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“Thats right, the first place is what you see now, an off-road vehicle! And a big gift bag of knives!”

[Holy f*k!!!]

[An off-road vehicle!]

[They can drive this through the jungle!]

[Awesome, he really knows how to entice them!]

“The second place is an amazing gift too!” Qiu Yes face was full of excitement.

He added this gift in the post-production, so it would definitely be very exciting to get it!

“Second place, one motorcycle! And a big gift bag of kitchenware!”

Everyone exclaimed again!

“Hes so generous!”

“A motorcycle! I really want it!”

Luo Feifas eyes lit up when she saw the motorcycle.

She didnt care about the four wheel vehicle, but she liked the motorcycle.

This must have been tailor-made for her by her father! Even if she won first place later, she would use the car that won first place to exchange for this!

“The third place is even more amazing!”

Qiu Ye chuckled and gave the staff a look.

The neigh of a horse suddenly sounded.

Following that, the staff brought out a fierce horse with bright fur!

The horses head was swinging wildly in the air, full of energy!

The comments exploded.


[May I ask which of the guests here knows how to ride]

[Even if I know how to ride it, I wont dare try in the jungle.

What if I accidentally rush into the innermost part of the deserted island Itll be over for me.]

[If I win the horse, Ill have to take care of it every day!]

[Whoever gets third place will be unlucky!]

[Im dying of laughter.

The guests faces are all broken.]

Seeing the third place, Luo Feifas expression became even more certain.

She was definitely going to win first place!

Qiu Ye continued, “The game is a relay marathon! Pay attention, captains cant participate in this game!”

“What” Su Feifeis team was the first to panic.

They had been particularly dependent on Su Feifei for a long time.

They always felt that as long as Su Feifei was there, they would win.

However, this time, Su Feifei couldnt fight, so everyone panicked.

“Each team will send out ten representatives,” Qiu Ye said.

“Each person will complete one lap.

It wont be considered over until all the members have finished the race.

In the end, the time taken by each team will determine the winner!”

“Its a marathon!”

Feng Xueges team members were overjoyed.

Running was one of the daily physical training programs for athletes.

This matter was as natural and habitual as eating and breathing.

How could they lose

Feng Xueges eyes flashed with an obvious smile.

Obviously, she had the same thought as her team members.

Luo Feifa and Su Ling were also surprised and glad.

After all, this game was related to physical fitness, and their group had no lack of men! Su Feifeis group looked over and counted all the men with five fingers.

This time, they were determined to get those two means of transportation.

Qiu Ye deliberately gave the three teams time to choose their members.

Five minutes later, he spoke through the megaphone again, “Now, will the three teams please send out their participants.”

Luo Feifa and Feng Xuege, without a doubt, sent out all the men in the team.

If there were not enough, they called for women to make up the numbers.

Then, everyones eyes shifted to Su Feifei.

Su Feifeis eyes swept across Xiao He, the three strong men, and Renbo.

The five of them quivered and subconsciously puffed out their chests.

Their steps were in unison, and with a swoosh they stepped out of the formation in an orderly manner.

It wasnt until Su Feifeis gaze went elsewhere that Renbo realized what he had subconsciously done.

He immediately looked embarrassed.

Su Feifei randomly selected the remaining five people.

“I… I think I heard my own name.” Tiantian stood rooted to the ground, her head buzzing.

[Am I hearing things]

[No, what is Su Feifei thinking Why is she sending out Tiantian]

[Although I really like Tiantian, her physical fitness is really terrible!]

[Maybe Su Feifei wants to experience how it feels to lose”

[F*cking hahaha, please mind your words, or else shell come to you with a knife.]

After coming to her senses, Tiantian frantically shook her head.

“I cant do it.

You should get someone else to do it!”

“Youre good.”

“I cant!”

Tiantian sobbed and said, “The prizes are too good to ignore.

Ill definitely drag the team down!”

“You can run like how you usually do.” Su Feifei said indifferently, “I like horses.”

Tiantian was certain that Su Feifei was merely trying to comfort her.

Touched, she hugged Xiao Hes arm and cried even louder.

[Hahahaha, Su Feifeis overbearing quote.

I like horses.]

[Im dying of laughter!!]

In the end, Tiantian had no choice but to wipe her tears and toughen up.

“I wont let you down.

No matter how difficult it is, Ill finish the entire race!”

Xiao He consoled her, “When have you ever seen her fight a battle that shes not confident in winning We just have to believe in her.

“Youre right!” Tiantians eyes lit up.

“Although I dont believe in myself, I believe her! She will not let us lose!”

After the members were assigned, the competition officially began.

After the first four rounds, the results were as expected.

Su Feifeis team had always been at a disadvantage and was behind the first two teams by more than half a circle.

On the contrary, Luo Feifa and Feng Xueges teams were more anxious.

Tiantian was the one running the fifth lap.

As time passed by, the other two teams had already begun their fifth lap, but Tiantian had yet to appear.

[Tiantian, you have to work hard!]

[Heavens! Su Feifeis team is almost a full lap behind!]

[Is there no hope for first place]

[I cant watch anymore.

Su Feifei is definitely going to lose!]

The situation was so unfavorable, but Su Feifeis face didnt show any sign of worry.

She stared at the running track in front of her and suddenly, a smile appeared on her face.

She turned around and instructed Xiao He, “Get ready, Tiantian will be here soon.”

“Yes captain!” Xiao He replied and ran to the side to pull up his pants.

[What is there to prepare]


[What are they doing]

[I also want to know.

Is he trying to take off his clothes to reduce the burden on his body]

Two seconds later, there was a loud clatter.

Xiao He and the rest immediately unloaded the sandbags on their bodies.

More than ten sandbags fell to the ground at the same time, making a loud sound!

“Ah, this is better!” The brawny man let out a sigh of relief.

The camera zoomed in.

[Whats this Sandbags]

[Was that what they were doing]

[Im dumbfounded.

Im really dumbfounded!]

Tiantian appeared very quickly.

“Theyre here!”

Xiao He shouted.

He was Tiantians later player.

As soon as he received the stick, he immediately made use of every second and rushed forward with all his might.

The wind whistled by his ears, and he felt that his body was as light as a swallow, as if he didnt feel tired at all!

[Is this the Xiao He I know Why am I a little mesmerized by his handsomeness!!]

[Oh my gosh! Hes still accelerating!]

[Xiao He, you can do it!]

[Xiao He, if you can catch up to them, I swear I wont send you a gas station!]

All the audience members followed Xiao Hes figure and were so nervous that they held their breaths.

Finally, after Xiao He successfully caught up with the half-circle gap, the comments began to go wild.

[I knew he could do it!!]

[Xiao He! From now on, youve gained a true fan!]

After Xiao He was Renbo, he had also finished a third of the round.

On the ninth lap, the brawny man successfully overtook the other two teams and rushed to the first place!

The bullet screen exploded again.

[What did I say! Su Feifei will never admit defeat!]

[Im already tired of the outcome, we all know who would win in the end]

[This is going to be fun for the other teams.]

[Charge! Overtake them!]

[Im excited! The game has just officially begun!]


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