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[Is this sword dance]

[What is going on]

There were speculations on the bullet screen.

Bo Silin looked at the comments that flashed by one after another and felt the sky turn dark.

Every new hypothesis from the chat just added more weight to his mental breakdown.

Bo Xi consoled herself,Actually, this cant be that bad.

At least that brawny man is not too outrageous.

Hell probably do something silly at most.

“No, get it together,” he said.

Bo Silin shook his head.

Physical labor was far from the standard of messing around.

“It could be something like breaking rocks with his chest, right Thatll be a sight to see.” Bo Silin supported himself with the wheelchair and shook his head again, trying to convince himself that it would not be as bad as it might seem.

Bo Xi mumbled, “Isnt it ridiculous enough to break a large stone with your chest”

Qiu Ye began the show.

“The next group will be group three! Theyve decided to perform a chest-breaking performance!”

“Look!” Bo Xi immediately pointed at the screen and said, “You might be right”

Bo Silins entire body relaxed, and his amber eyes regained their light.

However, on the screen, Qiu Ye looked confused, and also at a loss for words.

[Whats going on Is he sick]

[Does Crazy Qiu have a medical history]

[He looks scared!]

Qiu Ye took a deep breath and came to his senses.

However, he looked like he could not stop trembling.

He looked at Su Feifei and gritted his teeth as he looked at his card.

Was there a problem with the card today

Su Feifei gave him an affirmative look.

Qiu Ye was in despair.

Then, his breathing became more rapid.

After a long while, he shouted the name of the program.

“Crush, crush, crush the kidney stones!”


[Whats broken]

[Crush what]


[Su Feifei, are you okay]

Xiao He and Tiantian were trying to shrink themselves into the ground.

Bo Silin and Bo Xi, who were in front of the screen, were petrified.

First of all, the name of this performance sounded very scary.

Secondly, they didnt know what they were about to witness…

The center of the stage was given to Su Feifei.

Su Feifei made a gesture in the air and rubbed the brawny mans chest.

“Haiya!” Su Feifei said with a serious face.

Luo Feifas and Feng Xueges entire team was speechless.

[Is this a magic trick]

[Thats enough, Su Feifei.

We believe you, okay]

[I really believe you.

Dont continue!!!]

[Su Feifei, stop embarrassing us like this… Please…]

[Im not a fan, but she does look a little cute.


[Su Feifei looks threatening me.

Im afraid that if I dont vote, shell attack me from a distance.]

Luo Feifas face was ridiculed with confusion.

What kind of f*cking performance was this!

If this worked, she would watch pigs fly!

Su Feifei turned around after a short pause.

It was a hasty ending.

[Its so funny and outrageous hahaha help!!!]

[Thank you so much for a good laugh!]

[Su Feifei, if we dont want to win, dont force it.


“Lets start voting! Hurry up!” Qiu Yes scalp was numb as he directed the attention somewhere else.

On the screen, different colored lights instantly shot up.

A few seconds later, Qiu Ye announced the results loudly.

“The first round, Luo Feifas team, with 143,987 votes! Feng Xueges team, with 138,765 votes!

“Su Feifeis team, with 156,698 votes!”

“Su Feifeis team is in the lead!”

The audience shouted.

Su Feifei raised her eyebrows in surprise.

Actually, Su Feifei was very embarrassed by her performance.

Especially when no one spoke and only stared at her.

It was her first time performing a talent, so she could not help but be nervous.

She didnt expect the result to be so good.

This meant that the method Bo Silin provided was still very useful.

“This isnt fair!!” Luo Feifa gritted her teeth.

This was crazy! How did she win the votes just like that! That kind of performance just now could be considered a scam, right

“The audience voted, whats unfair about that” Qiu Ye asked.

No one knew where Xiao He found his courage, but he went for it anyway.

“Thats right! Why cant the audience like Su Feifei”

Luo Feifa was so angry that she wanted to step forward but was stopped by Su Ling.

“It doesnt matter.

Lets move on to the next round.”

Xiao He was surprised.

They didnt retaliate However, he soon understood why.

Su Ling directly left the stage and changed into her costume.

When she came back up, the crowd couldnt help but burst into cheers.

“Ah! Su Ling!”

[Awesome, awesome, awesome!!!!]

[Who can beat this]

[Su Lings dance is making a comeback in the world!]

[Alright, well definitely win!]

Su Ling — who was wearing a small tank top — quickly put on a sparkling outfit and extravagant stage makeup.

She wore a short skirt and long boots for the dance.

The sound system played the tunes and she did what she knew best — perform.

Only then did Luo Feifas emotions stabilize.

She slowly sat down and stared at the rest of the crowd.

[Holy f*ck, its happening!]

[Im so excited!]

[Su Ling is so beautiful and sweet.

I love her so much!]

In the middle part, Su Ling winked at the camera, and then the style changed.

She tore off her top, let her hair down, and the style of the dance changed in an instant!

[What the f*ck This is awesome!]

[She is such a beauty.]

[Im sorry, Ive forgiven her for all shes done.

Shes just a passerby, dont flame her.]


As she seductively danced, the comments exploded again.

Everyone was in a daze even after she stopped dancing.

After it ended, Su Ling stood on the stage and said, “I have a suggestion.”

The crowd quieted down and looked at her.

Su Ling smiled.

“My dear sisters area of expertise might not be in the talent category.” She looked at Su Feifei and continued, “I suggest that she and Feng Xuege have a fencing competition.

What do you think”

Everyone was stunned.

Su Feifei and Feng Xuege Fencing

“Dont worry, itll just be a friendly match.”


Su Lings smile became even more gentle, and her voice was sweet, “Didnt she just say that she knows sword dance Isnt our variety show supposed to promote the spirit of adventure Dont you think so, dear sister”

As soon as she said this, many people in the field became interested.

However, because the other party was Su Feifei, they didnt dare to make a fuss.

Su Feifei glanced at her.

Her dark eyes slowly sank, and the expression on her face showed a hint of cheekiness.

This expression made Su Lings scalp tighten.

“Sure.” Su Feifei said.

This time, even Luo Feifa was stunned.

Could it be that easy

She was about to fence with Feng Xuege! Even if its a friendly match, shell definitely be humiliated!

This country bumpkin was crazy!

“Thats good, now itll be exciting!” Luo Feifa did not hide the mockery in her smile.

Before they went on stage, an assistant brought Feng Xuege a customized saber and a normal saber.

“I dont need this,” Su Feifei said.

Feng Xuege was stunned.

“Im afraid of hurting you,” She added.


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