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“We dont know who it was either.

He didnt look familiar, so the lawyer handled the case with full authority!”

Su Yaoguo couldnt believe it.

“Her contract was custom-made.

Once she breaks the contract, she has to pay hundreds of millions in liquidated damages.

How can someone help her break the contract”


“This… Were just as curious as you Sir…

“But the other partys method was very experienced and clean cut.

He went straight through the process as soon as he came, and it seemed like he came prepared! Our legal department was taken aback and only reacted after they left!”

Su Yaoguos body went soft.

Although Su Feifei was disobedient, her commercial value was obvious.

She was on the path of being defamed.

Even half of the jobs that defamed her before were bought through the Su family.

Anyway, she had always been absurd and well-known for it.

She could also bring in traffic on shows that required a lot of drama.


For a company like the Su family, apart from Su Ling, only Su Feifei had more operational value.


This time, Su Feifei just happened to hit the nail on the head.

Just as the reviews were about to improve and the popularity was about to rise, she suddenly terminated her contract.

“Yaoguo, you cant let them do this!”

Bimei was becoming anxious.

“I have to check on it quickly! Weve raised her for so long and finally have something to look forward to, but now, someone is just going to come in and terminate the contract! Hurry up and find out whats happening!”


In the past two days, although she hated Su Feifei for ruining Su Lings reputation, the money that she gained for them was the only reason they let it go.

She already had her eyes on an island villa and was ready to click purchase!

Recently, there were more and more people trying to curry favor with her.

At this juncture, they should steal the goose instead of the golden egg!

“President Su, theres one more thing!” The manager on the other end of the phone then released a heavy bomb, “More than a dozen brands sent a notice to terminate the contract overnight, all of which are for Su Lings!”


This time, Su Yaoguos head was covered in a cold sweat.

“The TV series contracts are also being terminated one after another.

All of the jobs for this month are gone!”

Bimeis eyes also widened in shock.

What was going on

Wasnt it just a hot search Why were the brands in such a hurry to terminate the contract

In the past, when she went against Su Feifei, Su Ling had never lost like this!

What was the problem

“Hurry back to the company!” Su Yaoguo said.

On a deserted island, Director Lius face was slowly turning paler.

He moved his lips and tried to salvage the situation when he regained his senses.

A staff member suddenly stood up.

“Actually, Ive wanted to say this for a long time…

“Its fine if Director Liu doesnt want the news to spread, but he also didnt want us to go looking for her! But I was afraid of losing my job, so…”

With his appearance, the others also began to step out.

The statements that were said were all pointing fingers at Director Liu.

Director Liu was furious.

“Youre all a bunch of ingrates! How do I usually treat you You actually betrayed me for a woman!”

[Oh So its been confirmed]

[No, Director Liu, thats all youve got.

Why are you so calculative]

[Hurry up and go home, okay]

[Alright, alright.

He just needs to admit that he was wrong so we can hate on him more.]

[You took advantage of Su Feifeis fall to do this.

If Su Feifei knew earlier, it wouldve been over for you!]

[Its f*cking amazing.

I can even learn law on a variety show.]

The crowd whispered to each other.

Su Feifei made the final decision.

“Director Liu, do you want to get lost on your own, or do you want me to send you off”

Everyones mouth fell open when they heard this.

No way! Did she really have to be so ruthless

When Director Liu heard this, no matter how afraid he was, his anger was ignited.

“You want me to get lost, so Ill just get lost Fat chance.” Director Liu gritted his teeth.

“What if the Bo family wants you to get lost”

Bo Xis voice was loud and clear.

She stood next to Su Feifei, holding her phone and shaking it.

Then, she looked at Su Feifei.

This was the first time Su Feifei had sized her up seriously.

The two of them stood side by side.

Behind them, Xiao He and Tiantian were so excited that they jumped and screamed silently.

They didnt know why, but they were extremely satisfied with this scene.

[The power women are in the same frame!]

[The two women I love the most, take screenshots!]

[Im so drunk.

Drunk with their power!]

[This duo is unstoppable!]

Su Feifei raised her eyebrows.

Bo Xi gave her a reassuring look, then turned around.

In front of the camera, countless hands were busy taking screenshots.

