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“The place where Su Ling fell was beside the sink,”

Su Feifei asked while everyone was still confused.

“If I wanted to push her, judging from the force of the wound, I would need to complete the action within a distance of one meter.

“But our footprints didnt intertwine in this distance.

“Taking a step back, even if I exert force to push someone, my foot will also move back and will be in Su Lings direction.

The footprints here are towards the door.

“May I ask, how did I push her two meters away when I was walking towards the door

“To put it simply, shes lying.”

The voice of the explanation was very calm, but it was very impactful.

Everyone looked at the ground.

Su Lings face turned completely white! She had not expected that there would be shoe prints on the ground that could be used as solid evidence!

[This evidence is amazing! F*cking h*ll!!]

[Alright, alright.

Lets go.

I understand now.

What else is there to say]

[Su Lings fans, come out! Werent you making a scene just now Trust Su Ling What about now]

[The recording was forged, so shouldnt we say that Su Feifei was the one who drew the shoe print]

[Su Feifei is really smart.

Shes logical and doesnt panic at all.

Im falling into a trap!!]


[Those who are Su Lings fans, just look at your so-called babys reaction.

She has panic etched onto her face!]

“This mark is so messy, who can see it clearly!” Qiao Hefeng didnt even look at it as he spoke.

“Its fine.” Bo Silins cold voice followed.

“The people from the marks identification department can see it clearly.

I happen to know a few of them.

Ill call them over to investigate and well understand everything.”

Hearing this, Su Lings face turned pale and her entire body swayed.

The marks identification department… Once these people arrived, her stardom would be completely destroyed!

No, absolutely not!

However, at this moment, apart from trembling, Su Ling couldnt think of any other way.

“Dear sister.” She stepped forward and grabbed Su Feifeis hand, staring at her.

“I said just now that we dont need to waste public resources on our relationship.

Think carefully, do you really want to shed all pretenses of friendship with me”

Su Feifei reached out and pried her fingers away bit by bit.

“What else is there to talk about”

These words rang in Su Lings ears.

Su Ling shook her head.

What should she do

At the same time.

This matter directly rushed to the hot search.

Su Lings public relations team was in a mess, but this time, the matter was too big to cover.

Su Feifei exposed two pieces of solid pieces of evidence in a row.

There was no need to wait for the forensics department.

Netizens who had worked in the forensics department had already dug out the analysis of the scene on the internet.

[Im done.

Su Feifei is right.]

[Su Ling was really lying.]

[Todays show made me so excited that I didnt even have time to eat the melon I cut!]

[This is too intense for me.

How many days has it been since this show was released]

[I heard that there will be other guests who will enter later.

Will it ever get better than this]

[Its really hard to say.

Didnt Shen Ruoqing try and failed too]

[You guys are making it sound like Su Feifei is a demon.

Im dying of laughter.]

[Thats right.

Dont get close to Su Feifei if you have a black spot.

Youll become unfortunate.]

The hot search reached the Su family while the drama ensued.

“Yaoguo, what is going on!”

Bimeis entire body trembled as she held her phone.

In just a short while, she had received more than a dozen phone calls, all asking about the hot search.

“Dont panic,” Su Yaoguo quickly comforted her.

“Ill check up on it right now.”


Bimeis body trembled.

She was nearly 50 years old, but her figure was still very slender.

From the back, she looked like a little girl.

Su Yaoguos heart ached when he saw her cry.

“Does Feifei still have a grudge against Su Ling” Bimei raised her head.

“Shes always bullying Su Ling at home.

“Su Ling was just worried about her sister suffering on the deserted island, so she insisted on going to accompany her.

Su Ling, you silly girl…”

Su Yaoguos face darkened.

“Dont worry, Ill get someone to bring Su Feifei back now.” He reached out and hugged Bimei.

“I didnt think things through properly today.

I agreed to let Su Ling go.

“Originally, I thought Su Feifei had changed after seeing her reputation improve, but it seems that shes still the same! Dont worry, I wont let Su Ling suffer.

Ive already informed the company to remove the trending topic.

Ill make her quit the show today!


“What about the Bo family I heard that Bo Silin has a scandal with her too.

The Bo family is powerful, will they blame her for clinging to the rich and powerful”

Su Yaoguos face darkened.


These words reminded him of the main issue at hand.

It was okay if Su Feifei was just fooling around, but she was actually hooking up with Bo Silin on the show for clout!

If the Bo family were to blame them, the Su family would definitely be destroyed.

“Ill send someone to apologize.” Su Yaoguo said, “Shes gone too far this time!”

Bimeis eyes were distant.

“If thats the case, itll be over soon right”

“Of course! Ill make sure shell never see the light of day ever again!”


“Hey, you should calm down too.” Bimei sighed softly, and a cold glint flashed in her eyes.

“Shes still a child after all.

She lost her mother when she was young.

Shes also pitiful.

Ill talk to her and ask Su Ling to apologize to her.

Theyre sisters, after all, and theyll have to support each other in the future…”

“Youre just too kind! How many times have I told you not to indulge her See, isnt this indulging them and causing trouble”

Bimei wiped her tears.

“Its hard to be a stepmother.

How can you understand my difficulties Ive been doing my best for her all these years, and you still blame me for…”

Her sobs became even more intense.

Su Yaoguos heart softened again.

“Alright, its all my fault.

Dont worry, this matter will be resolved in a short while.”

On the island, Director Liu heaved a sigh of relief when he received the notice and walked forward.


They were in a stalemate.

Su Lings face was pale, and her hands and legs were weak.

However, she knew that as long as she persisted, her mother would definitely not let this go when she saw this hot search!

Now that Su Feifeis contract was in the Su familys hands, it was their biggest bargaining chip!

Sure enough, Director Liu stepped forward.

“Todays matter is a little messy.

We cant judge whos right and whos wrong now.” Director Liu laughed.

“After all, if something happens to the two of you on the show, no matter how you argue, its my responsibility as the director.”

“Now youre making it sound nice!” Tiantian trembled in anger.

She didnt know where she got the courage to speak up, “Just now, when Su Ling slandered Su Feifei, why didnt I see you being the peacemaker”

Director Lius expression changed slightly, and he immediately glared at Tiantian.

Tiantian shrank back, and Su Feifei narrowed her eyes.

Director Liu immediately retracted his gaze and looked embarrassed.

[Im dying of laughter.

Director Liu, can you be a little more cowardly]

[He got scared just by looking at Su Feifei, hahaha!]

[To be honest, I too would be afraid if Su Feifei looked at me like that.]

“We cant just keep talking about it here, can we”

Director Liu finally adjusted his expression and stood up.

“Were all people with status.

Dont make it too ugly today.

Also, theres something I need to inform you of.

“From now on, Su Feifei will withdraw from the show.

There will be a helicopter to send her out later.


“I hereby announce that her contract has officially ended!”


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