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[Wait, let me get things straight… Su Feifei fell down where That cliff]

[It sounds like Bo Silin went together with her, but did he!]

[Help!! What was going on Did something happen within that one day]

[A cliff Seriously]

In addition to the shock of the live stream finally working again, one or two of Su Lings fans also appeared.

[Su Ling is going to save Su Feifei herself Dont! Shes not worth it!]

However, these comments were immediately suppressed.

[Su Ling Su Ling is a snake! Why are you standing up for her!]

[Was the previous event that happened not enough evidence for you Why are there still brainless fans in this chat]

[I support Su Ling! Ill always believe in her!]

[Come on.

Wake up from your delusional parasocial relationship and admit shes a snake.]

[This person is Bo Xi, right]

[Ah, Su Ling! Su Ling is awesome!]

[What is Bo Xi doing on that deserted island When did she suddenly appear]

[Is it because the Bo family is worried about Bo Silin because they lost contact with him on the deserted island]

[Havent you heard Rumors say that someone turned off the signal tower and locked down information or something…]

[This feels weird…]

Su Ling wanted to cry but had no more tears left.

She glanced at the cliff and trembled in fear.

However, as she shook, a glimmer of hope grew in her heart.

Falling from such a high place, there was a high probability that he would already be smashed.

So what if Bo Xi forced her to go down to find him

Su Feifei will never come back in this lifetime! Thinking of this, Su Lings eyes squinted and she felt a weight fall off her shoulder.

“What are you waiting for Would you like me to send you off Do you need fireworks for your grand exit”

Bo Xis voice boomed out.

Su Ling trembled and gritted her teeth.

She could only let the bodyguard tie a rope around her and watch as she climbed down the rope that was temporarily placed at the edge of the cliff.

The sky behind her seemed endless, slowly welcoming her to take one step closer to her death.

“Ah…” Su Lings eyes turned red.

It was too scary!

[Su Ling looks so scared, why would she go down]

[What do you know Su Ling has always been concerned about her sister! Even if shes afraid, she would do it for her sister.

How touching!]

[Are you okay] Are you alright Who hurt you]

[Bo Xi is going too far!]

[When Bo Xi went abroad, she even beat up the diplomats who were impolite to her.

Su Lings fans better think before speaking.

Time to see if they actually have the guts to bear the consequences.]

[Su Ling and her fans better learn to think before they act.

Youd better not mess with this sister.]

Under Bo Xis supervision, Su Ling dared not to think of a cunning scheme and went down.

It was Director Lius turn.

Bo Xis eyes shifted.

Director Liu did not stop to take breaks.

He tied the rope and trembled as he climbed down the cliff.

Hence, two differing wails could be heard from time to time.

[How tragic.]

[Am I on the right show It looks like a climbing show…]

[If you keep watching, everything will make sense in due time.]

[I hereby announce that although this show has only been on air for two weeks, it has already become my number one go-to in my heart.]

[It was only two weeks! Felt like years.]

[No, isnt this too much Arent you afraid of them losing their life]

[Although Bo Xi has a bad temper, shes never one to find trouble for no reason.

Shes known as the boss of the industry.

Combined with what she said just now, I think its the director team whos made wrongdoing.]

The Assistant Director wiped his cold sweat and went forward.

“S-Su Ling…” The Assistant Director swallowed his saliva.

“I can sense that youre angry, and its true that we didnt think this through.

On behalf of Director Lius actions, Id like to formally and respectfully apologize!”


Bo Xi looked at him and sneered.

“Thats right.

Ive been here for half an hour and have yet to hear a single apology.

Finally, someone that knows what went wrong.”

He was either trying to shirk his responsibility or trying to fool her.

He didnt overthink much into the matter and just wanted everything to be over.

How could it be that simple After all, what comes around, goes around.

“Yes, yes…” The Assistant Director nodded repeatedly.

