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[Su Feifei, have you never watched Feng Xueges fencing competition]

[Uh, to be honest, isnt this a little too much]

[I believe in you Su Feifei!]

[Wasnt Su Feifei better at long-range things Like her slingshot She should have some athleticism in her, right]

[No, have you forgotten that Su Feifei is a sports id*ot She had participated in the All-Star Games before and could barely even perform with ribbons, yet you want her to fence Are you playing with me]

[Theres no more hope.]

Luo Feifa laughed out loud.

“Oh my, listen, listen! Are you afraid of hurting the championship How scared are you to say such a thing”

She couldnt take it anymore, and vulgarities were written all over her face.

After she said this, the team members behind her also laughed.

Everyone on the field was amused, and they looked at Su Feifei with a hint of ridicule.

They were all waiting to watch a good show.

Bo xi and Bo Silins ears perked up.

“She knows how to fence” Bo Xi was suspicious.

Bo Silin did not answer and stared at the screen.

Feng Xuege was stunned.

Then, she smiled.


Lets take the branches then”

Su Feifei nodded, and her expression softened.

The two of them went on stage one after another.

Everyone was still smiling, still in shock from Su Feifeis outrageous performance.

“Hey, do you think Su Feifei will use this branch to play with instead Hahaha!”

“Its hard to say.

I dont understand this woman at all.”

The sounds of discussion mixed with laughter spread throughout the camp.

Luo Feifa and Su Ling gathered together and found the best viewing position.

This time, even the smile on Su Lings face couldnt be hidden.

“Are you sure youve never seen her fence” Luo Feifa confirmed in a low voice.

Su Ling looked around and gently nodded.

“Im sure.

Shes never done that before.

Besides, shes a sports id*ot.

Shes never been willing to learn these things.”


Luo Feifa was relieved.

“But she was also afraid of bugs before.” Su Ling frowned, “Now Im not sure… Just kidding!”

Luo Feifa sneered.

“She deliberately set up her character for the shows popularity.

She could still bear with the insects.

Now that theyre fighting, theres no way she can pretend, right Feng Xuege isnt st*pid.

Even if shes going easy on her, she can tell with one look whether shes a professional or not!”


As she spoke, she pouted, “Su Ling, this sister of yours is really awesome.

She has hidden it for so many years and has such great ambitions, how did you not see it”

Su Ling squinted her eyes.

Yes, she actually couldnt tell.

It seemed that Su Feifeis tolerance for her in the past was all a scheme!

“Just wait.

No matter what, Im going to dampen her spirit today!” Luo Feifa kicked the stone on the ground hard.

“D*mn it, Ive never been treated like this in my life!”

On the stage, the two of them were already in position.

The crowd stopped talking, and their eyes were focused on the two.

“Get ready to rumble.” Qiu Ye dragged out his tone.

“Im sorry,” Feng Xuege said.

“I wont go easy on you.”

It was disrespectful to throw a game, and that had always been the case for sportsmanship.

Winning or losing depended on ones own ability.

This was Feng Xueges principle.

Su Feifeis eyes lit up.


[Su Feifei, its okay if you lose! Just dont fake it! You wont make it!]

[Yes, no matter who wins or loses, I think Su Feifei is still setting a good example for us!]

Xiao He also thought so.

“Su Feifei…” Xiao He sniffled and said, “Shes using her actions to tell us that even if the opponent is strong, even if were destined to lose, we have to be strong and face the difficulties head-on!”

Tiantian and Shen Ruoqing nodded their heads vigorously.

On the other hand, Renbo pouted, “No means no.

If we go up and lose, it wont just be one persons loss, it will be our teams!”

The rest of them turned around and stared at Renbo.

Renbos lips moved, he just scoffed and didnt continue.

“Ready, steady, begin!”

The order was given.

On the field, Feng Xuege took the lead and rushed forward with the branch!

The branches were already stained with paint.

When it ended, whoever had more paint on them would lose.

Su Feifei turned sideways and dodged to the side, easily avoiding the attack.

Feng Xuege raised an eyebrow.

She was afraid of hurting Su Feifei just now, so she had deliberately held back her strength.

She didnt expect Su Feifei to be so fast and parry the attack!

Feng Xuege immediately changed his plan and moved the branch back to Su Feifei!

Su Feifei leaned back, and the branch flew in front of her.

Feng Xuege was shocked! By the time she reacted, there were already two more paint marks on her body! She was stunned.

That… was so fast


[What just happened!!!]

[My Gosh!! Did Su Feifei get paint on her clothes]

[Is she that powerful Su Feifei really knows how to fence!]

[It isnt really fencing, but it looks like the agility and strength she has is very impressive.

It looks like she has practiced something like fencing before.]

[Why do I feel like things are starting to get better for her]

[Shes on a roll!! Lets go!]

On the other side of the field, Luo Feifa and Su Ling were stunned.

“How is that possible” Luo Feifa said and got up.

The next second, she was pulled aside by Su Ling.

“Calm down,” Su Ling looked at the scene, “There are still twenty seconds left.

Feng Xuege didnt use her full strength yet.

She was afraid of hurting my sister, so she held back.”


Luo Feifa gritted her teeth and unwillingly sat down, her eyes fixed on the field.

Feng Xuege was stunned for two seconds, and then a faint look of excitement appeared on her face.


“Fifteen seconds!” Qiu Ye shouted.

“Dont hold back.” Su Feifei raised her chin.

“Use all your strength and compete with me.”

“Alright!” Feng Xuege was also excited.

Others didnt know, but she knew.

Although she did not use her full strength, she used at least 70% to 80% of her strength!

However, Su Feifei easily suppressed her.

What did this mean This meant that Su Feifei was definitely a worthy opponent to go against!

She immediately held her breath and composed herself.

She stood still and picked up the branch again.

At this moment, everyone unconsciously put away their silly faces.

The scene of the two of them holding a branch was no longer funny to everyone anymore.

The people present sat up straight, and so did the people in front of the screens.

Su Feifei licked her lips and smiled.

“Lets dance.”

There was a dancing flame in her eyes as if she was on a battlefield.

Because in the opponents eyes, there was also the same killing intent!

The two figures suddenly moved!

Su Feifei retreated instead of advancing.

When the ten-second countdown sounded, she stepped on the big tree behind her.

Then, she did a backflip!

Feng Xueges branch was already in front of her.

She twisted her body sideways.

The flexibility of her waist had already reached an amazing degree, and she actually managed to get behind Feng Xuege!

Everyone gasped!


The timer was still ticking.




Feng Xuege leaned forward and left a mark on Su Feifeis chest.



Su Feifei suddenly made a fake move.

Feng Xuege immediately walked forward, but in the next second, she turned around and hid behind Feng Xuege at an extremely strange speed!


The sharp pain she advanced with made Feng Xuege retreat.

She turned to the camera.

His back, left chest, thigh, and neck were now all covered in paint!

Feng Xuege looked up in shock and was stunned.


“Times up!”

Qiu Yes voice echoed in the arena.

After a few seconds, he roared again.

“The winner is Su Feifei!!”


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