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On the other hand…

Su Ling walked into the tent, sat down, and drank the coffee she has just gotten from the director.

The night was still young.

She was thinking of the situation at the cliff and Bo Silin.

Even if her heart raced with worry, she quickly suppressed those thoughts.

The Bo family was not the only powerful family in the world.


Bo Silin… would just have to be collateral damage.

Without him, there would still be other powerful people that could climb the ranks.

It didnt matter.

As long as Su Feifei doesnt come back, no matter what, some sacrifices had to be made! This was the price he had to pay for helping Su Feifei!


“Su Feifei!”

“Bo Silin!”

A group of people kept shouting near the cliff.

Xiao He, Tiantian, and three strong men took the lead while the people behind them continued to search for the pair.

Time passed by, but there was still no response from Bo Silin and Su Feifei.

“Bo Silin, where are you!”

Xiao He was so anxious that his face turned pale and his lips trembled from the thought of losing him.

“Hey!” Tiantian suddenly pointed at the cliff and her eyes lit up.

“Look, isnt that Su Feifeis shoe”

Xiao He instantly collected his emotions and took three steps forward.

The others followed closely behind, and everyones hearts almost jumped out of their throats.

Xiao He looked at everyone, raised the shoe, and looked at it carefully.

There was silence.

There was a long, long silence.

Xiao He put down the shoes, turned around, and spoke in a deep voice, “Its Su Feifeis.”

Everyone present fell silent.

If this was Su Feifeis, it meant that she had already fallen off the cliff.

In that case, it would mean that Bo Silin…

“Xiao He, take a good look again.” Tiantian was on the verge of tears.

“Did someone leave their shoe here It might just be the same as Feifeis…”

“Im sure.” Xiao Hes eyes brimmed with tears.

“In order to save points on deserted islands, Su Feifei always wore the cheapest pair of shoes.

Shes different from us.”

Everyone looked at the pair of cloth shoes and then looked down at their own feet.

For a moment, it was as if something was stuck in their throats.


The sound of rain and the rumbling of thunder could be heard.

The deserted island was so quiet that it seemed as if no one existed.

“Is there any path that could lead us to the bottom of the cliff” Xiao He asked.

Everyone present shook their heads.

“Lets use the helicopter.” Xiao He took out the phone in his hand.

It was not given by the Festival Group, but his own personal phone.

He had secretly taken it just now so that he could contact the outside world.

After a long beeping sound, Xiao He sighed slightly.

“Theres no signal.

I cant make a call here.” Xiao Hes shoulders drooped.

There was silence again.

Xiao He wiped the water off his face and said loudly, “Lets go back to the camp and ask them for help!”

At the campsite, everyone could be seen gathered in the control room silently.

Xiao He and the others were the last to arrive.

The control room was very hot and stuffy.

The gang pushed through the crowd and walked to the directors side.

Su Ling was standing beside Director Liu.


Xiao He wiped the raindrops from his face and said while panting, “Director, why is there no signal”

“Oh no, it got wet from the rain,” Director Liu shrugged and said indifferently.

“Youre talking sh*t!” Xiao He was in disbelief.

“There was a rainstorm before, and it was even heavier than today! It wasnt broken then, but its broken now”

Who would believe that it was a coincidence!

Su Ling stood up and patted Xiao Hes shoulder, “I can understand that youre worried about Bo Silin, but lets talk this out.

Director Liu is also very anxious right now.”

Her sweet voice disgusted Xiao He.

He immediately shrugged off Su Lings hand and took a step back, “How long would it take to fix it”

Director Liu was quiet; his thumb continuously rubbed onto his chin.

He was thinking.

Before this, he had been fooled by Su Ling.

Now that he calmed down and thought about it… If he really didnt inform the Bo family in time, the consequences would be unimaginable.

At the thought of this, Director Liu gave his men a serious look.

They immediately understood and began to roll out.

