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“An accident What happened”

“We couldnt contact them since just now!”

“What” Director Liu immediately stood up.

On such an isolated island, coupled with the stormy weather, losing contact was not a simple matter.

Besides, he didnt know what else was in the jungle.

Su Feifei must have gone into the jungle at that time…

“Quickly go and check!” Director Liu immediately ordered his assistant.

The few assistant directors did not dare to say a word at this moment.

They quickly switched to the surveillance footage.

If something really happened to Su Feifei, it would be fine, but if anything happened to Bo Silin, they would all be dead!

Xiao He was so anxious that he was about to cry.

“Director, hurry up.

Su Feifei said to gather on time.

She has never been late!”

No one dared to say a word, and they were all investigating the drones.

As time passed, cold sweat broke out on their foreheads.

“Ive found it!” One of the assistant directors pointed at the screen excitedly and said incoherently, “The mountain, next to the cliff! The final footage ended over there!”

The cliff!

Director Lius face was completely pale.

His legs were weak and he slipped on the sofa.

Its finished! Its all over! There was a high probability that something had happened!

Something similar had happened to survival on a deserted island before.

The cliff was very slippery on rainy days, and it was very dangerous to walk along the edge!

Last year, he gained a lot of popularity because of this incident.

This year, however, if Bo Silin was the one who fell… He would be done for!

If something really happened, the Bo family would not let him off!

The blood, sweat, and tears that he had spent half his life in the entertainment industry would be all in vain!

Seeing Director Lius face turn completely pale, Xiao Hes heart also sank to the bottom.

However, there was still a trace of rationality left.

“Hurry up and save them! Why are you still standing there”

Xiao He took the lead and put on his raincoat before rushing out.

Only then did the directors team realize what was going on, and a large group of people rushed out.

Su Ling just happened to walk over, and some discussions entered her ears.

A cliff

Before she could continue her thoughts, the discussion behind her carried on.

“Something really happened this time.”

“It doesnt matter if its Su Feifei, but if theres really something going on with Bo Silin, the eldest sister of the Bo family will…”

“Shh! Shut up, do you want to die Youre really discussing about the Bo family here”

The two of them kept quiet out of fear.

Su Lings head turned rapidly as a dark light flashed in her eyes.


The live broadcast drone was suspended outside the tent.

[Whats going on]

[Why are there so many people running about]

[Are these the staff Xiao He, why are you running]

[Why are you still running out in such heavy rain]

The directors tent did not have any cameras installed.

The audience only saw the scene of Xiao He rushing out, but they had not figured out what had happened.

On the deserted island, all the staff members put on raincoats and set off in the same direction.

Only Director Liu and Su Ling were left in the control room.


Director Liu stared at the screen in front of him in silence.

A figure suddenly came in and turned off the monitor in front of him causing him to jump out of his distracted state.

Turning around, it was Su Ling.

“Miss Su…” Director Liu said weakly.

Su Ling was wearing a pink dress and smiled gently.

“Theyre all looking for someone, so I dont think they need me.” She lowered her gaze and twirled her long hair with her fingers.

“I think you needed me more, so I came here instead.”


Director Liu sighed and didnt have the mood to respond to Su Lings gentleness at this moment.

Su Ling glanced at him.

She lowered her head and thought for a moment.

“This matter is indeed giving me a headache.

However… Director Liu, theres something I dont know if I should say.”

“Go ahead,”

“Im afraid that your career will be over from now on…”

Although the words were short, they were like a sharp sword that stabbed straight into the most painful point in director Lius heart.

He gritted his teeth and trembled as he closed his eyes.

Thats right, this was such a big thing, once it gets out, the entire outside world will be in an uproar.

Not to mention Bo Silins huge fan base, the Bo family alone would be enough to make him want to kill himself.

So ever since Bo Silin joined, he had been paying close attention to him, but he did not expect that he would go missing now…

“What can I do I can only admit defeat.” Director Liu shook his head, his heart like dead ashes.

“I have an idea…” Su Lings eyes flashed.

“An idea” Director Liu looked up.

“I just dont know if youll be brave enough.”

Director Liu was stunned.

“Lets not joke at this time …”

“Im not joking.

Su Ling stepped forward and sat beside him.

Then, a few words came out of her pink lips.

“Block this matter and block the news.”