Bo Xi spoke slowly.

“Liu An, the notice from the Bo family has arrived.

I now announce that this variety show will officially have a new director starting today!”

Everyone exclaimed in shock.

[The f*ck!!! They really replaced the position that quickly!]

[I was just joking.

I didnt think that the director could really be changed!]

[Weve already come to this point.

What do you think]

[But its good that hes gone.

If they didnt do that, Im afraid hell be ruined by Su Feifei…]


The comments section exploded.

Su Feifei instantly squinted.

She was indeed thinking that it didnt matter if he didnt leave.

It was just a few days time, and she could personally send him off.

At that time, it would be difficult for Liu An to leave even if he cried and shouted.

She didnt expect Bo Xi to take care of it in one go and save her a lot of trouble.


Bo Xi smirked and said again, “Su Feifeis contract with this show will continue, the staff will be changed, and the new guest will arrive tonight.

Please be prepared.

Once again, we advocate a healthy competition.”


“A new guest”

“That quickly!!”

“I think youve already prepared it!”

[Oh my gosh! Spill the tea sis!]

[A new director There wont be any more suspicious people this time, right]

[Its fine as long as Su Feifei is still here! I cant watch this program without Su Feifei!]

[Rip Director Liu… More like ex-Director!]

[The director is gone, the guests are gone, the staffs are gone, but Su Feifei is still here.


Director Lius face instantly turned ashen, and his body swayed.

He gritted his teeth and glanced at the crowd.

Suddenly, his eyes stopped on Su Ling.

He remembered it now.

It was her!

It was all her fault!

If it wasnt for her instigation, he wouldnt have wanted to block the news from the beginning!

“Su Ling! You…”

“Director Liu, what youve done this time was wrong.”

Su Ling gritted her teeth and said with her back facing the camera.

Her eyes were threatening, “After you leave, you must reflect on yourself.

Otherwise, you wont be able to survive in this industry.”

With this reminder, Director Liu quivered again!

He could not afford to waste any resources now.

Although the Su family wasnt the best, it was still a resource to hold on to.

He took a deep breath and suppressed his anger.

Bo Xi saw this but was too lazy to care about this matter.

He knew that Su Ling was Su Feifeis younger sister, and the enmity between them wasnt something new.

This kind of thing should be solved by the parties involved.

He did not need to interfere.

All he could do was stand there in silence.

“Alright, Ive been tormented for too long.

Its time for me to go back.

You can all leave.”

Bo Xi dusted her hands, feeling happy.

This trip to the deserted island sure was relaxing.

She had not seen such a good show in a long time!

The crowd had not digested this information and could only disperse.

Bo Xi turned around and walked towards Su Feifei.

Under the sunlight, her eyes were lazy and she was smiling.

Su Feifeis expression immediately softened.

In her eyes, Bo Xi was Bo Silins sister and she had helped her just now, so she was someone that was trustable.

Of course, she should treat her own people well.

“Are you having dinner here” Su Feifei said, “Ill roast a whole lamb for you later.”

Xiao Hes eyes lit up when he heard that.

A whole roasted lamb!

Bo Xis mouth watered as well, then she sighed.

“The company is still waiting for me.

Ive already been delayed for a day, so I cant stay.”

Su Feifei thought for a while.


Xiao He, bring me the wine jar in my tent.”

Xiao He quivered.

Wine… Wine jar It couldnt be what he was thinking, right

“Su Feifei, I… I dont think theres a need…”

“Take it.” She was expressionless.

Xiao He had nothing to live for.

Soon, he carried a transparent wine can and walked over, step by step.

In the middle, he tried to avoid the camera, but no matter how hard he tried, the wine was too conspicuous.

In a transparent glass bottle, he could vaguely see centipedes, snakes, and many other small animals that he could not name.

There was a piece of paper on the outside.

On top of the date, there was a word written with a brush.


[Whats this]

[What a strange word.

What does it mean]

[Ive never seen Su Feifei take this out before! She even secretly put it in the tent]

[What good stuff is that Is it for Su Ling]

Bo Xi also raised his eyebrows.

“This is”

Xiao He shivered and silently prayed.

‘Dont ask! Dont ask! Please, I beg you!


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