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The Assistant Director was on the verge of collapsing.

He almost fainted when he heard the first option.

Su Feifei was playing with them Had she been playing them this whole time

Was this something that a human would dare to agree to

[This doesnt look good.]

[Su Feifei looks serious.

It shouldnt be a small matter, right]

[Didnt you guys see Xiao Hes wound There must be a reason behind this!]

[Exposed! I support her plans!]

[Im waiting for a result!]

The Assistant Directors cold sweat had already flowed from his forehead to his chin, and his whole body was visibly trembling.

He didnt need to look up to know that Su Feifei was staring at him.

“Its… Its because of Director Liu! I was only following orders”

The Assistant Director gritted his teeth and made up his mind.

He spat out the rest of his words, “After you fell off the cliff…”

“Assistant Director!” A roar interrupted the Assistant directors words.

Everyones heart was suddenly put down.

They turned around and saw that Director Liu and Su Ling had already returned with the three strong men.

His expression was ferocious and his breathing was rapid.

He was the one who had roared just now.

“Youre crazy! You dare to talk nonsense in front of the camera”

“What nonsense is he talking about” Su Feifei turned her head.

From the beginning to the end, there was no expression on her face.

She was very calm.

“The Assistant Director didnt seem to have finished what he said just now.

So if youll excuse us… Carry on.”


Director Liu was stunned.

[Yeah! The Assistant Director only said that she fell off the cliff and didnt say anything else!]

[What happened after that What was going on Dont just stop there!]

[If I dont hear this answer today, I wont be able to sleep!!]

Director Lius gaze swept across the Assistant Directors face.

The Assistant Director was even more nervous and couldnt stop trembling.

He had only come out to take on a variety show job, but he did not expect to face a situation where he would not have any work in the future!

There was no one that could save him now!

“Assistant Director, its fine if you dont want to say anything today.” Su Feifei said, “There are many other people here who know about it, and we dont need to rely on the parties in this circle to survive.

When the time comes, this matter will be exposed by word of mouth.

Do you know what role you play in this matter”

The Assistant Directors face turned pale.

Bo Xis eyes lit up.

Director Liu started his career early, and his works were also very popular for a certain time.

The television industry, led by him, had long been fixed in the capital, and many celebrities were eager to work under him.

Besides Su Feifei, she had never seen anyone who dared to say the word party so openly.

Moreover, Su Feifeis choice to expose herself to him was an extremely wise one.

She not only protects herself and the people behind her, but she also appropriately lets go of a large number of people from the enemy camp.

Bo Xis eyes lit up.

After looking at Su Feifei for a few seconds, she turned to look at her good-for-nothing younger brother.


“So what do you think” Bo Silin raised his eyebrows.

“Not bad.” Bo Xi paused.


“Why is there a but”

“I feel that you dont deserve her.”


Bo Silin was speechless.

On the other side, the Assistant Directors heart was beating wildly.

He gritted his teeth and finally made up his mind.

“After you fell off the cliff, he asked us to shut down the signal tower and pretend that it was raining to cut off the signal so that the news would not spread out! In the end, they even wanted to reduce the number of people to be sent out to rescue you!”

Su Feifeis eyebrows twitched and she turned to look at Bo Silin for a moment.


[What the actually f*ck!]

[Are you that scheming Do you want to go to heaven]

[Lets go and seek justice for Su Feifei!]

[This should be enough to call the police, right If I didnt hear wrongly, the last sentence means that you didnt want Su Feifei to come back!]

In just two minutes, the trending topics were once again occupied by the deserted island show.

This time, even those who didnt watch the variety show on a deserted island and had seen Liu Ans TV series participated in the discussion.

The topic was hot enough to reach 500 million people.

The Su family.

Su Yaoguo didnt expect that things would develop to this point.

From the time he informed Su Feifei to terminate her contract to her disappearance, the world had changed in just two days.

He had just seen the hot searches of Bo Silin being a bottom, but when he arrived at the Bo familys house with the gift of apology, the hot search had become Liu An being a murderer.

He was completely flustered by this sudden change.

Although this daughter of his was not reliable in the past, she should not have caused such a big mess!

However, this time, there was really no way to end it!

Su Yaoguo took a deep breath.

“Yaoguo, Ill go in with you.” Bimei said, “Shes caused too much trouble this time.

We dont know what will happen to the Bo family.

I received news today that a product our company is going to collaborate with the Bo family on has been stopped by them.

When will she be more sensible”


The more she said, the darker Su Yaoguos face became when he got out of the car.

After Su Yaoguo explained his intention to the security guard, he stood under the sun for more than ten minutes before the butler arrived.

“Im sorry.

Chairman Bo said that he would not be receiving guests in private.” The butler said directly.

Su Yaoguo frowned.

He was angry, but he suppressed it to not throw a tantrum in front of the Bo family.

Instead, he directed all his anger at Su Feifei.

If it wasnt for her preposterous behavior and currying favor with people she shouldnt, would he have been so ignored The Bo family must have hated Su Feifei and vented their anger on him because she was not here!


Bimei smiled apologetically and said, “Can you be more accommodating Were here to apologize…”

The butler didnt even look at her.

He continued to talk to Su Yaoguo, “Chairman Bo knows why youre here.

Word of advice Theres no need to do this.

Our Bo family has always been straightforward and doesnt care about these rules.”

“As for your daughter… Thats a matter for the younger generation.

No matter whether good or bad, it cant be counted as your fault.

So you should bring the gift back.

With that, the butler left.

Su Yaoguo was stunned.

On the way back, he still couldnt figure it out what he meant.

“What do you think the Bo family means Dont tell me… Theyve taken a fancy to Feifei”

Bimei sneered in her heart.

Fancy Su Feifei Was the Bo family crazy, or was Su Yaoguo going crazy


“The Bo family is a big family with hundreds of years of history.

They value families of equal social status.

And I heard that the second young master of the Bo family is already preparing to come back, right With his leg injured so badly, hell definitely have to leave the show first.

“The Bo family has arranged a lot of blind dates for him previously.

We cant be sure now.

Because of this matter, he will be forced to go for more dates.

Those people who went on blind dates with him are not simple.

Ive heard of a few of them who have good looks and family backgrounds.

Lets get Su Feifei to…”

She chuckled.

Su Yaoguos face suddenly looked a little embarrassed.

When he thought of Su Feifei, he could only think of her messy hair on the show and the scene where she stabbed a fish head with a fork…


How could the Bo family be interested in someone like this

Forget it, he was thinking too much.

If he had the time, he might as well think about how to save his own status.

His phone suddenly vibrated.

He glanced at it and picked up the call.

“Its bad, President Su! Someone just brought a team of lawyers over and helped Su Feifei terminate her contract!”

“What!” Su Yaoguo instantly sat up straight.

“Who were they”


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