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Bo Silins reaction was flat, and there was no change in his expression.

No matter from which angle one looked at him, his exquisite face was still impeccable.

His amber eyes only changed a little when he looked at Su Feifei.

[Oh my… Oh my…]


[The number of viewers in this live stream room is about to break one billion… Are you sure you want to continue chatting]

[Im sorry, Im new here.

Can I just ask if Im underage]

[Id like to ask, can I listen to it for free when I become an adult]

[I often feel guilty because I cant pay to enter Su Feifeis live broadcast room.]

Su Ling frowned.

Seeing that Bo Silin didnt respond, she added, “You cant blame me.

Those three male hosts were indeed first-class.”

“One was tall and skinny, and he looked so handsome in a suit, right”

“Oh” Su Ling laughed as she added oil to the fire, “He definitely was not an average…”

[T-t-t-this… Can this be live-streamed]

[Im excited.]

[Ive laid my cards on the table.

I like that type too.]

[Su Feifei and I actually have something in common.

Im not a waste!]

[Get out of the way, I like cute little dogs.]

[Did they smell good]

The comments instantly covered the entire screen.

Bo Silin looked at Su Feifei with a profound look.

Su Ling curled her lips.

She didnt get anything good out of it this time.

At the very least, she had to destroy Bo Silins impression of Su Feifei!

In the next second, Bo Silins deep voice slowly rang out.

“So…” He said, “Your favorite type is quite similar to mine.”


Xiao He was numb.

‘I was hoping for you to speak up for Su Feifei, but I didnt ask you to take all the blame for yourself!

Wasnt the scandal that had spread out today big enough


Su Feifei looked at them seriously.

She was tall, cold, pale, and a beauty…

After carefully checking the names in her memory, she frowned and shook her head.

“They werent even half as good-looking as you.” She said seriously.

Bo Silins lips curled up and a smile instantly appeared on his face.

[Hey, theres still someone here.

Wheres the privacy]

[Can you two not go overboard Show some respect to the public relations team, okay]

[Bo Silin!! Keep that worthless smile of yours!!!]

[Bo Silin, I wont say anything more.

Look at yourself in the mirror.

The word smitten is written all over your face…]

[I think Su Feifei is an honest person.

She can say whatever she wants whenever she wants.]

[Id like to call these two the ceiling of a straight ball.]

“In what way” Bo Silin took a step closer.

“Eyes Eyebrows Nose Or the mouth”

Xiao He and Tiantian, “We shouldnt be here.

We should go…”

[Did baby Bo deliberately let Su Feifei do that Thats against the rules! You cant use your face like this!]

[Hes definitely doing this on purpose!!]

[My heart hurts, but the couple looks so sweet.]

Su Feifei looked up.

Their faces were getting closer.

There was still that faint fragrance on his body, and his deep and serene eyes held her tightly as if he had some kind of magic that could suck her in.

His voice was very light — it was hoarse and magnetic.

She stared at him for a moment and felt that her whole body was getting hot from his stare.

However, since he had asked so sincerely, she couldnt answer.

Hence, Su Feifei kept her basic manners and looked at Bo Silin.

“Its not as good as either.” As she spoke, she reached out and touched Bo Silins forehead.

“Its just… Youre too fair.”

Su Feifei shook her head.

How could a man be so white


Bo Silin felt an electric current run through when her fingertips poked him between his brows.

He curled his lips.

His eyes first fixed on Su Feifeis picturesque eyebrows and then swept over her lips.

“Im born with this skin color, I cant help it.” He paused.”You dont like it”

[Mom is asking me why Im crowing!!!]

[Do you really like her You two are filming survival on a deserted island! It isnt a love drama!]

Su Feifei looked at him seriously again.

It was hard to say whether she liked it or not, but it seemed to be good for him.

Bo Silin wanted to continue but then he was quickly cut off.

“Bo Silin!” Xiao He was afraid that Bo Silin would say something else that he would have to cover up.

He wiped his cold sweat and said, “T-that… Oh, look! Su Feifei had a wound on her face! Do we have medicine here Yes, yes, yes, medicine…”

He was incoherent and looked around for medicine.

“Hurry up and apply the medicine for Su Feifei!”

“I have one.” As if he was performing magic, Bo Silin took out a bottle of medicine from his pocket and smiled at Su Feifei.

“I guessed that youd get hurt when you went to cut the tree today, so I brought it with me.”

Xiao He was petrified.


Bo Silin sat down at the side with Su Feifei while Xiao He closed his eyes.

“Close your eyes,” He said.

Su Feifei obediently closed her eyes.

Xiao He, “Why are you so obedient when you shouldnt be”


Bo Silin applied the ointment on her palm, rubbed her hands to warm them up, and then applied it on both sides of Su Feifeis cheeks.

“Does it hurt”

“It doesnt hurt.”

“It doesnt hurt, or youre used to it”

This question made Su Feifei freeze.

She raised her almond-shaped eyes and looked at him.

Instantly, the scene began to have pink hearts appear.

[I cant breathe…They…They…]

[What are they doing!]


[Ever since the ship sailed, Ive been eating my fill every day.]

[Help, help, help!]

Su Feifei didnt answer.

The two of them just looked at each other for several seconds.

Bo Silin did not move either.

He deliberately moved his face closer to Su Feifei.

Once a person gets a dazzling advantage, they would naturally make use of it when they needed to.

Sure enough, Su Feifei really stared at him for a long time.

“Bo Silin, you can actually go thirty seconds without blinking,” she said.

Bo Silin was speechless.

[Did his stunning face not work]

[Su Feifei, what kind of freak are you youre actually counting how many seconds he can go without blinking when he looks at you like this]


[I think Su Feifei is really a little crazy.]

“Su Feifei!” Three burly men suddenly ran over and shouted while panting, interrupting Su Feifei and Bo Silins eye contact.

Su Feifei turned around.

“Whats wrong”

“The director team is so sleazy!” One of the brawny men pinched his fingers together and stomped his feet.

“They actually issued a mission and asked all players to pick this herb.

If you pick one today, you can exchange it for two island points! Everyone has been on the move since then!”

Su Feifei narrowed her eyes.

He was really smart.

This way, it would not waste the manpower of the director team, and it would only take care of these people for a few more days.

“This is too much!” Xiao He also said, “Theyre cheating!”

“But theyre the ones who made the rules, what can we do” Tiantian pursed her lips, clearly unconvinced.

“Yup! But I cant take this lying down!”

“Who said we were going to be passive about it” Su Feifei stood up.

What Everyone looked at Su Feifei.

Su Feifei strode forward, her back straight.

“You want to play with the rules Lets go and have some fun then!”



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