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The sky outside had completely darkened.

Only the flickering flames illuminated Su Feifeis stiff face.

‘What responsibility What is happening A bunch of messy thoughts appeared in her mind and she frowned.

“Thats not right.” She blurted out, “We didnt establish this rule in our place.”

“Our place” Bo Silin mumbled these four words.


Su Feifei pursed her lips.

“I mean…”

“Its okay, well follow your rules.” Bo Silin said directly.

Su Feifei fell silent again.

According to the rules… It seemed that she really had to take responsibility.

“You see.” Bo Silin guided her patiently, his eyes curved into a smile.

“Have you ever had the desire to touch me before”

Su Feifei didnt reply and just looked down.

“It was that time in the tent…” Bo Silin was afraid that she would forget and began to describe in detail, “If I can recall, you first pulled my clothes, then pushed me to the ground, and finally…”

“It was to put medicine on you!” It was rare for her to raise her voice.

“Yes, but you touched me.”


“Im going to keep going.” Bo Silin continued to help her recall, “Did you take off my clothes without my knowledge Did you see me naked”


Su Feifei was silent again.

Bo Silin sighed softly and reached out to touch his legs.

“Also, when I rolled down from such a high place, I thought of someone first and became a cushion.

When I woke up, I was lying on the ground, naked.”


The sigh grew louder.

“Did you know At that moment, I decided that nothing was more important than ensuring your safety.”

Su Feifei started fiddling with the fire and pretended not to hear him.

He turned his eyes and stared at her.

In the awkward atmosphere, only the sound of the crackling fire could be heard.

After a while, Su Feifei gritted her teeth in defeat.

That was only because Bo Silin was still staring.

He didnt care how tense the atmosphere was and wanted to keep going.

Su Feifei made up her mind and threw the stick aside.

“Then what do you want”

Since she had already seen his naked body, she couldnt possibly delete her memory of it, right

Bo Silins eyes turned slightly, his eyes glimmering in the night.

He didnt move any closer, but the burning sensation in his eyes passed through the air and spread to Su Feifeis skin.

She felt hot, but she could not tell why.

This mans eyes seemed to have a heating effect.

“Ill summarize it for you.” He took the branch and made two little figures on the ground.

“You saw every part of me, kissed me, and even said I was yours, right”


Su Feifei stared at the two little people entangled on the ground and was entranced by this story.

Listening to it separately was the right thing to do.

Why did it feel weird when they were put together

“Then do you know the relationship between the people who can do these things” Bo Silin continued to guide her.

Su Feifeis pale face was scrunched up.

What relationship

If she was still in the Great Yan, it should mean that… As soon as that word appeared in her mind, Su Feifei was shocked.


“We… Dont count!” She squeezed out the words from between her teeth.

“Oh Why”

“Because…” She gritted her teeth.

“It just doesnt count.”

“Whats the reason You kissed me and touched me, and now youre not going to admit what Im about to say”

Su Feifei was speechless.

There was a phrase in her memory that suddenly popped up at this moment.

This was the first time she realized that Bo Silins eloquence was really good.

If you cant win, then run!

The next second, Su Feifei got up without warning and was about to leave.

Bo Silins eyes were sharp and his hands were quick.

Just as she was about to make her escape, something suddenly flew over from the air!

It was directed at Bo Silin!

Su Feifeis expression changed, and she immediately rushed forward.

Bo Silin was pressed down by her and fell to the ground again!

The things that flew in from outside smashed into the wall.

Su Feifei pressed down on Bo Silin and turned around.

It was actually the shoe that had gone missing

The two of them were stunned for a moment, then they turned around.

A drone flew in from the entrance of the cave.

Immediately after, Xiao He, who was covered in wounds, shouted excitedly, “Its Su Feifei and Bo Silin! We found them…”

The last word was forcefully swallowed.

He gulped.

The scene inside was so beautiful that no one dared to look.

Su Feifei propped herself up with her arms.

Her hair was messy, her cheeks were slightly red, and she was wearing Bo Silin shoes.


Bo Silin, who was pressed under her body, could be seen slightly panting.

He looked over and stared at them from a distance.

His collar was even pulled open a little.

Xiao He could clearly hear his jaw dropping to the ground.

At this moment, the viewers in the stream had the same reaction as Xiao He.

[Were we, perhaps, disturbing something]

[Bo Silin, youve grown up.]

[Su Feifei, I didnt expect you to be the one up there.]

[Wasnt it obvious that shed be on top]

[It doesnt look too difficult…]

[This… What should we say to ease the atmosphere]

“S-S-S-S-sorry!” Xiao He trembled and immediately turned around.

He even tried to reach out to stop the person who came in behind him.

“No, I dont know anything! I didnt see anything! That was…”

Bo Xi was standing at the side with one eyebrow up.

After the initial shock, she looked up and down at Bo Silin who was being pressed down.

After a while, she snorted.

This kid really knew how to enjoy life.


[Xiao He, lets just pretend to have amnesia.

Whatever you say now will cause the top ten hot searches to be filled with their names.]

[Forget it, lets just destroy this evidence.

Im really tired.]

[Why dont we just hold the wedding on the island I think we can save the steps in the middle.]

[Subo Pot Shipper sent 100 gifted subs and left a message: Here is my share of the money for your wedding.]

[Su Feifeis Baby gifted 1 yacht.]

[Little Cutie gifted two planes.]

[Bald Captain gifted a three-piece bridal wedding set.]

Below the bullet screen, notifications of gifting items kept rolling in.

[What the h*ll is a three-piece bridal wedding set How can you give this]

[It seems like only Su Feifei and Bo Silins live stream rooms have it!]

[Was it specially prepared for these two Technology has come this far!]

This video was analyzed into various animations and instantly went viral on all major social media platforms.

Bo Silins studio was already in a terrible fix.

In just two short weeks, they had spent a considerable amount of money and pulled down the hot search one after another.

In the beginning, it was only about the Subo Pot couple, but the scene changed to Bo Silins kidney deficiency, and then it even mentioned him being sick.

Now, it had become Bo Silin being a bottom!


Bo Silins public relations team was already sweating profusely.

What kind of weird hot search was this again

“Are we still spending more money to take down the searches” Someone stuck his head out and asked.

The one who was asked was Bo Silins manager.

In the past half a month, he had lost five kilograms.

Dark circles had grown under his eyes, and a short stubble grew around his chin every day.

At this moment, his eyes were bloodshot.

He turned his head and gritted his teeth.

“Were not retreating!”

“B-but wouldnt it affect Bo Silins reputation if we hang him up like this”

“Dont you think hes having too much fun” The manager turned around and gritted his teeth.

“When Xiao He comes back, Im going to skin him alive!”

Xiao He, who was far away in the cave, sneezed.

He rubbed his nose and was about to say something when he saw Bo Xi step forward.

Xiao He immediately backed away and let Bo Xi go first.

Bo Xi stopped in front of the two.

Then, she lowered her eyes and glanced at Bo Silin with a faint smile.


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