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[Did I hear it wrongly]

[Noooo! Su Feifei, dont go!]

[Is there something wrong with the director team!]

[Who will be the highlight of this show now]

[Did Su Feifei do something You couldnt frame her for just now, so now youre doing this]

[This is getting interesting.]

[Thats great!! Su Feifei, get out!]

[Ive been f*cking sick of this face for a long time! Hurry up and crawl away!]

[This is what it means to be evil.

Look at Su Feifei.

Now that shes out, shes probably going to be banned from other things.

Su Feifeis fans, please reconsider your decisions.]

[Without her on this show, Id like to see how much your viewership ratings will drop!]

[At least theres our baby Bo here.

Do you really think that Su Feifei brings in all the traffic Isnt that too crazy]

Everyone was in a state of shock.

The panic on Su Lings face immediately disappeared and she let out a sigh of relief.

There was still the option to terminate the contract!

It seemed like the Su family had made a move!

Her father must have found out, and her mother must have given the extra push for this to happen!

‘Lets see how theyre going to deal with Su Feifei this time! Su Ling sneered as she raised her head and looked in Su Feifeis direction.

On the other hand, Su Feifei was the calmest person in the audience.

It was as if she had already expected such a situation.

“Ill quit.” Su Feifei nodded.

“I have no objections.”

“Dont, Su Feifei!” The people behind her said in unison.

Xiao He was so anxious that he could not even speak properly, he turned to look at Bo Silin for help.

Bo Silin only stared at Su Feifeis side profile and didnt speak.

[No! Su Feifei!]

[If Su Feifei quits, I wont watch this show anymore!]

[Director, are you out of your mind]

[F*ck, this show is good!]

Director Liu heaved a sigh of relief.

He originally thought that Su Feifei would make a scene, but she didnt resist at all.

It made sense.

Her contract with the Su family was something that she could not control, so how could she dare to resist

“But,” Su Feifei spoke again.

“I should be able to use up all the points first, right”

“The points Are you referring to the deserted island”

Director Liu frowned.

Su Feifeis account still had more than 800 points, and he certainly didnt want her to take these things and destroy the balance of the game.

However, she had brought it up directly in front of the camera.

If he didnt agree, wouldnt he be seen as being very unreasonable

With this thought in mind, Director Liu could only suppress his ego and allow it.

“What do you want to exchange it for” He asked.

“Herbal medicine.”


“Yes, its a summer-heat relief herb.” Su Feifei replied, “The kind that dots one by one.”

Everyone was speechless.

Director Lius mouth was wide open.

“Youre not joking, right You still have over eight hundred points in your account, and you want to exchange them for this!”

“To be precise, its eight hundred and thirty-two of them.” Su Feifei stared at him and said, “And the rule of the exchange point is that the player must give the item on the same day after the exchange.

There cant be any delay for any reason.”

“Youre crazy! Where are we going to find eight hundred of these herbs for you”

“Thats your business.” Su Feifei said, “I just want to get these eight hundred and thirty-two herbs before I leave.”

Director Liu was speechless.

He instantly broke out in cold sweat.

On such a hot day, even if all the staff were to be sent out to dig for herbs, it would take more than 48 hours!

A batch of summer-heat relieving herbs had just been put down yesterday, and it was still a question whether the entire island could gather 800 of them!

Wasnt she deliberately making things difficult for him

Director Liu was just about to say this when he looked up and met Su Feifeis eyes.

There was no need for speculation, she was definitely deliberately making things difficult for them!

[Su Feifei is insane.

When we were searching the tent just now, didnt Su Feifei say something like she would settle the score or something]

[Su Feifei is really good at playing.

Shes really calculative, haha!]

[Im relieved.

Justice must be served.]

[Vent what anger Isnt Su Feifei still going to be chased out]

[Im so mad right now!]

“So can the production team exchange these points” Director Liu thought for a while and asked tentatively, “The amount can be discussed.

Look, its so hot today, and all of us staff are working very hard…”

[Moral kidnapping]

[Director, youre really good at public opinion warfare.]

[You dont have to be so calculative, do you That would be really hard on the staff!]

“Its hard work.” Su Feifei nodded.

“It must have been hard for you to gather together and search my tent.

You even came all the way here from your own camp to uphold justice, I still remember what happened, even if you forgot.”

Director Liu was speechless.

[I remember it in my heart Shes so smart!]

[Be serious.

Is this the time to laugh]

“There are still about six hours before the sun sets.” Su Feifei glanced at her phone.

“Just a hint.

If you dont go now, itll be too late.”

Director Liu gritted his teeth.

She was ruthless!

She was about to get lost, yet she still wanted to trick them! There was no other way now.

He could only call on all the staff to follow him to dig the herbs.

“Lets go!” Director Liu glared at Su Feifei and left with his staff.

[Hes really going Loser.]

[No, Su Feifei, can you not leave I really want to see her stay on this show!]

[Get lost, get lost!]

The people from the production team left in a hurry.

As soon as they left, only Su Ling, Qiao Hefeng, and the others were left on the field.

There were also some other guest players.

The crowd also dispersed, and this farce could be considered to have come to an end.

“Su Feifei, shall we go back to the camp to rest first Lets discuss what we should do after this.” Xiao He said.

“Thats right, Su Feifei.

If you withdraw from the competition, Ill withdraw too! Ill go with you!” Tiantian said firmly.

“Theres no need.” Su Feifei said, “You guys stay here and finish building the wooden house.

Wait for me to come back.”


Come back

Su Feifei would come back

Su Feifei didnt explain any further.

There were fragments of the Su family in her memory.

She would have to go back and settle the Su familys matter sooner or later.

If she had no choice but to meet them now, then she would capture them both cleanly and neatly; so as to avoid any more trouble in the future.

“How are you so sure that youll be able to return”

Su Lings voice sounded behind him, “Father doesnt like you doing these things in public.

After all, every time youre outside, you always bring a bad name to the Su family.

Its good that youre going back now.

Father said that you havent cleaned up the trouble you caused last time, have you forgotten”

As she said that, Su Ling deliberately looked at Bo Silin and covered her mouth as she chuckled.

“The last time you kidnapped three male hosts at the nightclub, wasnt there a big commotion that happened outside”

Xiao He let out a burp and instantly widened his eyes, almost fainting on the spot.


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