“We were just blinded by our greed! We were afraid of taking responsibility when it happened, but we also actively sent people out to look for them.

They are our most professional search and rescue team! Last I recall, both of them were last seen on a platform in the middle of the cliff, so we can roughly confirm the location…

“Just now, someone sent a message saying that they found Su Feifei and Bo Silins phones.

There were also footprints next to the phones, which means that they should be alive!”

The Assistant Director had a sincere expression on his face as he frantically hinted something else, “Now that we know about this new information, we can get Su Ling and Director Liu to come back!”

Bo Xi narrowed her eyes and glanced at the two people who were wailing all the way down the cliff.

Fortunately, there was still at least one reasonable person on this island.

The Assistant Director was relieved when he realized that she was actually considering the option of bringing them back.

This time, he should be able to persuade her…

“No rush, you can have someone follow the lead first.” Bo Xi said slowly.

“Lets wait for half an hour.

I wont be able to find anything more if I go over.

Just inform me when you find out where they went.”

The Assistant Director was taken aback by such a strong statement.

She was f*cking unmoved!



[Although I dont know who this lady is, I kind of love her.


[I heard a rumor that the production team actually blocked the news when it all went down!]

[Thats crazy!]

[Su Ling! Fighting!]


[F*ck the production team!]

[Su Ling, are you an id*ot How dare you withhold this information Thats illegal!]

[If we find them and theyre safe, who would care if they barred the news from leaking out When something happens to a person, it doesnt matter if the information was leaked or not.

The only thing that matters is for everyone to be safe.

Su Ling may not be good at other things, but she was always adamant about the islanders being safe!]


[Yeah! Youre not allowed to talk sh*t about my Su Ling!]


In the cave, Su Feifei took a look at the sky which was gradually turning dark.

When Su Feifei entered the cave again, Bo Silin was trying to start a fire.

She felt a little awkward, but she suppressed her emotions.

“Do you want to play a game” Bo Silin suddenly asked.

Su Feifeis attention was drawn away.

“What game”

He was smiling, his amber eyes were clear, and he looked a little lazy as he leaned against the wall.

Su Feifei narrowed her eyes and felt like there was something wrong with this soldier.

However, she was pretty bored now.

After being exposed to the cold wind for a while, she kept thinking about her days in the military camp.

After a moment of silence, she sat down by the fire.

“Lets play.”

Bo Silin curled his lips.

Then, he stretched out his hand and pointed at the stick outside.

“I saw a lot of wild birds flying over to look for food just now.

In one minute, lets guess if an even or odd number of birds will appear.”

“Whats the reward for guessing it right”

Su Feifei asked as she handed something over.

Bo Silin looked down and was stunned.

It was a pair of straw sandals.

So the reason she went out for so long just now was to weave a pair of straw sandals

He was touched.

However, the next second…

“Take it.” Su Feifei threw it into his arms.

The force was so great that it almost caused blood to gush out of Bo Silins chest.

He grunted and closed his eyes.

‘Bear with it, he reminded himself to keep it together.

Bo Silin slowly put on his straw sandals.

“The reward is… Oh.

You can ask the other person a question, and the other person must give an honest answer.”

“Why does everyone like asking questions” Su Feifei frowned.

Last time, he played truth or dare, and now he was playing a bird-guessing game.

Did the people here not have any other forms of entertainment


“No.” Bo Silins eyes were lazy.

“I dont like asking questions, but I like asking questions if it was for you.

Su Feifei was confused.

“Alright, lets play then.

I have a question to ask you too.”

Bo Silins eyes brightened slightly, and his eyebrows were tinged with a smile.

“Alright,” he said.

In the first round, Su Feifei was the first to speak.

“Ill go with even.”

A few birds flew past.

“Five.” Bo Silin leaned against the wall and said lazily, “You win.”


His eyes were filled with anticipation and interest.

This was the first time she was curious about him.

What would she ask


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