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A moment later, the venue burst into laughter.

Even the comments were filled with laughs.

[The gas station drink is just a joke.

Lets not go that far!]

[Su Feifei really has Bo Silin in her heart!]

[Would Bo Silin rather she forget about it]

[This is really funny.

Su Feifei is a natural-born comedian.]

Bo Xi, who was in front of the phone, could not contain her laughter any longer and let it out.

“Hahaha! Ten gas stations! Hilarious!”

Bo Silins face darkened as he turned to look at her.

On the other end of the phone, the Vice President asked a question, “Bo Silin, d-do you still want to continue clashing with Luo Enterprises”

Bo Silin gritted his teeth and put his phone down.

Bo Xi laughed so hard that she rolled out of the chair, unable to control herself.

“Why dont you think positively” She trembled crazily.

“At least you got the gas station, but Qiu Ye…”

She looked at the screen with sympathy.

He was currently being pulled back by a few staff members to treat the injuries on his face.

Bo Silins expression softened

In the ward, the butler heaved a sigh of relief.

“Is Bo Silins kidney deficiency getting worse” Behind him, a low and old voice suddenly sounded, reading the comments on the butlers phone.

The butler was so shocked that he fell off his chair.


“Whats this” Grandpa Bo frowned, his eyes still looking at the screen.

The photographer was doing a close-up of Su Feifeis smiling face.

“Its, its… Its… Im investigating our enemies!” The butler thought of an idea and quickly shouted it out, “Im curious who was able to take Bo Silins heart!”

Grandpa Bo sneered.

“Heh, was this your first time watching”

The butler was speechless.

“Give it to me,” Grandpa Bo waved his hand.

The butler had no choice but to hand over the phone.

Grandpa Bo sat down on the stool and started to watch attentively.

Through the screen, Xiao He and the others looked prepared to catch the rest.

They had already been trained in handling different animals because of Su Feifei.

Shen Ruoqing also immediately came forward to help.

She suppressed her fear and helped Su Feifei clean up the bodies of all the small animals she concussed.

This was not the end.

Those that managed to escape Su Feifeis hands were immediately caught again right after.

The number of snakes dwindled down, and Luo Feifa was at her wits end.

“She, she…”

Luo Feifas fingers trembled as she looked at Su Feifei with a pale face.

She suspected that her nightmares tonight would be filled with this image!


Why didnt Su Feifei have any adverse reaction to these things

[Su Feifei is a woman at the top of the food chain.]

[Catch more! Catch more!]

When Su Feifei passed by Luo Feifa, a snake tail accidentally hooked around Luo Feifas neck.

This caused the lady with a snake scarf to scream in fear.


“What the h*ll is this!”

The cold and greasy touch almost made her faint.

However, the snake was as thick as an arm and was full of strength.

After it wrapped around Luo Feifa, it began to exert force!

A suffocating feeling instantly came!

“Hurry up! Quickly come and help!” The staff member was so scared that he almost peed in his pants.

He immediately rushed forward and fumbled with his hands before he managed to pull the snake away.

The snake curled up and immediately climbed onto Su Feifeis arm.

Su Feifei easily pinched the snakes tail, and the snake instantly went limp and obediently wrapped itself around her arm.

“Be careful when you walk.

Dont hurt my snake,” Su Feifei said.

[Oh my, Su Feifei, I knew it.

You did it on purpose, right]

[Its hard to say if it was or wasnt intentional.]

[Su Feifei, have you been corrupted by Bo Silin You werent like this in the past!]

[I think Su Feifei is very clear-headed, she just doesnt show it.]

Su Feifei glanced at Luo Feifa, turned around, and went to get the rest of her snakes.

Luo Feifa sat grounded.

“Feifai, are you okay” Su Ling stepped forward, her face full of worry.

“Get lost!” Luo Feifa pushed her away.

“Where were you when I needed help”

Su Lings mouth pouted and she looked very aggrieved.

However, her eyes were filled with ferocity.

