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The cameraman was very understanding.

He controlled the drone and gave Bo Xi a big close-up.

[Im laughing so hard that Im beating the bed!]

[Bo Xi looks dumbfounded.

Is this how fire is used to defeat fire]

[She saved my life! How can I carry her like a princess!!]


[I heard that variety shows have scripts.

I believe it now.

Su Feifei, did you get the wrong script put down Bo Silins script!]

When Su Feifei ran like the wind and carried him away, Bo Xi finally lowered his voice and asked, “Feifei”


“Bo Silin, dont you have any shame!”

Bo Silin, who was on Su Feifeis shoulder, raised his head slowly, smiled at her, and mouthed something.


“If you want to keep your ego, why have a wife”

Bo Xi was speechless.

In the end, Su Feifei took the lead and returned to the camp in silence.


When Bo Xi came over, the expression on her face was indescribable.

Today was the day that her ego had received countless blows.

Today was a day that she was destined to never forget.

Su Feifei had just put Bo Silin down when she got someone to bring dry bread and water over.

She only felt more at ease after seeing Bo Silin eat.

Bo Xi rolled her eyes in secret.

It was a f*cking amazing sight to see.

It felt like a knife cutting her brain open.

[So sweet ahhh!]

[Wait, why did the gender reversal become more serious after a trip]

[What exactly happened in the cave I really want to watch a full play-through of it!!!]

[Did anyone get a chance to hear them talk about what happened in the cave]

[I will definitely say it.

This kind of hot topic will definitely appear in the interviews later!]

[Im looking forward to it! Do you guys think that Bo Silin has been taking care of Su Feifei all this time Help her dry her clothes, feed her food, or something.]

[Although I dont know what happened, I think the truth will be the opposite of what youre thinking of.]

[I agree.]

Before Su Feifei could turn around, Director Liu suddenly walked up to her.

“Everyone, listen to me!” He coughed lightly.

Everyone immediately looked in his direction.

Director Liu smiled and said, “Were very lucky this time.

Im very happy that everyone can come together at this critical moment! But…”

He paused.

“We still have to continue with our program.

Feifei, look at the injuries on your body.

Its a good time to go out and treat them.

Ive already contacted the best doctor for you outside.

You can go out and see to your injuries! After all, youll be in the entertainment industry in the future, and its not good to have a scar on your face.”

“Also, where are the herbs Weve gathered enough.

A helicopter will be here to pick you up soon.”

As he said that, he turned his eyes and gave the Assistant Director a look.

The Assistant Director immediately handed over the medicine basket.

The basket was filled to the brim with herbs.

Some of them were still young seedlings.

It was obvious that they had just started to grow, but they had already taken on the difficult task of making up the numbers.

Director Liu smiled in satisfaction.

He couldnt pick it up during the heavy rain yesterday, but after the rain stopped, he heard that Su Feifeis phone was found, so he immediately ordered his men to do it.

Everything was playing out just in time for him! Now that they had found the pair, it was time to settle the score.

Of course, the fewer troublesome people, the better.

The first to bear the brunt was Su Feifei.

As long as Su Feifei left, Bo Silin would definitely not be able to stay even with his injuries.

When the time came, he would look for his connections to plead for mercy.

Although the popularity of this show would fade, he could add in a few other popular celebrities in time to restore the broadcast rate and minimize the loss as much as possible.

[Su Feifei, dont go!]

[Dont you know in your heart who gave your program all the viewership]

[I suspect that Su Ling convinced Director Liu to deliberately ask people to block the news and not disclose it to the public so that after they found the person, the director teams dereliction of duty would be blurred out!]

[Thats right, he deliberately said that theres no signal due to the heavy rain! I think he did it on purpose!]

[Kill him!]

Su Feifei didnt reply.

She looked up and stared at Director Liu expressionlessly.

“Do you have any other opinions”

Director Liu was unhappy.

“There are nine hundred of them here.

Thats a good number.

You can count them if you need to.”

“No need.”

Su Feifei pushed it away and sat down on the chair.

This action suddenly made Director Lius scalp tingle.

He subconsciously looked away from Bo Xi.

Bo Xi stood in the crowd with his arms crossed, also staring at him sarcastically.

He suddenly felt like there was a wolf in front of him and a tiger behind him.

Bo Xi took a step forward and walked to Bo Silins seat.

“Bo Silin.” She kicked the chair and squinted at him.

“Your woman is being targeted.

Are you sure you dont want to go and help her”

Bo Silin smiled but did not say anything.

Targeting It wasnt certain who was targeting who.

The pride on his face was simply too striking.

Bo Xi was speechless.

After thinking for a moment, she decided to bide her time and see how it plays out.

It was a good time to see what kind of woman could control Bo Silin.

The battle began with Su Feifeis first statement.

“I heard that you asked other people on the island to participate in the herb-picking activity and replaced the staff” Su Feifei asked.

Director Lius face immediately darkened.

“I set the rules of the game, and you said you needed this herb.

You didnt tell me in advance that I cant let others do it for me, right Su Feifei, itll be boring if you take advantage of this loophole!”

“Yeah, it sure will be.” Su Feifei nodded.

Director Liu heaved a sigh of relief.

Su Feifei suddenly smiled.

“The mission you issued said that this herb can be exchanged for two points, right”

Director Liu pursed his lips.

He subconsciously felt that he had seen this scene before…

[Director Liu, hahaha, dont forget that time when she killed the werewolf!]

[With all due respect, he really doesnt look like a very smart person.]

[Director Liu, forget it.

Just give up.

You really cant beat Su Feifei with your IQ…]

[Hes always been overconfident.]

[Everyone, lets mourn for three minutes.

We all know whats about to go down.]

Director Liu thought for a while and felt that there was no hidden trap in this statement.

Hence, he raised his head and confidently said, “Yes, yes I did.”

“Alright,” she said.

Su Feifei turned her head.

“Xiao He, bring me the medicine basket!”

Medicine basket

What medicine basket

Director Liu was stunned for a moment.

Suddenly, a loud shout came from the sky.

“Hey hey hey hey!”

Director Liu was shocked and turned around.

They saw the three strong men in Su Feifeis team, each carrying a huge woven bucket and walking over.

With every step they took, they left a hole in the muddy ground.

He frowned.

No matter what Su Feifei did, she was going to have to leave today!

[Im excited.

The scene Im looking forward to is here, hahaha!]

[I feel sorry for the staff.]

[Everyone, please close your eyes.

I really cant bear to watch anymore.]

[Im going to laugh myself to death when I see Director Liu poking his head out of curiosity.]

[Stop looking forward to it Director.

This basket is your death bed.]

Soon, the brawny man arrived in front of him and threw the bucket on the ground!

The pile of herbs scattered on the ground!

Director Liu stuck his head out and took a look.

That one glance almost sent him away on the spot.


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