“Are you crazy” Director Liu finally reacted and opened his eyes in shock.

“Director Liu, please calm down.” Su Lings voice was very soft with a bit of enchantment, “Im only providing an alternative solution.

Think about it, think about it seriously…”

She moved closer, and Director Liu could smell her fragrance.

“Whats the difference between the outside world knowing and not knowing

“We have professional rescue personnel, but there are not many of them.

This island is only so big, so what was the use of having more people The Bo family can indeed provide technology and advanced search and rescue equipment, but once this matter gets out, the Bo family will come to condemn us.

Who will be the most unlucky person then”


Director Lius expression started to relax.

Su Ling continued, “Think about it again.

We have all signed a life-and-death contract.

What are you afraid of At most, itll just be an accident.

The right way is to reduce public opinion regarding the situation.”


“But were in the middle of a live broadcast right now… If its suddenly cut off, therell be an outburst from the outside.”

“So what Isnt it normal for the signal tower to be cut off during a storm We would also get the team outside to make a statement saying that the equipment had malfunctioned and needed to be repaired.

Its not like there wasnt such an incident last year.”

Director Liu pursed his lips.

It did happen last year, and it was also the rainstorm that caused the equipment to lose contact.

It was reasonable…

He paused for a moment.

“But, doing so will delay the speed of being rescued…”

Su Ling held onto Director Lius hand and placed it on a red button.

“No one needs to know.” It was the button to cut off the signal source on the island.

“You have to choose between losing contact or losing your life, right” She held onto Director Lius hand and pressed the button inch by inch to get closer to the switch.


“Its only a temporarily shut down, not completely broken.

Besides, when the time comes, youll have to put in more effort to find her.

If you find her, your merits and faults will be offset, Director Liu.”

Director Liu was still hesitating, so Su Ling simply added the last bit of fire.

“Think about your son.”

All of a sudden, Director Liu heard his sons laughter.


Director Liu gritted his teeth and pressed the button with a bang.

In the southwest corner of the island, the white light on the signal tower went out.

The red light of the signal jammer lit up.

In an instant, all the livestream rooms closed.

In just a few minutes, the hot search had reached the top again.

[Lost contact on the deserted island.]

[Livestream on the deserted island disconnected.]

[Director Lius team makes a statement.]

Very quickly, the studio came out to explain the situation.

“Its common for a deserted island to lose signal when theres a storm.

Itll take at least a few hours to a few days.

The team has immediately sent a repair team over when they received the news.

Please be patient and wait for the live broadcast to restart.”

As soon as the statement was released, the number of searches slowly decreased, and the comments section was boiling.

[It must be fixed quickly! Im counting on this live broadcast to have my meal!]

[I beg you, I want to see Su Feifei!]

[So the sudden interruption of the live broadcast was due to the heavy rain Then I can rest assured! I thought something had happened!]

[Dont worry, everyone.

Its an isolated island, to begin with.

Its normal for the signal to malfunction during a rainstorm.

Just wait patiently.]

[Wait patiently!]

[Su Feifei, well wait for you to come back!]

Su Ling raised her leg and walked out of the tent.

Without the camera facing her, she was in a good mood.

A group of people rushed to the rest point to get the rope for saving people, but Su Ling was knocked into by someone.

It was Xiao He.

“Dont you have eyes” A sharp voice suddenly sounded.

Without the live broadcast, Su Ling was naturally unscrupulous.

Xiao He didnt have the time to care about her.

“Sorry …”

“Whats the use of apologizing” Su Ling sneered, “Why are you in such a hurry to collect Su Feifeis body”

Xiao Hes eyes shot open.



“I what Im fine with that.” Su Ling slowly approached, not hiding her smile at all, “Ive found my sister.

Dont forget to let her rest in peace.”


Then, she took a step back and left slowly.

“People cant do things that are against their conscience.

Look, you ruined my reputation, and now youll lose your life.

How pitiful.

“Dont go too far!”

Xiao He was so angry that he wanted to step forward, but Tiantian reached out and pulled him back.

“Its more important to save the people we care about,” Tiantian whispered, her eyes burning with anger.

“Ill deal with her when Su Feifei comes back!”

Xiao He gritted his teeth.

“Yes, when Su Feifei comes back, Ill see if she can still smile! Lets go! Well find them!”


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