lens and forced a smile on his swollen face.

“Bo Silin, did you see that, Bo Silin Su Feifei has accepted me!”

All of Su Feifeis members were speechless.

“Dont worry!” Qiao Hefeng continued, his entire body shaking with excitement.

“Im here, I wont let Qiu Ye get close to her!”


Qiu Ye, who was suddenly mentioned, was speechless.


In the hospital ward, Bo Silin tapped on the keyboard a few times, then he sent out a bullet screen.

[Alright, keep a close eye on him.]

These simple words, in bold font and with a flash effect, slowly floated across the screen.

Anyone with eyes could see it.

The audience was in an uproar.

[Bo Silin was the one that made him do that]

[Im cupid, and Im going to retire from work today! Lock them down!]

[Am I the only one who noticed the special effect of this bullet screen Bo Silin must have paid a lot for those effects.

Hahaha, as if hes afraid we dont recognize him]

[There are too many love rivals.

She should make one of them defect and let them kill each other.]

[I want to know what happened to Qiao Hefeng these past few days!]

“Alright, lets go back and pack our luggage!” Qiu Ye roared.

‘Bo Silin! Im not done with you!

Everyone had no choice but to return to their own camps with extremely gossipy mouths.

Su Ling also went back.

What greeted her was Luo Feifas cold smile.

“You cant even handle Qiao Hefeng… Su Ling, what use do you have”

Su Ling gritted her teeth, looked around, and whispered, “Ill have him come over soon enough.

Its obvious that he was threatened, which was why he made such a choice.”

“Maybe it was for the best.” Luo Feifa sneered.

Su Ling didnt say anything and fiercely pursed her lips.

“Speaking of which, there are a lot of things you need to sort out, right”

“No.”Su Ling suddenly said, “After all, there are many people.”

“Okay, lets go then.”

Luo Feifa pat her motorcycle.

“She now has twenty-six mouths to feed.

Even if she can earn more points, how many days can she last Now, theyre still eating fish and meat.

I think they wont even need to pass through the bat gathering place before they starve to death.”


It was time to assemble.

The bullet comments were already prepared to flame to teams they werent supporting.

[Our journey is to the stars and the sea!]

[Its a deserted island and a rainforest! Be real!]

[Where is my favorite ship

[Where is the rich lady and the young hunk!]

[Show me some muscle men!]

[Is everyone making wishes I wish for more money and less acne!]

[What the…]

Very quickly, the sound of the engine could be heard!

Its here!

Everyone immediately turned to look.

An off-road vehicle rushed out from the corner with full horsepower, making a loud noise.

The accelerator was full, and directly made its way in!

“That looks so cool!”

[Xuege is so handsome!!!!!]

Immediately after, the rumbling sound rang out again!

Luo Feifa was riding her motorcycle.

She reached out and wore her helmet.

This scene was directly captured by the camera.

The audience was excited again!

[To be honest, Luo Feifas personality is extremely annoying, but her figure is really good.]


My eyes are selectively blind to bad people with good looks.]

[Wheres Su Feifei!! I need Su Feifeis face to cleanse my eyes!]

[Su Feifeis horse is… She probably looks like shes going to learn from experience, right]

[Im sorry, Im already laughing thinking about what will happen.]

[Someones moving!]


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