“Director Liu,” Su Ling spoke again, hiding daggers in her smile, “The repairs will cost millions of dollars to activate.

How many millions do I have for you to try Please think about this situation carefully.”


Director Lius body stiffened.

She was right.

The signal tower costs a few million each time it opened.

If the funds couldnt keep up, they wouldnt be able to cover the costs and might even be trapped here.


As he thought about it, he pursed his lips and looked at Su Ling again.

On her face, besides the gentle reminder, there was also a trace of viciousness that ordinary people couldnt detect.

“Well try to fix it as soon as possible,” Director Liu said, unwavering.

Xiao He was furious.

“You guys are…”

“Xiao He, if you have the time, you might as well go back and rest.”

“Huh.” Su Ling clicked her tongue, “Look, you havent finished your camps work yet, right Didnt my dear sister insist on things being clean all the time If youre free today, why dont you clean up our tents The rain will stop soon.

Ill have matters to attend to, so clean my tent while youre at it too.”

He was just an assistant, how dare she yell at him like that

This was unacceptable.

It was just that the last time, he had Bo Silin behind him.

If Bo Silin and Su Feifei were not around, would he be at the mercy of others

However, the next second, Xiao He took a deep breath and spoke his truth.

“Who the h*ll wants to clean your tent Dont you dare think I dont know that you just want Su Feifei to die! Who here cant tell what youre thinking Ive been in the entertainment industry for so a long time.

I may not have the guts to say it, but do you think Im blind Youre black-hearted, whoever wants to serve you can! I wont be one of them though!

“If you dont look for them, Ill look for them myself! There are so many people on the deserted island.

Sooner or later, the news of your actions will spread!

“You should know the consequences if the Bo family finds out, right

“Lets not even think of that first.

If Bo Silin and Su Feifei come back, can you bear the consequences You know what You can all listen to Su Ling now.

Just listen to her like a loyal lap dog and well go find them ourselves!”

He turned around and left with these words.

“Y-you…” Su Ling was stunned by a gig booming voice.

She gritted her teeth and came back to her senses, “If you want to find them, then go! Whos stopping you”

She snorted coldly and turned to look at the pale-faced Director Liu.

Director Liu was obviously also thinking about what he had just said and was clearly trembling.


Su Ling looked down at him and inwardly scoffed.

However, she still suppressed her unhappiness and said softly, “Director Liu, whats done is done.

Were now in the same boat.

If you go back on your word now, the Bo family will still know when the time comes.

Waver your heart because of a nobody.

Those who achieve great things dont care about trifles.”

Director Liu took a deep breath and collapsed on the sofa.

When Xiao He walked out, the rest followed suit.

Tiantian was the first to speak up.

“That was really gutsy…”

At this moment, Xiao Hes hand was obviously shaking.

Even he himself did not know where his courage came from.

“Maybe Ive been with Su Feifei for a such long time that I learned how to stand up for myself…” Xiao He touched his head.

“Thats true,” The corners of Tiantians mouth twitched.

However, the two of them looked at each other and their shoulders dropped.

“I miss Su Feifei so much…” Tiantian suddenly said.

When Su Feifei wasnt around, she realized that the backbone of the entire team was gone.

In the past, they would always do whatever Su Feifei said.

At first, they blamed Su Feifei for being dictatorial, but later on, they realized that Su Feifei was really very good at structuring their time.

She just did more than she said.

“Me too,” Xiao He said.

“Me too,” The burly man said.

“What do we do now”

The few of them looked at each other.

What to do… What else could they do Usually, Su Feifei was the one who thought of solutions.

If Su Feifei was here, what would she do

Xiao Hes brain suddenly buzzed and lighted up.

“There might be something we could do!” His eyes lit up.

Su Feifei had said that rules were made for a reason!

Since the Festival Group didnt follow the rules first, they wont be able to blame the gang for following suit!

Half an hour later, a long roar resounded through the entire deserted island.

“Fire! Fire! Someone come quickly! The director teams tent is on fire!”



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