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The atmosphere suddenly became extremely strange.

“You still want to leave” Bo Xi said, “Why dont I get you a bed so you two can stay here for two more days”

“Theres no need for that.

Its too troublesome.” Bo Silin straightened his body slowly.

[If it wasnt troublesome, would he have said yes]

[Props to you for your comprehension of the situation.]

After Bo Silin sat up straight, he reached out to gently help Su Feifei up.

In the end, Su Feifei propped herself up and stood up on her own.

Then, she grabbed Bo Silins collar and lifted him up.

“Lets go,” She said.

She didnt look at Bo Xi, only calling out to Bo Silin and walking straight ahead.

It was as if the cameras outside had not captured everyones shock.

Everyone was speechless.

[Im dying of laughter hahaha!]

[Su Feifei, I havent seen you for a few days.

Youre still just as feisty.

I love it!]

Bo Xi was stunned for a few seconds before she turned to look at Su Feifeis back.

She didnt watch much of the variety shows live broadcast and only glanced at it a few times.

However, when she frequently saw things about Su Feifei and Bo Silin on the hot search, she would click on it to take a look and roughly knew what Su Feifeis personality was like.

When faced with reality, it was still a bit of an impact.

Bo Silins expression was normal and he was very used to it.

In front, Xiao He immediately followed with a smile.

“Su Feifei! Weve missed you so much!”

Tiantian was also running around Su Feifei.” Yes, yes! Su Feifei, how did you fall off this cliff We were all worried to death! It was raining heavily up there, so the Festival Group…”

After saying this, she took into account that the camera was still recording at the moment, so she shut her mouth.

Su Feifei didnt give a reply.

Instead, she was focused on something else, “How did you two get your wounds”

Xiao He was stunned for a moment before he lowered his head to look at the injuries on his wrist and body.

When they were looking for the pair, they disregarded any injury they sustained and only planned on pushing forward.

Their faces were all scratched to varying degrees.

Xiao Hes wrist had burnt marks from being tied up by Director Liu, and there were some bruises on Tiantians body.

“This…” Xiao He pursed his lips and glanced in Director Lius direction.

“Its nothing, it was just an accident.”


Su Feifei followed his line of sight and also looked in Director Lius direction.

Director Liu instantly felt his hair stand on end!

Oh my… One Bo Xi wasnt enough, now theres Su Feifei!

After all, Bo Xi was the female CEO of the entire Bo family.

She had been on the battlefield for a long time.

Although she was unforgiving with her words, she knew her limits!

However, Su Feifei was different.

When did this woman know how to back up from a line

She wouldnt care if she was being broadcasted to the entire country!

If she found out that the production team had sealed off the news of them falling off the cliff, this matter would be over for him!

Director Liu gritted his teeth.

He had to get Su Feifei out of the island as soon as possible, in case she said anything in the live broadcast room and cause a scene!

After Su Feifei finished looking at director Liu, she looked at Su Ling.

The two men were equally embarrassed.

She did fall off the cliff, but what happened to Director Liu and Su Ling

As for Su Ling, her eyes were still lowered, covering the hatred and resentment on her face.

Her fingers were clenched tightly by her side.

She didnt expect to see Su Feifei alive here!

What was even more unexpected was that her relationship with Bo Silin seemed to have gotten closer! This time, she had lost on both ends!

Xiao He immediately whispered to Su Feifei, “It was Bo Xi who forced them to come down to find you! Su Feifei, Bo Xi is awesome!”

“Yeah, Bo Xi is really awesome!” Tiantian also nodded her head frantically.

Su Feifei narrowed her eyes.

Bo Xi

Behind her, Bo Xi and Bo Silin were pulling each others leg, metaphorically.

The directors team tactfully flew the drone away and didnt capture this scene.

“Bo Silin, youre quite a capable man.

Do you like this type Dont tell me, do you have fetishes Do you like to be abused” Bo Xi raised an eyebrow and asked.

Bo Silin leaned against the wall, his movements were lazy.

Even though the siblings were standing in the wilderness, they could not hide their elegance and nobility.

“What does that have to do with you” Bo Silin lazily lifted his eyelids.

“Do you think I care about your life If dad wasnt afraid that our Bo family would go extinct, no one would collect your corpse no matter when you die.”

“Didnt you say that I have a tough life The descent of Zi Wei, the lonely heaven star, you dont believe it now”

Bo Xi squinted her eyes and the flying daggers were all pointed toward him.

This was the situation when the siblings met.

Although Bo Silin was not the real Bo Silin, this character was designed according to him.

His personality and habits were the same, even the fact that he had an older sister was the same.

Therefore, it was particularly easy for them to bicker.

“Do you know that the Su family has already complained to our family” Bo Xi said slowly, “I wanted to keep it from you, but your performance on the show keeps trending every two or three days.

Dad and mom didnt watch it at first, but now theyre following you every day.

If we start a fight, I wont be able to speak up for you regarding your marriage.

“Theres no need.” Bo Silin replied, “No one can control the person I want.”

“If you have the ability, you should first pursue her before talking them into it.

I see that youve been trying for a long time, but it doesnt seem to be effective”

The last sentence was the one that stabbed right into the heart of the matter.

Bo Xi laughed in surprise when she saw that Bo Silin had stopped talking.

“Oh, are you too in love to realize the truth” She laughed out loud.

“No, I have to go and meet her first.

I want to see who it is that is making things so difficult for you.”

“Im working on it,” Bo Silins face darkened.

“Yes, yes, yes.


Youve got everything under control, right” Bo Xi mocked.

“Youre underestimating me.”

“Should I think more highly of you”

Bo Silin suddenly stopped and glanced at Bo Xi.

Bo Xi suddenly became alert.

Once such a strange expression appeared on his face, it meant that things were going to develop in an uncontrollable direction.

“Bo Xi, do you know why you couldnt get to Qi Cheng” Bo Silin asked.

At the mention of this name, Bo Xis expression changed.

“Why are you bringing up my matter”

“I cant be bothered to listen to your nonsense anymore.” He squinted his eyes.

“Look carefully.”

The next second, he heard a muffled groan.

Bo Xis eyes widened as she watched Bo Silin fall down right in front of her.

“You…” She spoke.

A figure suddenly shot over from the front.

In an instant, Su Feifei caught him.

“Whats up with you” Su Feifei frowned and said, “Are you dizzy again Are you hungry”

Bo Xi was speechless.

The drone followed them and naturally captured the scene.

[Its here! Its here! The famous scene has appeared!]

[It looks so natural!!]

The comments were in a mess.

Bo Xi already felt like she had lost this battle.

The person who fell weakly in Su Feifeis arms was her brother.

Was that really her younger brother who avoided women like the plague and threw daggers at them whenever they opened their mouths

She had never thought that she would be able to see such a scene in her life.

However, the next second, an even more unexpected scene appeared.

Su Feifei squatted down and directly picked him up.

A Princess… carry

Xiao Hes mouth turned into an O shape again as he pinched Tiantians hand with all his might.

Everyones eyes widened in shock.

Bo Xi also forgot to breathe and was stunned on the spot.

She had experienced many big scenes in her life.

Air currency, gambling agreements, diplomatic relations… Even the time when she was almost assassinated by mercenaries three years ago was not as exciting as this!


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