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The shouts were so loud that they naturally reached Su Feifeis camp.

Su Feifei stopped roasting the meat and looked up.

“Su Feifei, the new director is here! There were also a few new guests! Shall we go and take a look”

Xiao He Xing rushed over with the firewood.

Su Feifei nodded and led the group over.

After seeing the Bo familys helicopter, this one seemed very ordinary.

However, the moment the cabin door opened, the look of the helicopter instantly rose in rank.

[Holy sh*t, the number of gorgeous women!!!]

[Is this a beauty pageant]

[Ah!! Its Feng Xuege! The directing team must be crazy, they actually hired a fencing player]

[How are we supposed to pay attention to the show now Shes a professional, so her physical fitness and so on would definitely surpass that of a normal guest!]

[Su Feifei is in danger!]

[Its Luo Feifa!]

[Lets run away!]

[Dont be discouraged.

Give Su Feifei some faith! We cant lose in terms of momentum!]

There were a total of five women and two men, all of whom were outstanding people in their respective industries.

Su Ling immediately saw Shen Ruoqing.

Their eyes met, and she immediately smiled.

Shen Ruoqing lowered her head and did not say anything.

She seemed to be in a heavy mood.

[Whats wrong with Ruoqing]

[She doesnt look like she wants to be here, hahaha!]

[Obviously, the last time she was here, she was sent to the hospital!]

[It was rumored to be food poisoning, but the cause sources havent been confirmed.

It feels weird!]

[Did you guys notice that these people are all from Su Lings circle They look a little ghostly.]

The comments were having an open discussion.

Su Feifeis eyes swept over the people inside.

Xiao He whispered in her ear, “The tallest one is called Luo Feifa.

Her father is the former richest man in the capital.

Later, she went abroad.

Although she is not in the entertainment industry, she has participated in a few variety shows and has gained a mid reputation.

Shes from the same group as Su Ling.”

Su Feifei nodded.

“That strong woman is a fencer.” Xiao He continued to whisper, “Her name is Feng Xuege.

Shes very good.

She just won a gold medal and brought glory to our country!”

When Su Feifei heard the words bringing glory to the country, she immediately raised her eyes, and her gaze suddenly changed.

Feng Xuege saw Su Feifeis gaze and instantly felt alerted.

Before she came, many of her team members had been following this variety show.

Everyone reminded her to be careful of Su Feifei.

Now that this woman was staring at her, she felt a chill down her spine.

Could it be that she had been marked as an enemy the moment she arrived

On Luo Feifas side, she directly walked towards Su Ling.

The comments immediately exploded.

[Feifa and Su Ling! A cross-century duo!]

[They went to the same university abroad and had a good relationship!]

[Yeah, Su Lings been busy with her career, so they havent been in contact for a long time.]

[Oh my gosh, why are Su Lings fans here again]

[Can you block some comments Im so f*cking annoyed.]

Luo Feifa stopped and Su Ling stepped forward.

“Its been a long time,” Luo Feifa said in a low voice, “I heard that youve been tortured by your sister”

Su Lings face immediately turned ugly.

[Why cant you get closer]

[Production team, arent you being too obvious I saw Luo Feifa giving the photographer a look just now.]

[The power of money moves people.]

[Ive already thought of everything they can say.

Its nothing more than how to deal with Su Feifei next!]

“I was too careless.” Su Ling said.

“So it seems.” Luo Feifa glanced at her, she raised her eyebrows making her long face look even more arrogant.

“My father has changed five stepmothers, and I have eight younger sisters alone.

Ive never been stepped on and bullied like this.

Werent you pretty capable before now, you cant even deal with Su Feifei”


Luo Feifa had always been sharp-tongued.

However, because of her family background, Su Ling had to spend a lot of effort to get a place beside Luo Feifa.

Fortunately, Su Feifei had talked back to her when Luo Feifa went to their house in the past.

The two of them already had grudges.

Now that she was back, there was going to be a good show to watch!

“My sister is different from before.” Su Ling reminded, “I dont know what happened, but its like something went wrong.

She suddenly changed into a different person…”

“I know.

Ive watched two episodes of the show.

Its pretty boring.”

Luo Feifa interrupted her.

“Arent they just barbarians One look and I can tell that shes a lowly person.

Its only natural for her to survive in the wilderness and thrive like this.”

“No, she really changed…”

“Su Ling, when did you become so timid”

Luo Feifa narrowed her eyes.

“Alright, if you didnt dare to do anything, just watch.

Do you not remember how I made her kneel in the past How can I not control her now”

She snorted and turned to leave.

Su Ling pursed her lips and didnt say anything.

It was normal for her to see Luo Feifa acting like this.

Back then, she had suffered such a huge setback because she aggravated Su Feifei.

She decided to watch Luo Feifa suffer a little first and shell naturally understand how much Su Feifei changed.

Sure enough, as soon as Luo Feifa left Su Ling, she immediately went to Su Feifei.

[F*ck, are you really going for Su Feifei]

[Luo Feifa is famous for her bad temper.

If I remember correctly, she seems to have a grudge against Su Feifei, right]

[Youre not wrong.

Ive checked.

She even publicly scolded Su Feifei online.]

[Yes, Su Feifei didnt reply at that time.]

[The scolding became quite ugly.

It seems like she is still standing up for Su Ling.]

[Su Feifeis fans are almost done for, right So she can leave now]

[Shes the daughter of the richest man.

Why would she target Su Feifei]

[Thats right, Im a little paranoid.

Whats going to happen.]

Luo Feifa stopped and stood in front of Su Feifei.

“Su Feifei,” She smiled and reached out her hand.

“Do you still remember me”

She looked very aggressive and angular.

Su Feifei glanced at her, and one or two scenes from her memory suddenly surfaced.

Her eyes turned cold.

The original owner of this body was a real id*ot.

In the past, she did not dare to say a word when faced with such bullying.

Luo Feifa was the instigator of many of her reputations being tarnished.

She was the best card Su Ling had in her deck.

Su Feifei didnt reply.

Luo Feifa squinted her eyes.

“Why dont you want to shake hands with your good old friend”

[F*ck, this smell of gunpowder…]

[Dont bite the bullet!]

[How weak can a girl who can participate in a wilderness program be]

[Just ask if you dont understand.

Whats she so cocky about]

[Su Feifei isnt answering.

Is she afraid]

[This is so pitiful.

With such a disparity in status, she really needs to be more careful.]

Luo Feifa couldnt wait any longer.

She stepped forward and grabbed Su Feifeis hand.

The manicure she had just done was sharp and long.

The moment she caught Su Feifeis fingers, she viciously plunged them into her flesh!


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