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“The top three in the online voting will be the team leaders.”

Qiu Ye said, “Youre the first.

Youll lead the team alone.”


The team immediately burst into cheers.

Su Feifei raised her eyebrows and turned around.

[Hahaha, Su Feifei, are you scared]

[Su Feifei, dont doubt it.

You have a lot of fans!]

[You are a well-deserved leader!]

[May I ask, other than Su Feifei, who else can lead a team on this uninhabited island]

[Thats right! Are you going to let Luo Feifa lead the team]

However, immediately after, Qiu Ye said, “the second team leader, Luo Feifa!”

There was also a small exclamation from Luo Feifas side.

Xiao He and Tiantian were instantly hopping mad.


“Her How unlucky!”

[The royal family is here.

Everyone, open your eyes wide and take a look.

This is the real royal family.

Didnt you hear that Luo group was among the investors]

[Do you now understand how the world works]

[Luo Feifa really cant overpower Su Feifei, Im sure of it.]

[Bo Silin, we need your support!]

[Luo Feifa is leading the team to cause trouble! Isnt it written on her face that she wants to kill Su Feifei]

Luo Feifa proudly stepped out and stood in front of the second team.

She turned to look at Su Feifei and said sarcastically, “Su Feifei, nice to meet you.”

Su Feifei nodded.

Luo Feifa was speechless.


[Luo Feifa is clearly mocking Su Feifei!]

[Su Feifeis blunt force protective cover has appeared.]

“The third team leader!” Qiu Yes megaphone was swaying in the air.

“Feng Xuege!”

This time, the cheers were also very loud.

Everyone on Su Feifeis team also gave a round of applause.

Feng Xuege took the lead and saluted with a smile on her lips.

The three of them stood side by side in front.

Qiu Ye smiled evilly.

Xiao He suddenly felt that something was not right.

He stuck his head out and stared at Feifa.

He had received a call from Bo Silin last night.

He had promised to keep an eye on this wild cards movements at all times!

If anything went wrong, they would rush out to protect Su Feifei!

“Since its an adventure, it must represent freedom.

So in the selection mode, well do it according to how you feel like it! Well enter the random selection round!”

[What the h*ll]

[Are you kidding me]

[Randomly picking]

“It means that you can go to whichever team you want.

Of course…” Qiu Ye grinned.

“Before we start, Id like to ask the three captains to campaign for votes.”

Everyone was speechless.

Having lived for so long, this was the first time he had seen a show with such casual rules, yet it was truly a life-threatening one.

The camera focused on Luo Feifa first.

Luo Feifa smiled.

“Just follow me.

I cant guarantee anything else, but the resources we can get are easy to negotiate.”

[Isnt that a foul Shes telling them that she will just use the money to get whatever she wants!]

[Alright, stop playing.

Whats the point of playing]

[Why dont you just throw money at them]

[There are fifty people in total.

I estimate that the remaining participants will have to stand behind Luo Feifa.]

[Im f*cking pissed off! Su Feifei, f*ck her up!]

[Im willing to spend a million dollars to draw a turtle on this womans face.

Whos with me]

Qiu Ye pursed his lips and looked at Luo Feifa with a look of disdain.

“Take note, you can only talk about the advantages you can bring to the team! This one doesnt count! Again!”

Luo Feifas expression changed.

“Why should we start again”

“Im the director.

Are you sure you want to compete with me” Qiu Ye asked lazily.

Lets go Crazy Qiu! Im on your side!]

[Im sorry I doubted you…]

[I have an affair to attend to for one second.

Ill be back immediately.]

[Be strong, you guys! The great Suno Pot ship must not fall!]

In the ward.

A pair of fingers moved quickly and liked all the posts related to Subo Pot on the screen.

All the posts that had the words, Qiu Ye, on them were reported.

Bo Xi was speechless and confused.

Did this thing on the hospital bed really have an IQ of 140

On the other hand, Luo Feifa was displeased for a moment and gritted her teeth in anger.

“Ill give my teammates their freedom and do my best to obtain supplies,” she said.

[Im just saying.

She is basically saying that she doesnt have any special characteristics, but can only make empty promises.]

[Ask her to leave the island!]

[As expected of the daughter of a king in the business world.

Shes the standard of speech at the annual meeting.]

Finally, the camera moved to Su Feifei.


Qiu Ye immediately picked up his cell phone and turned on the video mode for Su Feifei.

He smiled and stuck his head out, showing his white teeth.

“We can start now.”

Su Feifei glanced at the crowd.

Everyone was also looking at her.

After two seconds of silence, she raised her head.

“Ill take care of your meals.”

“Wow…” Gasps of shock and amazement rang out all around.

There were at least twenty people whose eyes were shining.

They were all survivors who had been here for more than half a month.

As for the few who had just joined yesterday, they were still confused and even a little disdainful.

“Meals” Luo Feifa couldnt help but laugh out loud.

“Are you sure you can say that confidently Hahaha!!”

She was convulsing with laughter.

When she straightened her body, she realized that half of the people present were looking at her as if she was a fool.

“Why are you looking at me like that” Luo Feifa immediately frowned.

“Thats the only advantage Su Feifei has in her team.

Hey, you guys have to think carefully.

If you want to go to a place where you can only eat your fill, then go.”

Qiu Ye snorted.


Luo Feifa was shocked by that single statement.


[Qiu Ye hahaha!]

[Im just saying, cant we just accept Director Qiu]

“Qiu Ye!” Luo Feifa scolded angrily.

“Dont show biases! Are you targeting the guests now”

“Its not the first time Ive targeted a guest, so why are you so surprised” Qiu Ye asked.

Luo Feifa was dumbfounded and trembled with anger!

Where the h*ll did this director come from She was going to call home tonight and ban him!

[Play this suggestion repeatedly and engrave it in your brain, okay]

After Qiu Ye had enough of Su Feifei, he put away his phone happily and clapped his hands.

“Alright, everyone lines up and get ready to pick a leader!”

Only then did Luo Feifa regain her pride.

Whats the use of being good at talking The truly useful things were the things that could be put into practice!

She had just mentioned resources.

She didnt believe that these people would give up the resources in the Luo familys hands for Su Feifeis food!

“Stand behind whoever you want to join, understand” Qiu Ye continued.

“I understand!”

“Alright, lets start picking sides!”

The participants immediately moved.


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