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Everyone was dead silent!

Everyone present was so shocked that they forgot to speak.

The last scene felt like a movie, playing over and over in their minds.

The womans heroic posture as she soared into the air.

Her ponytail drew an arc in the air, and her waist turned sideways.

Her movements were clean and neat, and like the wind, she directly passed through her opponent easily!

When the paint on Feng Xueges clothes was shown, everyones hearts shattered!

Even Su Feifeis team members had their mouths agape.

For a full 30 seconds, no one spoke.

Immediately, a wave of revelry erupted.

“Holy cr*p!”

“F*ck! What the f*ck!”

“Su Feifei! Youre amazing!”

Xiao He and the others all rushed over to Su Feifei.

A group of people hugged Su Feifei together, and three strong men directly picked her up and threw her into the air!

Su Feifei also showed a rare bright smile.

[Oh my gosh! She won Su Feifei won]

[In fencing! She won the fencing match!]

[She really won! Look at Feng Xueges clothes!]

[Am I crazy Am I hallucinating]

[That was mega insane!]

[Awesome! I really dont know what to say other than awesome!]

[Su Feifei, I love you!!]

[I hereby announce that Im officially a fan of this woman!]

[Best! Show! Ever!]

[Lets vote, friends! Dont forget to vote! Hurry up!]

[Lets give the rice cooker to Su Feifei!]

[Lets give some credit to Feng Xuege too! It was a glorious fight! Shes really great!]

[Yes, competitive spirit! Both of them are very powerful!]

[I love you!!]

The bullet comments dominated the screen, making it impossible to see the stream.

On the rooftop of the hospital, the two of them fell into a long silence.

Bo Xis shock had not faded and she turned to look at Bo Silin.

Bo Silin had the same expression on his face.

He suddenly thought of something and asked, “Where can I go to see the video clips from previous episodes I only want the fencing part.”

“No way, you still want to rewatch that” Bo Xi clicked on another website in disgust.

“Youre really crazy.

Im sure some netizens recorded it, Ill go look for it.”

Bo Silin stared at the phone screen.

The camera turned to Feng Xuege.

Her face was also full of smiles and respect, even if her body was covered in paint.

She looked down and fixed her eyes on the paint.

Heart, arteries, lungs…

Just now, Su Feifeis moves were swift and clean.

It didnt seem like a competition.

It seemed like a life-and-death battle.

What if the branches were really replaced with real sabers What would the result be


She then fell into deep thought.

In the ward, the butler spoke.

“S-sir…” He stuck his head out and said, “Its almost time… To go back for dinner”

Grandpa Bo was still staring at the screen, unwilling to look away.

He was watching with great interest.

“Whats the hurry” He cursed, “I saw you slacking off at work!”


The butler was speechless.

‘Alright, as long as youre happy.

Im a worker, and Im only here to follow orders.

On a deserted island, Su Feifei turned to Feng Xuege and high-fived her.

“Youre pretty good.” Su Feifei said.

Feng Xuege was flattered and quickly shook her head.

“No, no, no! Youre amazing! If youre willing to practice more, youll definitely be much better than me!”

“Thank you,” she said.

Su Feifei smiled.

Feng Xueges starry eyes didnt fade, and her eyes tracked Su Feifei.

[Wasnt that a high evaluation!]

[I really like to see this kind of peaceful relationship! Can you cut to Luo Feifas live stream please!]

[Thats right, Luo Feifa and Su Lings expressions are really constipated.]

[Luo Feifa, stop trying.

You cant beat your father in anything.

Just give up!]

[Su Feifei has gained another fangirl, me!]

[Feng Xuege, please restrain your gaze!]

In the end, Xiao He and the others personally carried the rice cooker to Su Feifeis arms.

“Su Feifei, lets thank the voting audience in front of the camera!” Xiao He said with a smile.

The crowd immediately squinted their eyes and looked at Xiao He.

This sleazy kid! This was him clearly thanking Bo Silin!

Su Feifei nodded and turned around to face the camera with the rice cooker.

“Thank you to the people who voted for me.”

Xiao He pointed at the rice cooker and began to play tricks, “What about this, Su Feifei Did you thank the sponsors for the rice cooker

“I like it.” Su Feifei nodded seriously.

“This subo rice pot… I like it a lot.”

[Hahahahaha, Xiao He, you sneaky boy!]

[Why dont you share with us why you like this]

[Im going to hug Xiao He when he leaves the island.]

[Ill give Xiao He a billion dollars!]

[You guys are so shallow, unlike me.

I will give Xiao He a gas station.

I feel like hell need it sooner or later.]

While they were rejoicing, Luo Feifas team was gritting their teeth.

The two sides formed a sharp contrast.

Su Feifei was just about to leave the camera when someone suddenly stood beside her.


Qiu Ye walked over in triumph.

Su Feifei stopped in her tracks and her eyes widened.

It was because the obvious injuries on Qiu Yes face had all been caused by her.

“Su Feifei, congratulations!” Qiu Ye stepped forward and asked, “Can we take a photo together”

Xiao He was speechless.

He frantically shook his head at Su Feifei.

“Alright,” Su Feifei nodded.

Qiu Ye almost burst out laughing! He knew that this injury on his face was definitely worth it!

“Come, lets face this camera.” Qiu Ye pointed at the one in front of him.

It happened to be a shot of Su Feifeis live broadcast.

As for why this was the case… Was there a need to say more

Based on his understanding of Bo Silin, he did not know which corner of the world he was in right now, but he was sure that Bo Silin was watching! He must be extremely mad right now!

Su Feifei walked toward the camera and the two of them got closer.

Bo Xi covered the tablet, her scalp going numb.

“Hmm… Well, theres nothing else to see in this part, right Its normal for fans to take photos.”

She glanced at Bo Silin from the corner of her eyes.

Bo Silin did not move, was it out of anger Bo Xi was already prepared to hold him back.

If Bo Silin did anything rash, she would knock him out.

Even if she had to force him to stay, she would make him stay in the hospital! Otherwise, he might send people to drop bombs on the deserted island!

However, when she turned around, she saw Bo Silin smiling and not panicking at all.

“Lets keep watching.”


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