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“Whats going on”

Director Liu ran out of the dispatch room with a group of directors.

A huge fire suddenly rose in front of him.

Because the tents were very close to each other, if one tent was set on fire, all the other tents would easily burn too.

Director Lius mouth was wide open.

He was so scared that he felt a cold shock all over his body.

“Hurry up and f*cking put out the fire! What are you still doing”

All the staff members seemed to have woken up from their daze and immediately carried buckets to fetch water.

When Su Ling came out to watch the scene, she was first frightened by the rising fire and then squinted her eyes.

It recently rained, how could it be on fire for no reason

She raised her head and looked into the distance.

The other red light was faintly flickering.

It was a signal!

The signal tower had been restarted!

Su Ling quivered and immediately grabbed Director Lius hand.

“Director Liu, look over there!”

Director Liu looked up and was just as stunned.

The two of them looked at each other, and their bodies trembled.

“Go investigate! Check if Su Feifeis group is in the camp!”

Director Liu immediately ordered.

A few minutes later, she returned.

“I cant find them! Director, do you need to send a group out to check where they are”

Su Lings eyes flashed with a trace of panic.

This fire must have been set up to draw their attention away! By creating a diversion and destroying the signal-jamming device, Xiao He and the rest would be able to send a message to the Bo family!

“What should we do now” Director Liu was flustered.


He hadnt managed to find them and he had even sealed off the news.

If the Bo family found out about this, he would really be finished!

“Its all your fault, what kind of rotten idea did you come up with!” Director Liu couldnt help but stomp his feet.

“Now, regardless of whether we find the Bo family or not, were all dead!”

“Youre blaming this on me” Su Lings eyes turned cold, “Dont forget, I only gave you a suggestion.

The one who accepted the suggestion was you.”

Director Liu gasped.


“Alright, whats the point of us arguing about this now”

Su Ling gritted her teeth, “If news really gets out, we would have to solve the internal affairs first! The signal towers been reconnecting for five minutes ever since it activated, so wont be too late to cut off the source of the news! Think about it, who do you think opened the signal tower Who would dare disclose such information Whos the witness”

Director Liu immediately squinted his eyes.

Yes, a witness.

People always sought advantages and avoided disadvantages.

After all, he was a well-known director in the industry.

Even if the Bo family came, no one would be willing to testify and sell him out.

The only people who could have leaked the information were those scumbags in Su Feifeis team!


“Go, immediately find Xiao He and the others!”

In a flash, Xiao He, Tiantian, and the others were surrounded by bodyguards.

Xiao He looked at Director Liu coldly.

Director Liu felt guilty, but under Su Lings gaze, he quickly puffed out his chest.

“Xiao He, do you know how much it costs to destroy the signal tower”

He squinted his eyes as he walked forward and said slowly.

Xiao He turned his head.


“You wont be able to afford it even if you sell your whole life away!” Director Liu spoke fiercely, then turned to the crowd.

“Everyone, listen to me.

Its not that I want to trap everyone on this island, but its a crucial time right now.

If we cause panic outside and make everyone doubt our show, do you think youll benefit from it

“Our program group has already prepared a professional rescue team.

Bo Silin and Su Feifei will be found sooner or later!

“If the news got out, its very likely that this program wont be able to show anymore! I believe that with the shows popularity rising, itd be a shame for it to end now, right”

“Youre talking nonsense!” Xiao He roared angrily, “If it wasnt for Su Feifei, your show wouldnt even be popular at all! And theres also Bo Silin.

Its also because of Bo Silins participation that the show gained its initial viewership!”

Director Lius eyes moved, and Xiao Hes mouth was immediately covered.

Someone in the crowd frowned.

“Director Liu, this isnt a good image youre putting for yourself, isnt it Youre denying my right to speak!”

“Yeah, its rough, and its true that Su Feifei brought in the traffic for this show… Its true that we dont want the show to fail, but we also dont want any more lives to be lost!”

Whispers began to come from all directions.

Seeing that Director Liu couldnt hold it in any longer, Su Ling slowly stepped forward.

