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[No way, no way!!!]

[Did he really read that out loud!]



[Theyre fighting! The two men are fighting!]

[Su Feifei, are you going to win this yourself Its so exciting!]

[Hurry!! I want to see it!!!]

“A subo rice pot…”

Xiao He swallowed his saliva and turned to look at Su Feifeis expression.

Su Feifei didnt show any expression.

Not only was she unfazed, she only casually rolled up her sleeves as she spoke.

“So like a rice cooker, right”

She didnt hear the underlying meaning behind it at all!

Bo Xi was speechless.

She turned her head slowly and looked at Bo Silin.

“You just want the watch the world burn, right

“Do you know how overworked your marketing team is” Bo Xi asked.

Bo Silin frowned.

“Werent they always overworked”


At Bo Silins marketing studio.

An angry roar could be heard.

Seeing that the hot search of Bo Siling throwing the first fist had begun to rise to the top of the ranking list, followed by other irrelevant topics.

“Oh my gosh!”

“What did I do to deserve this God, if youre real, please send me away!”

“Dont send us to Bo Silin in our next life please!!”

Qiu Yes face was filled with humiliation, but he gritted his teeth and endured it.

He then began to announce the rules of the game.

“Next up is Su Feifeis talent show!”

Talent show

[Oh no, Su Feifei, do you have any talent]

[Isnt Luo Feifa from a music academy]

[Feng Xuege will win.

How can she not win when shes the best fencer]

[Who said Su Feifei doesnt have talent She knows how to kill snakes!]

[Im f*king dead… What if she teaches them how to skin a snake.]

[I wonder what the rating criteria are]

[Ill be honest with you.

Luo Feifas cello is amazing.

I personally want to hear it even if I dont like her.]

“For this talent show, well use an audience voting system!”

“Next, the symbols of the three teams will appear in the live broadcast room.

Please give a score after watching the performance.

There are two rounds in total, and each round will send out one member.

Lets begin!”

Two rounds in total

Su Feifei frowned.

In other words, two people were required to show off their talents.

She turned to look at Xiao He.

“I-I-Ive got nothing!” Xiao He said, “My only talent is that I peel walnuts very quickly… Does that count”

[Xiao He, ask yourself.

Does this count]

[Thats enough.


Biting her lip, Tiantian said, “I know how to dance, but…”

Her voice was getting smaller and smaller, “Its the same style as Su Ling.

If its a competition, I definitely wont be as popular as her.”

Su Ling learned to dance and play the guitar when she was a child.

She could dance and perform at the same time.

As one of her former fans, Tiantian was well aware of this.

“Alright, Ill go.” Su Feifei nodded.

“You” Xiao He started to shiver.

“Uh… What are you going to do”

[Xiao He, be tough.

Dont falter.]

[I vaguely remember Su Feifei talking about her talent.

If I remember correctly…]

[Wasnt it murder I know this! F*ck! She cant show that! Its illegal!]


[Su Feifei can do many things.

She can kill snakes, build houses, catch rabbits, and choke Bo Silin to death.

Which one do you want to see]

[Does that mean shell teach us how to make a gas station as well]

“I know sword dance,” Su Feifei said.


“What kind of dance is that” Xiao He asked.

‘A dance to provoke the other party

“I understand!” Xiao He nodded.

“We need to rely on this dance to look down on our opponents and boost the prestige of our team.

Then, well bet on the second round and turn the tables! Su Feifei, is that correct”

[Your analysis is good, but its a little strange.]

[I have a feeling that the two of you arent even on the same page, or book even.]

Su Feifei also frowned.

At that moment, her watch suddenly lit up.

It was a message from Bo Silin.

Su Feifei immediately lowered her head and opened it.

There were only two words — mess around.

Su Feifei began to think.

In other words, if she were to catch them completely off guard and mess around, perhaps her popularity would increase.

Sure, although this soldier was delicate, he was the smartest one of them all.

This time, she would take his suggestion!

[Su Feifei, your expression looks very dangerous…]

[To be honest, Im a little scared of what might happen.]

[Dont tell me its spewing fire or swallowing swords]

[That seems a bit far-fetched, doesnt it It shouldnt be easy to achieve, right]

In front of the screen, Bo Silin frowned as he fiddled with his watch.

“Bo Xi, your product isnt good enough.

Why did it only send out two words”

He handed it over for Bo Xi to take a look.

On the screen was written as such — you cant mess around, but sword dance is fine.

“This is just a page showing two words.

You need to press down to send the full thing.” Bo Xi pressed a button.

Then, the rest of the content slowly came out.

“But how did you send it out just now” Bo Xi took a look and was shocked.

The two of them suddenly felt their blood run cold.

They looked at each other fiercely.

“Hurry up!” Bo Xi roared, “Quickly, send the rest of the message!!! Do you think she would know how to scroll down!”

Bo Silin moved quickly and started editing his sentence.

However, Qiu Ye beat him to it.

“Whos in the first group Hurry up!” Qiu Ye covered his face and said, “Im in a hurry to go back and apply an ice pack.”

Su Feifei pulled a strong man along.

Bo Xi, “Were finished! Bo Silin! Look at what youve done!”

Bo Silins face darkened.

The two of them held their breaths and stared at the screen.

On the screen, the first group of guests stepped out.

Luo Feifa was part of the first few.

Luo Feifa had already brought her cello and looked ready.

Soon, melodious music will be heard.

[Shes ready, is Su Feifei]

[Lets start the competition.

Just know that youll be first in my heart]

[Is she talented, to begin with Is there something she can show off]

[Pop off queen!]

[I cant look.

Someone tell me the results.]

At the end of the first round, Feng Xueges team sent a basketball fan to show their skills on court.

The response was good, and he received a lot of applause and praise.

It was the third groups turn.

Xiao Hes face was as white as paper, and he didnt make eye contact with anyone.

After Su Feifei had approached them and told them what kind of performance their group was going to perform, he had already forgotten what breathing was; just like Tiantian.

The two of them turned around in silence.

[Theyre here!]

[What are they doing]

[Are they performing physical labor]

[Im a little afraid to look.

Whats going on Dont tell me its a duo dance]


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