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When the drones image appeared in the live stream room, the comments exploded.

[Are you sure this is a piece of land and not an acre!]

[Su Feifei, haha!]

[Su Feifei, do you have any misunderstandings about the use of quantifiers]

[Save me, Im dying of laughter haha!]

As far as the eye could see, from Xiao He and Tiantians faces all the way to the beach, all they could see were medicinal herbs that had already begun to sprout!

They stood against the wind, their chests proudly raised.

They walked down three thousand feet and reached the area.

After a moment of silence, Xiao He and the others laughed wildly.

“Were rich, were rich! Weve hit it big this time!”

“How many points would we get from this”

“This time, even if you want Su Feifei to leave, she wont be able to, right Hahahaha, hurry up and pick it! Quickly pick it!”

At the same time.

The directors team led the staff and trudged through the mountains.

Someone called out when they finally found a small wasteland.

“Here, here!” The bespectacled man turned around excitedly and pointed at the palm-sized herb in front of him.

His voice was trembling.

“Theres a lot of it here! There are three of them!”

[Sorry, I really cant watch them anymore.]

[There are three of them.


[Why cant I say comforting words even though I have a mouth]

[Seeing Director Liu laughing like this makes my heart ache.]

[Xiao He and Tiantian have picked their four hundredth herd.]

[And all of you are excited about three herbs…]

[Its really tragic.

Its st*pidly tragic.

I suggest that you dont go against Su Feifei next time.]

[Its true.

I find her very evil.

The kind that will kill you if you touch her.]

The director team was clueless.

They counted the number of people so far and smiled in relief.

“There are actually a hundred trees!” Director Liu said, “Indeed, theres strength in numbers!”

“Yeah, its only been half an hour.

At this rate, I think Ill be able to find all of them in three or four hours.”

“We have to hurry.” The bespectacled man looked at the sky.

“The dark clouds are coming.

I guess its going to rain soon with the bad weather on this deserted island.”

Everyone raised their heads.

Sure enough, a large dark cloud was pressing down on them.

It was heading in their direction.

On the other side.

Su Feifei also raised her head, closed her eyes, and took in the extra moisture in the air.

Her beautiful almond-shaped eyes narrowed.

“Its going to rain.” She said.

Bo Silin immediately observed his surroundings.

“Theres nothing to hide here, lets go back first.

Su Feifei nodded, but her eyes were fixed on a herb by the cliff.

Bo Silin took two steps and saw that she was not following him.

He turned back and laughed.

“You want to win that much” A deep voice rang in his ears.

Su Feifei immediately denied it.

“No, I just wanted to pick a few more.

After all, Im already here.”

It was impossible to admit it.

However, in Su Feifeis world, there was no such thing as losing.

If she won, she had to win thoroughly.

One more herd was one more point.

[Im dying of laughter.

She obviously wants to win.]

“Lets go,” he said.

Su Feifei finally decided to give up.

She had just started when someone grabbed her wrist.

Bo Silin opened his thin lips.

“I think that the shape of that herb is quite unique.

Bring it back.

Itll be a pity to not keep it.”

Su Feifeis eyes lit up.

“You want it” She asked to confirm.

“Yes, I do.” Bo Silin nodded.

“Im weak.

Can you help me”

“Alright!” Su Feifeis tone became much more excited when she answered.

She turned around and left.


[Hes so doting.]

[Shes so doting.]

[I watched all their couple videos together.

How many times did he hold Su Feifeis hand]

[He used to hate actresses having physical contact with him.

Hes famous for not touching anyone.]

[Now hes touching her face]

Su Feifei climbed up the cliff in a few steps.

However, a drop of rain suddenly fell beside her, and the chill spread on her face.

She reached out to wipe it off, looked at the sky, and continued to crawl forward.

Bo Silin also felt the raindrops and frowned.

He immediately walked in Su Feifeis direction with his long legs and also climbed a few steps up the stone, protecting her.

Just a little bit more and it would be enough.

Su Feifei reached out twice but failed to get it, so she pushed forward!

Right then, heavy rain suddenly fell.

Bo Silin immediately blocked Su Feifeis head and pushed her forward.

“Ive reached it!”

She turned her head in the rain, her smile bright.

Bo Silin also curled his lips and smiled at her.

“Alright, lets go.” He then loosened his grip slightly.

It was only then that she realized that half of her body was in Bo Silins arms and her body stiffened.

However, the heavy rain did not allow her to stop and think, so she immediately motioned for Bo Silin to let go and get down from the side.

At the same time, the drone lost its balance and fell to the ground.

[Whats going on]

The audience in the live broadcast room began to panic.

[The screen is black]

[How come I cant see anything!]

[Dont! Dont do this to us! You cant leave us hanging!]

[The storm is dangerous! Will something happen]

[Theres definitely no signal! Oh my gosh!]

[My Su Feifei!]

At the edge of the cliff.

“You go first!” Su Feifei said.

Bo Silin immediately went down a step and reached out to her, waving his fingers in front of her.

Su Feifei was in a daze for a moment.

“Come down.” His voice was very soft, but it was not covered by the sound of the rain at all.

However, after a moment of distraction, she immediately recollected her thoughts and put her hand in his.

She had just stepped on the stone and started climbing down.

However, in the next second, the friction suddenly disappeared!

She let go of her feet and slid down the cliff! In the next moment, Bo Silin pounced forward, grabbed her, and rolled down with her!

At the campsite.

Director Liu finally managed to gather 200 herbs, but it started raining heavily.

Therefore, he could only return to the camp and look at the heavy rain worriedly.

It seemed that he would not be able to pick all of them today.

‘Why is it so difficult to chase someone away

In just a few days, he had already received warnings from various management companies.

Now, everyone was putting pressure on him to get Su Feifei out.

After all, who knew if Su Feifei stayed for a few more days, who would be the one to experience her rage next

However, even the heavens were playing with him!

Director Liu only sighed when he heard hurried footsteps outside.

It should be Su Feifeis team.

Other than her team, no one else would be in such a hurry.

As expected, Xiao Hes face appeared outside the tent.

“Director Liu!” Xiao Hes forehead was full of sweat and his face was red.

He was so anxious that he stuttered, “S-Something happened! Director Liu!”

“I know,” Director Liu frowned.

“Just let her stay for today …”

“Not that.

Something bad happened to Bo Silin and Su Feifei!”


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