“Everyone, can I say something”

A gentle voice rang out in the camp, it naturally came with the power to comfort people.

The crowd gradually calmed down.

“Right now, only rationality and calmness can solve the problem.” Su Ling replied, “My dear sister is missing.

I should be the most anxious person here.

Im really scared, and Im really worried…”

She lowered her eyes, and her thin back trembled slightly in the wind.

“If my family knew about this, they would be even more worried than I am! The Bo family would be just the same! There are two options right now.

The first is that we stay anxious and helpless.

The second is for us to stay hopeful and wait for the rescue teams to gather here and do their rightful job…

“So, Director Lius suggestion is not without reason.

Now, we must work together to get through this safely! Therefore, I personally think that the person who wants to cause trouble now is the one with ulterior motives!”

As soon as her voice echoed out, Su Lings line of sight fell on Xiao He.

“What nonsense are you talking about” Xiao He immediately became excited.

Director Liu nodded.

“When a disaster strikes, we must ensure the safety of the people that are here first.

However, we wont be able to stay safe if there are others trying to sabotage our safety!”

Xiao He and Tiantian were so angry that their entire bodies trembled!

How dare they distort the truth like this!

There were even people in the crowd who were beginning to be convinced by this set of words.

“Its true that Xiao He has followed Silin for many years,” Director Liu spoke again, “And its normal for him to make the wrong choice in haste.

How about this, Xiao Hes phone will be handed in first, and Ill take care of it.

He would need time to calm down, so well make him stay in the tent and not come out until he feels better.”

“I refuse! This is illegal imprisonment!” Xiao He started to struggle.

Director Liu frowned.

“Youre being too harsh.

You made us lose a lot of money tonight.

Its already good enough that I wont be asking you to compensate me.

Go and calm down.”

After he finished speaking, he gave a look to his men.

Xiao He was then immediately grabbed by the bodyguards and pushed in the direction of the tent.

“You animal! Are you still trying to hide from whats truly happening around here” A roar came from the distance, “And you too Su Ling! Just you two wait! When the Bo family comes for you, youll get what you rightfully deserve!”

Su Ling sneered.

‘Without you to tip them off, how would the Bo family know

On the scene, everyone was silent.

Under such circumstances, no one was willing to get into trouble.

Su Ling looked at Director Liu.

Director Liu immediately understood and followed her to somewhere quieter.

“Director Liu, I have another suggestion.” Su Ling slowly said, “Now that the matter has blown up, rather than waiting for death, its better to take the initiative.”

“What do you mean”

Under the moonlight, Su Lings face was covered with resentment.

She didnt hide it at all.

Her lips opened slightly, and she spat out word by word, “If its only Bo Silin whos in trouble, then you wont be able to fend for yourself.

But if Su Feifei was also involved in the accident…”

Director Liu frowned.

“Su Feifei has always been bold.

If Bo Silins accident was related to her, she could be seen as the one who forced him to pick the herbs.

We all know how much she likes to climb high places…”

Director Liu gasped.

This was… A set-up

“But if she comes back…”

“It wont be valid.”

“Youre right.” Su Ling smiled, “What if he doesnt come back”

She wanted Su Feifei and Bo Silin to die at the bottom of the cliff

“How can we do that!”

After a long time, Director Liu struggled and left his mouth agape.

Su Ling could tell that her words have successfully influenced his decision.

A malicious smile almost spread on her lips when a loud sound suddenly came from far away that caused her to flinch.

Director Liu and Su Ling raised their heads at the same time.

Outside the tent, there was a helicopter trying to land, stirring up a hurricane.

Everyone quickly dodged to the side.

Amidst the flying dust, they saw the thorny rose imprinted on the helicopters body.

The purple flower was a telling sign!

Su Lings face suddenly changed to one of horror.

That was… The Bo familys emblem!

“Is it the Bo family”

“Definitely! Its such an obvious symbol!”

“The Bo family is here!”

The last five words entered Su Lings ears.

It was as if she was struck by lightning, and her body shook.

How could this be possible

The signal tower had just been opened.

Even if the news was leaked, how could the Bo family have come so quickly


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