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After a long silence, Bo Silin looked at the green goo in her hand.

It really didnt look like some kind of powder or hallucinatory substance.

Or was she lying

Bo Silins sharp eyes narrowed and he looked at her carefully for a long time.

The moonlight shone on her delicate little face, and her black eyes seemed to be able to see all the way down.

They were bright and clear, a rare look on somebody that intends to kill him.

He had already forgotten how long it had been since he had seen such a gaze.

He had seen countless people and could often guess the other partys thoughts with just one look.

However, at this moment, he actually couldnt understand this woman.

After a moments pause, Bo Silin stood up with his suspicion still lingering.

“You have injuries on your hands too, apply it first.” He said.

Su Feifei took a look and saw that there were indeed some small wounds.

She had scratched it when she was setting up the tent.

She didnt mind and immediately took out some herbs and applied them to the wound.


It really was medicine…

“Alright, now for you.” Su Feifei retracted her hand and came over to take off his clothes again.

As soon as her fingers touched the corner of his clothes, she was held back by the mans well-defined hand.

Su Feifeis patience was finally exhausted.

“Why are you so hesitant” She said, “Dont worry.

I have experience.

I wont hurt you.

Didnt I say that it was just medicine Ive done this at least a hundred, if not a thousand times.”

[Photographer, come closer!!!]

[I seem to have heard something coy.

What do you mean by experienced What do you mean by pain]

[Whats going on Thousand times If you dont understand, then ask.

Isnt this number a little scary]

[Whats going on inside What are you doing!]

[Director, please think of something to make them stop! Something had happened, something big had happened! I cant watch!]

Bo Silin was speechless for a long time.

He really did not understand what she meant.

Was this woman pretending or was she for real

If she was pretending, her clear eyes were really good at lying.

“Ill do it myself.

” Bo Silins smile disappeared.

Su Yue glanced at him and let go of his hand.

“Be careful.

The wound needs to be massaged to heal the bruise.”


If it wasnt for the fact that she only had two soldiers now, who were considered precious treasures, would she have this much patience


This kind of talkative and ungrateful person would be kicked out of the team sooner or later!


“All of you come out! Im going to announce the new rules!”

There was a sudden movement outside the tent.

The surroundings began to stir.

Su Feifei lifted the curtain to take a look before she got up and went out with Bo Silin following behind her.

[Shes finally out!]

[Good, good, all the clothes are intact!]

[Then what were they doing in there just now!]

[Baby Bos clothes are wrinkled! The hem is still wrinkled!]

[Shes tainted him!]

[Shut up, hes not dirty!]

[Stinky Su Feifei, get out of the entertainment industry!]

The bright moon hung high in the camp.

Su Feifei walked to the front and stood up straight.

Xiao He and Bo Silin were standing beside her.

Director Liu was holding a megaphone and shouting.

“Due to a change in the program, a new rule of the game has been introduced.

All guests, please listen quietly.

Otherwise, your survival may be threatened!”

Su Feifei frowned slightly and looked at Director Lius seat.

“First, the staff of this program will give each of you an identity card.

The staff will act as werewolves and can plunder your tents, points, and other living resources.

Please protect yourself!”

“Two, this game allows alliances!”

“The rules are as such.

Enjoy.” Director Liu said with a smile and left.

“Let me remind everyone that the game will begin in half an hour! Lets quickly build our defenses!”

The people present were slightly dazed.

Then, everyone burst into an uproar.

“What the heck A werewolf”

“We had not much to begin with, and youre still taking more away from us Do you want us to live”

“Go on, go on, go on! I dont have anything I want, but Im dead!”

“Please, weve been walking all day and weve been hungry all day.

Are you trying to kill us”

“What are they thinking Could it be that the director decided on this on a whim”

“I think it was the directors team who made the decision!”

Director Liu smiled and stood behind all the staff.

He nodded and said, “Ah, yes, yes, yes.”

If he didnt do this, where would he get the traffic He should have been mentally prepared to be abused before he came!

“If you have the ability, dont stand behind others!”


[Im dying of laughter.

I love the director.

Even the guests are scared of death.]

[The director team sure knows how to play.

Although it looks dangerous, I like it.]

[Indeed, this kind of drama is what I love to watch.

Its accurate!]

[Youre all perverts…]

There was only half an hour left.

At the moment, the best way was to form an alliance.

Everyone walked out and discussed who should form an alliance with who.

Su Feifei and the others were a little far away from the rest, and Su Feifeis popularity was not good, so no one came to form an alliance with them.

After a while, Xiao He was a little anxious.

He looked around and said, “No one has come to form an alliance with us.

What if the werewolves specifically come to us”

Su Feifei looked straight ahead indifferently.

“If one comes, Ill kill one.

If two come, Ill kill a pair.”

Ah, this attitude…

Xiao He was already starting to feel uneasy.

Why couldnt this ladys words be trusted

The next second, Su Feifeis nose twitched, and a burning smell came.

She frowned and turned to look at the smell.

They saw that the place where their tents were originally set up was already on fire.

Her tent was on fire!

The alarm rang throughout the island, signaling the start of the game.

In the citys hospital, Shen Ruoqings face was pale.

She had just finished pumping her stomach and now she had to face the devil in front of her.

Su Ling.

She was still the same, pure and elegant.

“Trash.” Su Ling grabbed Shen Ruoqings hand and sneered, “If you cant even handle such a small matter, what use are you”

Shen Ruoqings hair stood on end.

“D-dont be in a hurry!” Shen Ruoqing swallowed her saliva.

“Ive also arranged for someone to complete the mission! If you dont believe me, watch the live broadcast!”

Su Ling threw Shen Ruoqings hand to the side and turned on her phone to watch the live broadcast.

At the scene, Su Feifei used sand to put out the fire on the tent, and now the tent was half-destroyed.

The werewolves were all burly men who could plunder resources, so they gave the guests a lot of pressure.

“Feifei, lets run!” Xiao He said, “They have weapons in their hands! What if something really happens What should we do”


Su Feifei didnt answer.

[What is this woman doing]

[Is there something wrong with her brain]

[Shes in a daze at a time like this.

As expected of the loser in the entertainment industry.]

[Im dying of laughter.

Xiao Hes brain is even brighter than hers and hes just an assistant.]

[Ill tell you a joke.

She said that she could fight ten people by herself.]

[Im dying of laughter.

Why isnt she doing that now]

They knew that this was a variety show and it was impossible for the staff to actually kill someone, but what if What if someone didnt know how to hold back

“So what if you lost Where theres life, theres hope!”

A few burly men with baseball bats ran towards them.

Xiao He had no time to persuade them and grabbed Feifeis hand to run.

Su Feifei glanced behind her.

The werewolves instantly sped up and threw the sticks in their hands! The stick brushed past Su Feifeis face and stabbed into the tree trunk next to her.


“Mother of God!” Xiao He shrieked, “You guys are ruthless…”

Su Feifeis eyes turned cold as she glanced at their faces.

These werewolves were specifically targeting her as she ran, and every time they attacked, they didnt hold back.

This was not a game!


They really wanted to take her life!


The next second, Su Feifei flung Xiao Hes hand away.

“Feifei” Xiao He turned his head as he ran.

However, all he saw was the back of an agile head, jumping up and down in the woods.

Soon, she ran in the opposite direction.

Xiao He opened his mouth.

This… she ran away


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