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“Itll probably take a long time for me to come back with my leg injured.” He lowered his head.

The moonlight shone, showing his handsome face.

“This is for you.

Wear it close to your body.”

Su Feifei glanced at it.

It looked like a watch.

Bo Silin wrapped the watch around her wrist, his cold knuckles smoothing past her skin, causing goosebumps to appear wherever he touched it.

Su Feifei endured it and waited with her eyes lowered.

Bo Silin did not stop talking, “In order for the show to be interesting, the new director and guest invited must have some connections.

If they bully you, you can keep the debt.

Ill settle it for you when I come back.”

She looked up and was met with a pair of amber eyes.

This place didnt seem like a cave.

There was no flickering flame.

In the darkness and the shadow of the moon, the atmosphere quieted down.

Even their breathing could be clearly heard.

Bo Silins heart moved slightly.

He reached out and gently brushed her hair behind her ear, his lips curling into a smile.

“Okay” He asked.

Su Feifei nodded.


She subconsciously felt that it was strange saying such a thing out loud.

Sure enough, the next second, Su Feifei spoke again.

“But Im afraid I wont be able to wait.”

Bo Silin frowned.

“Dont say such disheartening words.”

“Im afraid the new director and the others cant wait.” Su Feifei replied honestly, “Because I might not be able to hold back if anything happens.”


A cool breeze, a clear moon, the chirping of birds, and the buzz of insects.

Everything was perfect.

It was extremely clear at this moment.

Bo Silin looked up at the sky and saw the drone circling in on them.

[Ah ah ah ah so romantic! Are they saying sweet nothings!]

[Woman, you have to wait for me to come back!]

[Ill miss you!]

[Ill miss you too!]

[But looking at Bo Silins expression, it doesnt seem like hes hung up]

[What do you know! Theyre in their push-and-pull phase! How can you enter the honeymoon stage so quickly Su Feifei is definitely hard to get!]

[Yes, yes! Look at Bo Silins expression.

Doesnt she look like a simp right now]

Bo Silin felt his heart beating very fast.

The beating in his heart was about to kill him.

He sighed and looked down at Su Feifei.

Su Feifei also looked at him calmly.

He tried to pull his emotions back.

He couldnt just watch her continue like this.

What if the doctor made him stay in the hospital longer and another male guest took a fancy to her What should he do

Before he left, he had to give her something to remember him by.

When their eyes met, Su Feifei instantly smiled.

Bo Silin raised his eyebrows in confusion.

“Bo Silin…” She beckoned him over.

The smile in her eyes was particularly pure, and there was a faint glimmer as if she was a little embarrassed.

Bo Silin could clearly hear his heart beating even faster.

He approached her carefully, the fragrance of the shower gel brushed past his nose.

It was the same type of shower gel that he used.

At this moment, the exact same fragrance interweaved in the air with their respective body odor, creating a special scent.

Su Feifei whispered into his ear.

“I didnt blink for thirty-one seconds, its one second more than you last time.

Sorry, I won by a narrow margin.”


Bo Silin was speechless.

‘Woman, is winning the only thing on your mind

He was silent for a long time.

“Stay safe.

Ill be leaving first.”

However, his sleeve was suddenly pulled.

With this gentle tug, Bo Silin turned around very smoothly, as if he had expected it.

He looked askance at Su Feifei with a dark face.

Su Feifei raised her hand and pointed at the thing on her wrist.

“You still havent told me what this is.”

Bo Silin pursed his lips for two seconds before giving in.

He went forward to help her open the cover on her watch.

“When you miss me, use this to contact me.” He tapped the edge of his watch with his slender fingers.

“Press this to turn on the phone first.”

Su Feifeis eyes lit up.

This was quite interesting.

When she first saw the mobile phone, she found it extremely interesting.

That was because these things did not exist in Great Yan.

Although there were still some of the original owners memories in her mind, it was like watching a movie.

She knew about it but had never come into contact with it.

When she pressed it, a melodious ring sounded, and his watch turned on.

“Power on.”

Su Feifei was shocked.

It can even talk

Bo Silin continued, “This is a product of the Bo group.

This phone is specially made to be connected to the outside world anywhere anytime.

You can use this to call and locate my whereabouts.

These two watches are already connected, you can try to press the call button to see how it works.”

Su Feifei excitedly pressed the call button.

As expected, Bo Silins watch lit up.

One red and one yellow, the gorgeous rainbow watch straps were especially ostentatious in the night sky.

“Then what is this” She paused and pointed at the picture on the watch.

Bo Silin was silent for a moment.

“I cant explain this in a few words.”

“Oh.” Su Feifei nodded and didnt ask further.

Bo Silin took another look.

There was a watch strap with a beautiful sheep printed on it and a watch strap with a lamb printed on it.

They were quite compatible.

Bo Silin thought as he pressed the answer button on the dial.

Su Feifei immediately walked away.

He was stunned and didnt understand.

The next second, she turned around and said to her watch, “Hello”

The voice was very clear, and it came from the watch.

“Bo Silin, it really works!”

Su Feifei turned around, her eyes bright and clear.

She was as excited as she was when she shot the rabbit.

Bo Silin laughed.

It was just a watch that could be used to communicate.

That was all it took to make her happy

“This is for the two of us.

You can call me every day now.” Bo Silin hinted.

Su Feifei nodded heroically and said, “Ill do it every day!”

The atmosphere seemed a little odd.

At least the result was what he wanted, and it could be considered an improvement to what happened before.

When the two of them came out of the forest, the drone finally managed to get closer close.

The bullet comments immediately noticed the details.

[Theres a watch on her hand! A watch!]

[If Im not mistaken, this is… A childrens watch]

[A token of love]

[I cant believe it.

Bo Silin, can you straighten up! Youre using Tiantians watch as a token of love]

[Is this a puppy school love]

Bo Silin walked to the helicopter and waved.

The rumbling sound echoed in their ears when the helicopter started.

The wind from the plane blew on Su Feifeis clothes.

He turned around and made a phone call with his hand.

Su Feifei was immediately excited and also returned the same gesture.

[The f*ck Is this conversation encrypted What did that mean]

[Ah, ah, ah, I want to know!]

[Give him a call I guess]

[Thats exactly what it means.

Why is Su Feifei so excited about such a simple thing]

[Fall in love already!!!]

The helicopter rose slowly.

Bo Silin looked through the glass at the person who was walking away.

She stood tall and straight, and no matter where she stood, she was always the most dazzling existence.

A smile easily appeared on his face.

On the opposite side.

Bo Xi glanced at the watch on Bo Silins hand and felt a sharp pain in her eyes.

She gritted her teeth and swallowed her curses, then said, “Dad just called and asked you to go back immediately.

The Su family already came to visit today, and Grandpa was very angry.

Theyve arranged five blind dates for you since youre back.

He said that from tomorrow onwards, even if you have to break your legs, you have to see all these girls.”


“Okay.” Bo Silin replied indifferently.

Why did he agree so quickly

Bo Xi suddenly had a bad feeling.

Bo Silin lowered his head and fiddled with his watch.

Then, he smiled again.

“Theres no need to wait until tomorrow.

I have time now.

Tell Grandpa to make the arrangements.

Ill be there even if Im in a cast.”


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