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“Thats right.

The first place will receive a refrigerator!”

“Second place, one basin.”

“Third place, a toothbrush.”


[What did I just hear A refrigerator]

[Are you sure about the refrigerator]

[Youre playing this big already!]

[Su Feifei!! Charge! The meat you cant finish can be saved!!!]

[Feng Xuege! You charge too!!!!]

[Luo Feifa, dont be afraid!]

[F*ck!! The second and third place should just stop existing, its insulting]

Su Feifeis eyes began to light up as she stared at the big object.

She turned her wrist, obviously excited.

It was obvious that everyone was excited.

After staying on this Island for so long, only Su Feifeis team could get some meat.

Most of them barely managed to survive by relying on a few bags of dry bread.

Now that they had a refrigerator, they could at least get some popsicles in the summer.


How could they not be excited

The islanders were like wolves, their eyes shining as they rubbed their fists.

Luo Feifa smiled coldly and curled her lips.

It came.

She had already arranged everything last night.

She was only waiting for Su Feifei to walk into the trap!

Su Ling stepped forward and whispered, “Are you ready”

“Of course.” Luo Feifa turned her head and glanced in Su Feifeis direction.

“Look at how happy she is.

What a country bumpkin.

That fridge is a good bait, let her be happy, theres a big surprise waiting for her inside!”

The three team leaders were in position, and Qiu Ye announced the start of the match.

“The time limit is fifty seconds.

Get ready, begin!”

As soon as he finished speaking, Su Feifei rushed out like a bolt of lightning.

Everyone was speechless.

[The last time I saw Su Feifei move so quickly, she was catching rabbits.]

[Life is just for a bite of food.]

At the hospital.

“Bo Silin! It began! It began! Your woman is snatching supplies!” Bo Xi shouted, “Come here.

Use my screen to look at it.

Its bigger.”

Bo Silin immediately fumbled.

His electric wheelchair turned and he sped towards Bo Xi.

The two heads came together.

“Shes now in this small house to get supplies.

Im guessing that Qiu Ye must have put some scary things in there.

For example, cockroaches, mice, or even a staff member.”

Bo Silin took a look and was as steady as a mountain.

“Then, may I ask what is so scary to her”

This question hit the depths of Bo Xis soul.

Bo Xi was silent for a while, then said, “Shes definitely going to win this fridge.”

“Wheres Grandpa Still here” Bo Silin asked again.

“Yes, hes been watching over you in the ward.

We can only secretly watch the live broadcast before going down.

Now, the capitals circle is saying that youre at the terminal stage of your illness.

Ive been getting annoyed by the questions for the past two days.

Just you wait, Mom and Dad are coming back from abroad soon! Lets see what you can do then!”

In the ward, the Bo familys butler was holding his phone, his hands clenched into fists and his teeth clenched.

“Su Feifei, you can do it!” He said in a low voice.


“Butler…” The bodyguard tried to interrupt him.

The butler slapped the hand away.

“Go away! Dont disturb me from watching Su Feifeis live broadcast!”

The bodyguard wanted to cry but had no tears.

He turned around and looked at Grandpa Bo, who had arrived long ago.

Grandpa Bos face was cold and he gave a look.

The bodyguards all went out.

He slowly walked forward, and his eyes fell on the screen.

The screen had already split into four images.

They were the scenes in the three huts and the scene at the campsite.

Su Feifei was in hut number one.

With one look, her gaze was attracted.

“Despicable!” The butler scolded angrily, “Other peoples rooms are filled with dolls and whatnot.

Su Feifeis room is too much!!!”

[Is she going to touch it!]

[Is that a python]

[Dont tell me that the bunch on the roof are… bats!!!]

[Friendly reminder, the thing next to Su Feifei is called a tarantula!!! It can eat a bird!]

[This is crazy! Why is this the only room that Su Feifei entered!]

[Luo Feifa has already won three dolls, f*ck!]

The Assistant Director was desperately trying to signal Qiu Ye with his eyes.

Qiu Ye frowned and walked forward to look at the monitor.

His eyes immediately widened.

“What the h*ll is this!”

What he released were rats and smelly bugs.

It was already scary enough for a girl to close her eyes and touch them.

What was going on now However, after thinking for a while, Qiu Ye understood the situation and his face darkened.

Luo Feifa!

“Stop the recording.

Get the person out immediately!” Qiu Ye immediately said.

[We finally met a normal director.]

[I love you, Crazy Qiu!]

[This is the correct prevention method to take, okay Liu An, open your dog sh*t eyes!]

The staff immediately set off.

However, at this moment, Luo Feifa came out of the cottage with half a bag of toys and ornaments in her hand.

“Director, why did you stop the game” She stretched out her leg to stop him.

She had already expected Qiu Ye to stand on Su Feifeis side.

How could she let Qiu Ye succeed

At least half of the staff were sent by Crazy Qiu to protect her, and there were even some bodyguards in the dark.

Todays game could not be stopped just because Qiu Ye said so!

Qiu Yes expression changed and he sneered.

Then, he left the staff and walked toward the small house.

“Qiu Ye!”

Luo Feifa suddenly turned around and threatened, “You set the rules of the game and decorated the cabin.

Why Did you book a room for Su Feifei in advance and now youre anxious because she entered the wrong room Although youre the director, you cant just say whatever you want, right Were following the rules of the game, shouldnt you respect it too…”

“Go to h*ll.”

Qiu Ye walked directly to the small house.

Luo Feifa was dumbfounded.


[Are you trying to reason with Crazy Qiu]

[As we all know, there is no reasonable person around.

We need you Bo Silin.]

[What do you think hes doing right now]

[Feifeis alright, right She wont be scared.]

[Ill be honest with you.

The director will end up changing the rules blindly.

Havent you seen enough of Liu Ans previous actions Fairness and justice must come first.

No matter what, this cabin was prepared by the Festival Group.]

Of course, Qiu Ye knew the consequences.

However, he also knew that firstly, he didnt want anything to happen to Su Feifei.

Secondly, if something really happened, Bo Silin would cut his main artery first!

How could this be a joke

Qiu Ye reached out and closed the door.

However, there was a loud bang.

The door was blasted open!

Qiu Ye was directly slammed into the wall by the door that had been slammed open, and then slowly slid down.

Two streams of blood flowed down from his nose.

He was completely dumbfounded.

[Im sorry, why is it so funny]

Very quickly, no one paid attention to Qiu Ye.

Because in the next moment, cockroaches and rats all over the ground sneaked out! Then, there were colorful snakes and all kinds of unknown creatures…


Luo Feifa and Su Ling screamed and jumped around.

“Go away! Go away!”

Everyone also dodged.

The cameramen threw away their cameras and started to run away.

Behind the door, Su Feifei lifted up a sack full of things that had been moving around.

She reached out and took off the blindfold on her face, smiling brightly.

“Xiao He! Men! Come over! Were rich!”

She raised the corn snake in her hand, and her eyes were as bright as 20-watt light bulbs.

“The things in this house can be used to make at least ten gas stations!”

“When the time comes, send it to Bo Silin! Mail them all out!”


At that moment, those that were there and were watching the stream all had a collective moment of silence.


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