If she didnt need a spendthrift like Luo Feifa to come forward on her behalf, would she have to suffer so much

On the other side, Su Feifei waved her hand in the air after she had finished collecting everything.

“Everyone, lets pull this thing away!”


More than 20 people shouted fiercely, stepped forward in unison, and pushed the refrigerator to the camp.

“Were rich, were rich!”

“The fridge! Its a refrigerator!”

“Good Heavens! Do we really have a refrigerator”

The people who had just arrived couldnt believe it.

Xiao He and Tiantian were considered veterans of Su Feifeis team.

They were used to the envious gazes.

They held their heads high and puffed out their chests.

They walked like champions as they pushed the cart, and from time to time, they held their noses high when people watched.


When they passed by Luo Feifas team, the two of them straightened their backs and called for a close-up.

“Dont be envious.” Xiao He said to the camera, “This is what our team deserves.”

Tiantian also came up to her and spoke, “If we follow Su Feifei, well be able to live in a villa with a sea view soon.”

“Yes, yes.

Dont take it to heart.

This is a common thing in our team!”

After saying that, she shuffled her feet and shyly smiled.

Luo Feifas entire team was speechless.

Behind her, a few people were already showing regretful expressions.

Why did they take things too literally and ended up in Luo Feifas team

[Tiantian, Xiao He, and the three men must be having the time of their lives!]

Qiu Ye came out, covered his bleeding nose, and picked up the loudspeaker.

“Okay, everyone! Lets congratulate the second place, Su Feifeis team, for getting a basin!” Everyone, give him a round of applause!”


The campsite suddenly burst into a warm round of applause.

On one side was Su Feifeis team, and on the other side was Feng Xueges team.

The staff member presented the pot as if she was being crowned.

All the participants on the island suddenly began to play the background music of the champions medal, which set off the solemn atmosphere and made the rose-red plastic basin even more eye-catching.

Feng Xuege was the first to laugh.

Luo Feifas face was pale and she was trembling.


[Qiu Ye is really pushing his luck.]

[Revenge will be taken.

Qiu Ye knows what hes doing.]

[This is the first time I feel that pay-to-win players… are not winning Hahaha!]

The scene became quiet again.

“The teams that didnt get the resource packages dont be discouraged!” Qiu Ye had two pieces of tissue stuck in his nostrils.

When he spoke, it was nasally.

“Next, we will enter the second battle for resources! Are you all ready”

“Were ready!” Su Feifeis voice was the loudest, and the entire camp could hear her.

Xiao He tugged at her clothes.

“Su Feifei, lets restrain ourselves.”

[Su Feifeis eyes look determined.]

[Everyone, this is what true strength is!]

[I think these people are done for.

Hahaha, theyre not going to make it.

Su Feifei, go get them!]

“Director, whats the reward for the second battle” Someone in Feng Xueges team couldnt help but ask.

They were in third place and had only received a toothbrush.

Looking at Su Feifeis refrigerator made them eager to win!

Qiu Ye showed his white teeth.

“The next material will be sponsored by the Bo family.”

He paused and his eyes widened.

He looked at the card in his hand and grimaced.

“You sponsored it” Bo Xi put down his phone and asked.

Bo Silins almost perfect face was hidden in the gradually darkening light on the roof.

“Of course.”

He curled his lips and tapped his fingers on the armrest of the electric wheelchair.

Qiu Ye had already declared war, so how could he not respond

Since Qiu Yes skin was itchy, she would tighten it.

“What exactly is it, director!” Someone in the audience continued to ask, “Hurry up and tell us!”

“Yeah, yeah! Hurry up and tell us!”

Qiu Ye was so angry that smoke was coming out of his nostrils, and he even rolled his eyes.

However, in front of everyone, he had no choice but to pick up the card.

Then, he faced the camera.

Viciously obviously.

Every word and sentence was forced.

He roared angrily.

“One! Electricity! Subo! Rice! Pot!”

In an instant, only his echo was left on the field.


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