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The smile on Luo Feifas face began to grow.

“Su Ling, isnt my dad coming to the capital to start a company When the time comes, the positions and actors will definitely be vacant…”

She deliberately said it loudly.

Su Ling curled her lips and quickly nodded.

[F*ck, this Luo Feifa is simply too much.

Is it reasonable to canvass for votes like this]

[The resources behind her are also her resources.

Why cant she use them]

[To be honest, dont be jealous.

Having a lot of money and knowing what to do with it is also a skill.]

[Despicable villain!]

[Im so angry! Be firm!]

Luo Feifa glanced at the wavering crowd and then at Su Feifei provocatively.

“I have good stamina!” Feng Xuege was also actively canvassing for votes.

“I can do all the dirty and tiring work!”

Su Feifei looked up.

Her lips moved slightly, and she still spat out the same sentence, “Ill take care of the meal.”

“Theres meat for every meal,” she added after a pause.

Everyone was speechless.

“Theres a space limit.” Su Feifei said.

As soon as she finished speaking, everyone rushed toward Su Feifeis team like crazy.

“Go away! I was first!”

“I went first!”

“I was the one who got this position first! Get lost!”

In an instant, more than 20 people were on Su Feifeis team.

Luo Feifas eyes widened.

She could not believe her eyes!

Were these people crazy!

[Why did they start fighting]

[In the end, they still want to eat meat!]

“You guys really joined this team just to get a free meal” Luo Feifa reacted and was flushed.

“Do you have a brain”

However, no one paid her any attention.

The teams were quickly divided.

Qiu Ye did a head count.

Su Feifeis team had 26 people, Feng Xueges team had 12, and Luo Feifas team had 12.

Luo Feifa and Feng Xueges teams were mostly made up of men.

On the other hand, Su Feifei stood in a row with only five men and more than 20 girls.

[Su Feifei still has more female fans.]

[Ill raise my hand.

Im a male fan of Su Feifei!]

Su Feifei was quite satisfied.

There were also many female soldiers in the troops she used to lead.

Therefore, she knew that girls might naturally have some disadvantages in terms of physical strength, but in terms of agility and concealment, female soldiers were better, and they consumed less food.

As long as she used the right people, both men and women had their own advantages.

“Ruoqing” Su Lings voice suddenly sounded.

Su Feifei followed her line of sight and looked at the end of her line.

Sure enough, she saw Shen Ruoqing.

She even had Renbo standing beside her, she did not know when they had joined the team.

Shen Ruoqing suddenly felt a little embarrassed as she was the focus of attention.

[Hmm Shen Ruoqing is standing in Su Feifeis team]

[If I remember correctly, Shen Ruoqing also targeted Su Feifei before, right]

[Yeah, the plastic b*tches are real.

In the past, their relationship was bad, but didnt it get better with Su Ling]

[Whats going on Did I miss any gossip]

Su Ling squinted her eyes and looked at Shen Ruoqing.

“Ruoqing, are you standing in the wrong place” She said, “My team is over here.”

However, Shen Ruoqing pursed her lips and did not move.

Su Lings face suddenly turned cold, and she almost couldnt control herself.

“Ruoqing, are you still not coming over” She raised her leg and stepped forward.

Shen Ruoqing took two steps back in fear and grabbed onto Tiantians sleeve tightly.

Tiantian was helpless and looked at Su Feifei, but she did not respond.

Shen Ruoqing suddenly felt hopeless.

She had followed Su Lings request and drugged Su Feifei before… So it was obvious that Su Feifei was so vengeful that she would never forgive her!

However, a wise man submits to circumstances.

After this time, if she still dared to go against Su Feifei, what would happen next time

She didnt want to foolishly send herself to her death!

If it wasnt for the fact that she couldnt afford to pay the termination fee, she wouldnt even want to come back here!

Su Ling was already standing in front of her.

Her gentle voice was like a death knell from hell.

“Lets, Go.


“I… I wont…”

Shen Ruoqing was dragged by her to the other team, and her heart suddenly sank.

This time, it was over!

The next second, a voice suddenly came from behind her.

“What are you looking at” Su Feifei said, “Your teammate is being pulled away.

None of you are going to do anything about it”

Everyone was stunned.

The burly man immediately said, “Go!”

A few of them pulled Shen Ruoqing back.

With the experience of being carried away by the strong men last time, Su Ling screamed when she saw the strong man and quickly ran back to her team, not daring to come out again.

Shen Ruoqing was still confused.

It wasnt until she returned to Su Feifeis team that she secretly looked up at her.

This… Su Feifei was letting her stay

In the sunlight, Su Feifeis high ponytail was tied up, and she stood in the light.

Her body was like a pine tree, straight and thin.

The lines were soft and beautiful, but also heroic.

The two different kinds of beauty mixed together, instantly colliding into a temperament that people couldnt take their eyes off.

[Su Feifei, you saint!]

[Shes so handsome! I want to be your soldier! Come and train me! Come quickly!]

[You dont seem like youre in the right mind dude.

Go touch some grass…]

Shen Ruoqing was still in a daze when she heard a cold voice.

“Lets not fuss about the past.

But what I hate the most in my life is betrayal.”

She said slowly, “Since youve joined my team, you have to guard your heart.


Shen Ruoqing immediately nodded her head frantically and said, “I understand! I understand!”

After the teams were divided, Qiu Ye stood up again.

“The next item to be distributed is a large map of this deserted island!”

The assistant helped distribute the map.

The map was made into an ancient-style map, and the level of beauty of the props had indeed been improved.

After unfolding it, Su Feifei took a quick glance at it.

The island was roughly oval in shape.

From the outside to the inside, there were a few circles.

“In laymans terms, we are currently in the fifth ring of the island.”

[The fifth ring Did I hear it wrong]

[Sure enough, its easy to understand.]

“A little further in and youll have four rings, three rings, two rings, and one ring.” Qiu Ye said, “There will be various crises here.

Some are ecological crises, some are…” Qiu Ye grinned.

“But dont worry theyre all set us by us.

Actually… It might be more dangerous than an ecological crisis,” he added.

[Crazy Qiu is more dangerous than natural disasters!]

[Crazy Qiu is amazing]

[Im definitely going to watch this show! Im already looking forward to the guests running around in their ripped pants, hahaha!]

[Lunatic Qiu, dont disappoint me!]

“Before we enter the dangerous and mysterious primeval forest, of course, we have to get enough supplies! As the name suggests, I will prepare a variety of small games for you all for a whole week.

The purpose is to improve your physical strength, carry out the devil training, and at the same time, get rich resources!

“These resources can help you obtain a chance of survival in the dense fog of the forest.

Please cherish them!”

Everyone looked at each other.

A game

Why did it sound so scary

However, Su Feifei only heard the word supplies.

If they won the game, they would get the supplies.

She now had to support more than 20 soldiers.

Things were different now, so supplies were of course the most important.

[Su Feifeis expression is turning me on…]

[She looks like she intends on destroying everyone today.]

“Well play the first game, Heartbeat Cabin!

“There are three small houses in front of you, and the three team leaders will be blindfolded.

After entering, you can grab the things in the houses and stuff them into this sack.

The more you find, the higher your ranking will be!”

“Where are the prizes” Someone asked.

“Youve asked the right person!” Qiu Ye turned around in a circle.

“Take a look.”

He pointed.

The staff pushed out a huge box.


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