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At that moment, Bo Silins marketing team posted something online.

[We will not be removing the hot searches anymore.

We wish them both happiness.]


The comments below were all filled with laughter.

[I love my ship.]

[Stop wasting money and accept their fate!!]

[I will buy all the staff a meal.

Its a small token of my respect.]

In front of the screen, Bo Xi was speechless for a long time.

She held her forehead.

“You… You f*cking used my helicopter to f*ck your love rival and hit on girls”


Bo Silin glanced at her and smiled.

On the deserted island, Qiu Ye immediately rushed to the directors tent, cursing and swearing.

Bo Silin, that dog!

Those photos were the memories from his dark history! In the end, they were exposed to the entire country!

How could he not be angry How could he not be angry at all!

“Go and force these helicopters away! Let our production teams helicopter take action! Hurry up!”

However, the only answer he got was not what he wanted.

“Im sorry, Director Qiu.

These helicopters are fighter-class.

We tried, but we just cant drive them away…”

Qiu Ye was speechless.

He was so angry that he kept pacing back and forth in the tent.

In the end, he could admit defeat and wail.

There was no other way.

He had to get Bo Silins phone number and plead for his case.

The person who picked up the phone was the manager.

“Im really sorry,” the manager said, sticking to the script.

“Bo Silin is currently recuperating and isnt in good condition.

He just had some nutritious porridge today and is already asleep.

If its a business deal, kindly wait to call again.

If its a private number, he will contact you himself when he wakes up.”


Qiu Ye was speechless.

Wasnt this the first time he had provoked Bo Silin in front of the camera How did he react that quickly

‘Bo Silin, you narrow-minded person, why are you so vengeful

“Tell him that I admit defeat!” Qiu Ye used the toughest tone to say the softest words.

“I really admit defeat! I wont taunt you in future! Ask him what he needs to do to calm this whole situation down!”

The manager paused.

Then, he clearly heard the low, hoarse, and recognizable voice of a man on the other end of the phone.

“Lets hang it up for three days.”

Qiu Ye was speechless.


Three days!

“Show yourself Bo Silin!” Qiu Ye shouted.

“Hes asleep.” The manager insisted.

“Was it a ghost that just spoke!”

“Sleep talking.” The manager said.


Qiu Ye was speechless.

After the phone call, Qiu Ye seemed to have been sucked dry of emotions.

He hated himself.

He hated himself for seeking death in the first place.

He hated herself even more for not being able to fight Bo Silin all these years, yet he had to walk on the line of death.

It was over.

For three whole days, the helicopters would hover around, and there would be pilots on duty day and night.

How was he going to pass the time

[Director Qiu, calm down.]

[Yeah, at least you got a group photo with your idol, right Even though its at the cost of your humility for the rest of your life…]

[I just clenched my teeth and got over it.

No, I have to go and watch the replay of the live broadcast again.]

[To be honest, my eight-pack today was forced out because of my laughter.]

On the other side, Su Feifei had already brought her people back to the team.

This day was enriching.

They had been repeatedly influenced by the rules of the game set by Qiu Ye, and there was no time to breathe.

A week later, they would be setting off.

So before that, the physical fitness of the team members was of utmost importance, as well as supplies.

“Assemble!” Su Feifei called out.

Half of the people in the campsite heard this and immediately ran towards the center of the camp.

Only the other half of the rookies were a little dazed and were still taking their time.

Renbo was the last to arrive, his face was filled with nonchalance.

“Ill only say all the rules once,” Su Feifei said.

“In my team, everything is fast, accurate, and ruthless! Xiao He, come out and explain the rules!”

“Yes, captain!”

Xiao He stepped out, took out a memo, and read them out.

After that, everyone looked at each other.

Is it really going to be like this

“Of course, Su Feifei definitely wont let you guys just work without getting any benefits!” Xiao He said happily, “Youll know when the time comes! In any case, we have to be united in this team! As long as we are united, we will have everything!”

“Alright!” Everyone replied.

“Su Feifei, what are we doing now”

“Building a wooden house.”

Su Feifei ordered and arranged for everyone to be in position.

She then walked to the side and looked at the refrigerator.

“Why dont we make a popsicle” Xiao He immediately went forward and said excitedly.

“Popsicles” Su Feifei asked, “Who will do it”

“I, I will!” Shen Ruoqing raised her hand.

Su Feifei gestured for her to come over.

Shen Ruoqing was still a little scared and didnt dare to get close to Su Feifei.

However, she was very fast.

She used the milk and sugar that she had exchanged and placed them in a mold to make popsicles.

At Su Feifeis request, she also made a few wild fruit flavors.

“Can you make a herbal flavor” Su Feifei asked.

“Yes, I can.

Just boil the herbs and pour them in.”

Su Feifei thought for a moment and suddenly turned to look at the pile of herbs.

[Im familiar with this herb! Isnt this the herb that Bo Silin used to strengthen his kidney The one that was stuffed into his mouth last time]

[Su Feifei, please dont do this.

Lets save Bo Silin some face.

The whole world knows that he has a kidney problem already.]

[You still want to make a herbal popsicle Youre forcing him to die of shame isnt it]

[Bo Silin, when are you going to prove to the world that you dont have an issue with your kidney… Unless its true…]

[Ill pay you however much you want.

Im not a lecherous person, I just have a strong desire for knowledge.]

Bo Silin did not see any of these comments.

At this moment, Bo Silin was alone in the ward.

He had a phone in front of him, and the screen was playing a video of the first day on the deserted island.

The director was asking about everyones talents, and Su Feifei answered, “To kill.”

He narrowed his eyes and flipped through the pages in his photographic mind.

It was the scene of Su Feifei beating Shen Ruoqing up and saying, “Remember, I… I dont like to be touched.”

Countless other scenes crossed his mind.

“Ill spoil my own soldiers.”

“What cant be eaten in a war Survival is the most important thing.”

In the end, he even thought of her starting a fire with wood, fishing without a net, accurately shooting animals… And todays swordsmanship.

Bo Silin fell silent.

In this world, she was definitely at the top of the food chain.

Was there a possibility that Su Feifei was someone else

He knew that the Bo Silin was not really the Bo Silin.

In that case, Su Feifei… could possibly not be Su Feifei as well.

In the campsite on the other side, Luo Feifa and Su Ling entered the tent.

Luo Feifa, who was far away from the camera, looked even more irritable than before.

“Didnt you say that shes a sports id*ot!” Luo Feifa shouted and kicked over the cabinet beside the bed.

Anger rushed to her face, and she was colored red.

“Did you grow up eating poop What kind of sh*t did you see How was that called sports st*pid”

The sound of things shattering could be heard.

Su Ling gritted her teeth and waited for her to calm down before reluctantly saying, “I dont know whats going on either, but I told you that shes been acting strange lately, and you didnt listen to me…”

A slap directly landed on Su Lings face.

Su Ling felt the sting.

She raised her head, and anger flashed through her eyes.

“Do you think its my fault” Luo Feifa narrowed her eyes and approached her.

“Was I supposed to be in the wrong”


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