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“No…” Su Ling gritted her teeth and squeezed out a smile, “How could that be… I mean, she has indeed changed.

It seems that we cant use our previous methods to deal with her in the future anymore.”

Luo Feifa took a deep breath.

She was so angry that she had an oncoming headache.

She turned around and sat on the bed.

Su Ling continued to fan the flames, “But Feifei, shes obviously going against you! She deliberately won you twice in a row today, and she even tried to provoke you with a snake.

She does not see you as someone who is worthy at all! And Director Qiu, hes obviously on her side, how despicable!”

Luo Feifa gritted her teeth.

Thats right, that sl*t was bent on going against her! She definitely couldnt let this go!

Ever since she was young, Luo Feifa had always gotten what she wanted.

There was no reason for the person she hated to be disposed of effectively immediately!

Luo Feifa walked to the side and called her father.

As soon as she spoke, she cried.

Luo Xiongs voice was very low, “Alright, baby, why are you crying Its good for you to experience the world.

You will experience some setbacks.

Ive been watching the livestream for the past two days.

Your mother is so worried that she cant sleep at night.

You were too willful this time…”

“But shes bullying me! Dad, are you just going to watch”

“Of course not.” Luo Xiong paused.

“Theres just one thing.

Shes the woman Bo Silin has taken a fancy to.

You must remember not to embarrass the Bo family in public.

Although Bo Xi is the one in charge of the Bo family now, Bo Silin is not someone to be underestimated.”

“How about this, I will help you in secret.

Arent you going to the forest in a few days When that time comes, I will teach her a good lesson.

However, you must bear with this for the next few days.

Its a good thing that the Bo family wont acknowledge a daughter from such a small family.

Itll be the right time to take action then.”

With that, the call ended.

When Su Ling heard the word small family in the middle of the conversation, she felt disgusted.

However, when Luo Feifa turned around, she still greeted her with a smil.

“Its done,” Luo Feifa was expressionless.

She wiped her tears and said, “My daddy said that shell be dead once she enters the jungle.”

Once upon a time, before the Luo family expanded overseas, the Bo, Luo, and Gu families were like the holy trinity.

The Gu familys development relied on reputation, the Bo family relied on accumulation, and the Luo family purely relied on ruthlessness.

Their families had always started from annexing.

Luo Xiong attacked, saying that it was time to teach them a lesson.

But to what extent that he could… Well… that was hard to say.

Su Ling and Luo Feifa looked at each other and smiled.

For the next three days, Qiu Ye disappeared without a trace.

This was because everyone in the campsite could see the photo floating above their heads when they went out during the day.

He disappeared and never appeared again.

Su Feifeis camp was also busy preparing for things.

“What You want to train again”

Renbos voice was really loud, reverberating throughout the entire camp.

“Its already been three days! They made us train with this broken sandbag every day! Are you done yet! Were here to survive, not here for military training… Ah!”

A meat bun directly flew into Renbos mouth.

The people around them immediately lowered their heads.

Those who needed to run, ran, and those who needed to lift, lifted.

“Either shut up or get lost.”

Su Feifei passed by and gave him a look.

Renbo gritted his teeth and could only shut his mouth, continuing to run with the sandbag.

Xiao He and the rest were already used to it.

“Actually, you just have to bear with it.”

Xiao He stepped forward and said, “Our first few days were rough, but its been half a month now.

Previously, when we went out to pick herbs, we could only climb one-third of the mountain and couldnt go up any higher.

Now when we climb over, we can still be full of energy!”

They had felt the benefits of the training.

So from the complaints in the beginning to the gratitude now, there was a complete qualitative change.

[Renbo, whats up]

[Dont be a dog here.]

[If you dont want to join Su Feifeis team, why did you come in]

[He just wanted to eat, but he didnt want to move Was there such a trick in the world A shortcut in life]

[Thats normal to think like that.

This training is a little too intense.]

[Were on a deserted island now.

When we enter the jungle, are we going to let him drag us down alone Its so annoying.]

On the other side.

Qiu Ye waited until the three days were over before he called Bo Silin again.

This time, it was him who answered the phone instead of his secretary.

“Bo Silin!” Qiu Ye opened his mouth and scolded, “My three days are up! How long are you going to hang up for”

“Its fine to withdraw, but its an equivalent exchange.” Bo Silin said, “Didnt you think that this day would come before you set your eyes on my people”

Qiu Ye was speechless.

‘If I f*cking knew about it, would I have come to this He sighed.

“Tell me what you want.

Ill agree to any condition.”

The sun was shining brightly.

A voice came from the broadcast, informing everyone to gather at the camp again.

When they arrived, they saw Qiu Ye standing at the highest point of the rock, holding a loudspeaker and a piece of paper in his hand.

[What is happening Is he going to cause another big commotion]

[Today is the last round of the game, right]

[It seems that the most luxurious supplies are coming today! After obtaining it, you can go to the jungle safely!]

[‘m really looking forward to it!]

[Su Feifei is really a treasure.

Shes constantly unlocking new skills! Ive been waiting for this livestream every day!]

[Yeah, I missed the show because I had exams.

When I watched the replay, it was so thrilling, hahahaha.]

“Before I read out the rules, I have a few words to announce to everyone!”

Qiu Ye was still dragging his words, his face full of unwillingness.

“Everyone, please listen up, Su Feifei.”

He clutched the paper and trembled, trying to end this matter as quickly as possible.

“Im Qiu Ye! A wrong seed!”

Everyone was speechless.

[Should I laugh Isnt this too sudden]

[I can tell that this was written by Bo Silin!]

[Bo Silin, please let the pitiful man go.

I cant bear to watch his suffering any longer.]

“Although my IQ is only a hundred and twenty, it is not as high as Bo Silins hundred and forty points.

I will continue to work hard to live in this world!

“I peed my pants at Bo Silins house when I was six years old.

Im very sorry for the trouble that this has caused Bo Silin.”


[Bo Silin, are you cutting off all of Su Feifeis love affairs]

[Hes destroying Qiu Ye to warn the others to back off!]

Qiu Ye finished reading it with great difficulty and then jumped off the stone.

“Alright, alright, alright, stop laughing! Do you still want to play”

“I will now announce that the last battle of the game begins now!”

“The prize will be a transportation tool that will help you move forward in the jungle!”


Everyone stopped laughing and looked at each other.

Would they still be able to get a means of transportation

“Please take a look!”

He waved his hand and the items were brought over.

In an instant, everyone present gasped!


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