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A cracking sound was heard.

Su Feifeis movements were very fast.

She directly pinched that sharp right hand and pulled it down!

Luo Feifa instantly lost all her strength.

Even if she wanted to stab Su Feifei with her nails, she couldnt.

After a moments pause, a shrill scream rang out.


The shout was short and brief, causing everyone to look over.

Luo Feifas eyes widened as she looked at her hand that was hanging down.

It had been folded into a strange arc!

“Whats wrong” Everyone looked over.

Everyone was busy introducing themselves, so no one noticed the situation here.

Moreover, because Luo Feifa had made up her mind to show Su Feifei her strength, she deliberately got close to Su Feifei and used her nearly 1.8-meter-tall body to block the drone behind her.

Who wouldve thought that Su Feifei would have the guts to break her hand

After a moment of shock, she shouted, “Su Feifei! How dare you attack me Director! Arrange a plane for me to return immediately! Find me a team of lawyers! I want to…”

Another cracking sound rang out.

Su Feifei moved quickly and put her hand behind her back.

Luo Feifa was speechless.

There was a long pause.

Luo Feifa opened her mouth, but she couldnt say anything.

From Xiao Hes point of view, he had witnessed the whole process.

At this moment, he had the same expression as Luo Feifa.

What had just happened…

“What are you doing” Su Feifei asked in a friendly and polite manner.

“I-I want to…”

Luo Feifa was shaking with anger.

However, when she moved her wrist, she found that there was nothing wrong with it except for a little pain!

What was going on

Did Feifei dislocate it and put it back in several seconds

[Whats going on What team of lawyers]

[You want to sue Su Feifei]

[What did Su Feifei do]

[I didnt see anything.

I only saw a woman screaming.]

[Does this Luo Feifa have a mental problem]

[It really does look like it was just a handshake.]

[Maybe there was static electricity on Su Feifeis hands.]

[What the h*ll is static electricity!]

Luo Feifas emotions had been fluctuating for a long time.

Seeing that everyone was looking at her as if she was a lunatic, she could only suffer in silence.

“Just you wait! B*tch!” She growled in anger.

Su Feifei raised her chin slightly.

“Ill be waiting.

His light words made Luo Feifa even angrier.


“Feifa,” Su Ling stepped forward and pulled Luo Feifa away, “Lets heard to the camp first.”

The two of them left.

Su Feifei lowered her head and used her sleeve to wipe her watch.

Luo Feifa had touched it just now, so it was now considered to be dirty.

After doing this, she was also stunned.

When did she learn to be so strict and clean

Its all that soldiers fault for being so delicate and often having to wipe everything.

After a while, everyone suddenly realized that the director still hadnt appeared.

“By the way, wheres the director” Everyone looked at each other.

“Yeah, wasnt he here just now”

“Where did he go I dont remember him getting off the plane!”

[The director appeared Who was it]

[I didnt see anything.

I was dazzled by the beauty show.]

“Pay attention, pay attention Feifei.”

A lazy voice suddenly came from the speaker.

Everyone turned around.

He saw a man wearing sunglasses and a flowery shirt.

He had long curly hair and a beard.

He had a cigarette in his mouth and his voice was hoarse.

He was holding a megaphone in his hand.

[Is this the director]

[If you didnt tell me, I would have thought he was some homeless man.]

[There are weird shows every year, but there are especially many more this year.]

The homeless-looking man put out his cigarette and leaned against a rock, looking sloppy.

“Lets get to know each other.

Im Qiu Ye, the new director of the show.

You can call me director Qiu.”

“F*ck! Qiu Ye” Xiao He took the lead and shouted.

Qiu Ye tilted his head and grinned.

The white teeth on his dark face were particularly conspicuous.

“Do you know me”

Xiao He covered his mouth.

Everyone knew him!

[What the f*ck!!]

[Qiu Ye!!!!]

[Im f*cking losing it… Is this really Qiu Ye]

[Every time director Qiu appears, its a surprise… Is he a wanderer now]

[Ill drop a file in the comments about Qiu Ye.

Hes the Executive Director of the wilderness documentary and has participated in National Geograpiks filming many times.

Hes known as Crazy Qiu.

Hes an experienced person who loves exciting and adventure-like plots.]

[Its over for them!]

[How did this show manage to invite so many lunatics]

[This is getting interesting.

This is really getting interesting!]

[Im guessing that the first thing Crazy Qiu did after he arrived was to change the shows rules!]

[The last time he filmed a variety show, it was a record of all extreme sports.]

[Whos as crazy as him]

The crowds response was also very enthusiastic.

Qiu Ye reached out his hand and shook it gently.

He spat out the cigarette butt and motioned for everyone to quiet down.

“Ive come to play with everyone this time round.”

Everyone present was dumbfounded.

Hearing the word play made Xiao He even more afraid.

Not to mention that after he finished speaking, Qiu Ye even turned his head and glanced at Su Feifei.

On the other hand, Su Feifei was expressionless and didnt react as usual.

[Oh my! Did he look at Su Feifei]

[Dont tell me its a second Director Liu I will really thank you!]

[Please give me a director who doesnt plan on targeting Su Feifei!]

[How can he not target Su Feifei Look at the people that came with Luo Feifa.

Theyre obviously trying to suppress her!]

[Yeah, even the professional athletes are here.

Whats the point of watching anymore]

[To be honest, Su Feifei is way better than the others.

If it was still the original cast, this program could just change its name to Su Feifeis show.]

“Lets get to know each other today.” Qiu Ye waved his hand and flicked his messy hair.

“New rules for the game will be released tomorrow.

Everyone, rest up and get ready.”

“Alright, Director Qiu!”

“Yes, Director Qiu!”

After the crowd dispersed, Su Feifei walked toward Qiu Ye.

Qiu Ye stopped and sized Su Feifei up.

“I need to exchange for supplies.” Su Feifei was professional.

She had been waiting the whole night for this director to appear.

She had already exchanged all the herbs she had picked for desert island points.

After conversion, she was left with over 5000 points.

Now, she needed some tools to complete the final construction of the wooden house.

It was just that she had never had a good impression of the director team, and now it seemed… that they were going to be just as unreliable.

[I hope Crazy Qiu treats Su Feifei better.]

[My wish to have a normal director has not come true in the end.]

“Alright,” he said.

Qiu Ye nodded.

“What do you want in exchange Just take it.”

Su Feifei entered the directors supply room and quickly exchanged it with everything she needed.

She asked Xiao He and the strong men to pack up and transport it back to the camp.

Just as she was about to leave, she was stopped by someone.

“Wait,” Qiu Ye said.

Su Feifei paused and frowned.

What was he up to this time

Qiu Ye took two steps forward and suddenly stood up straight.

He wiped his fingers on his side, took out a pen, and turned his back to Su Feifei.

The next second, Qiu Ye grinned at her, revealing his dazzling white teeth.

“Can I have your autograph Just stick it on the back of the lot.

Do you see that box”

There was indeed a rectangular frame printed on the back of his T-shirt that was riddled with holes.

[Oh my, hahaha, whats going on]

[Help! Help! Someone tell me what is happening!]

[Qiu Ye, can you be more f*cking normal!]

[Bo Silin is in danger!]

[Bo Silin, come back quickly! Theres something wrong with this director!]


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