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The bespectacled man was shocked!

Bo Silin, that lunatic! He actually dared to go all out

Su Feifei subconsciously wanted to retreat.

That was only because Bo Silins breath was right beside her ear, it was hot and numbing.

However, just as she was about to retreat, someone grabbed her waist.

“But theres one thing youre right about,” Bo Silin looked up lazily at the man in glasses.

“Youre not qualified to judge the matter between me and her.”

Su Feifeis pupils contracted and her body stiffened.

[What the f*ck!!!]

[Im numb, Im really numb! Its finally happening!]

[Whats going on here]

[Official announcement Is this an official announcement]

[My expression right now is exactly the same as Director Liu! Im in shambles!!]

[Help! Im suffocating! It cant be, right No way!]

[I must be hallucinating!]

[There were signs of this a long time ago.

Couldnt you guys tell]

[If theres nothing between the two of them, Ill chop off all my hair right now!]

In the silence, Xiao He returned quickly with a red bag in his hand and a few people behind him.

“I found it in his tent!”

Xiao He said loudly.

[Its true!]

[But the man with glasses is a producer.

What kind of grudge does he have against Su Feifei]

[Thats right, why was he helping Su Ling]

[Are you guys blind This is obviously a setup!]

[The glasses man is obviously in the same group as Su Ling!]

[You cant talk nonsense!]

[Thats right.

Youre just making things up when its in your favor now]

At this moment, Su Lings face turned pale.

What a bunch of headless teammates! It seemed that they could not be relied on!

Qiao Hefeng was also dumbfounded.

His gaze was fixed on the bag.

Su Feifei really didnt do it

Had he misunderstood her

However, Su Ling clearly said yesterday that only Su Feifei had a grudge against her, and only Su Feifei could exchange for these items!

He turned his head to look at Su Ling, and Su Ling immediately covered her face and cried.

“Ive already said that youve misunderstood my sister!” She said,”Alright, everyone, dont worry about me.

Im fine.

Ill just go back and rest for a while…”

After she got up, she suddenly swayed again.

Qiao Hefeng panicked.

After he caught her, he became extremely anxious.

“Su Feifei, youre going too far! Who knows if this thing was temporarily stuffed into that tent during the time we were here! Even if this has nothing to do with you, what about Su Lings injuries”

Everyone immediately turned to Su Feifei.

Thats right, the wound on Su Lings face was also real…

Just now, there were only Su Feifei and Su Ling inside.

It was obvious that all the evidence was pointed toward her.

Isnt it too obvious to know who is not on good terms with Su Ling

At this time, the doctor in the camp had also bandaged Su Lings wound.

“Miss Sus injury could not have been an accident.” The doctor paused and glanced in Su Feifeis direction.

“Its probably caused by an external force.”

[Alright, weve solved the case.]

[Su Ling didnt get this wound on her own!]

[Even the doctor said so! The thing about me looking at the doll is funny enough.

I searched here and there, and I only found loneliness!]

[Su Lings in such a miserable state.

Oh, my poor little baby…]

[What kind of abuse must she have suffered for so many years to not be able to tell the truth in this situation!]

Su Ling grabbed the doctor and shook her head.

The camera immediately gave a big close-up.

This shake of her head made her look sad, beautiful, and innocent.

How could the crowd not feel bad

One was highly arrogant, while the other was speechless!

The comments also went crazy and started to attack Su Feifei immediately after.

Under everyones gaze, Su Feifei moved.

She walked toward Su Lings direction and slowly leaned forward.

“Su Ling, Ill give you one last chance.” A cold voice brushed past Su Lings ear, “If you tell me the whole story now, I wont bother to argue with you.”

Su Lings eyes slightly changed.

She was shocked by Su Feifeis aura and even doubted herself for a moment.

However, she immediately puffed out her chest.

What was she afraid of

What could Su Feifei do There were only the two of them there just now!

She had also made sure that Su Feifei didnt bring her phone in.

In other words, there was no audio or video evidence!

Su Feifei was going to suffer in silence!

Today, she wanted Su Feifei to lose her reputation and be driven out of this deserted island!

By the time she returns to the Su family, Su Feifeis last bit of value would be squeezed dry.

She would torture Su Feifei to death bit by bit and make this b*tch regret what she had done to her on the deserted island!

“Dear sister, what do you mean” Su Ling raised her eyes, and tears fell from her face like a gentle stream.

The two looked at each other.

Su Ling — in a place where the camera couldnt capture her — gently curved her lips.

Her expression was full of ridicule, but her voice was still trembling and tactful.

“Ive already said that this has nothing to do with you.

Why are you still being so aggressive”

[This is really too much!!]

[Su Feifeis words are too much.

Shes being too arrogant.]

[Youre still in the right to hit someone no matter what, you cant do this, right]

[Su Ling is her sister! My heart aches whenever I think about how Su Ling has been living in the Su family all these years!]

[Can Su Feifei just go and die already]

“So you dont admit that you hit the sink yourself” Su Feifei said.

Su Lings expression immediately turned from sadness to anger.

Qiao Hefeng quickly stepped forward and pushed Su Feifei away.

“Su Feifei, youre going too far!”

“Thats right, you kind of are…”

“If its something that can be done with an apology, why must you harp on it If you didnt push her, who did”

“Whats the point of being so stubborn now”

Under Qiao Hefengs angry lead, the people around him finally mustered their courage and expressed their dissatisfaction.

They all looked at Su Feifei with disgust and disdain.

Su Ling wiped her tears and motioned for Qiao Hefeng to move aside.

“Dear sister, I know you hate me.

After today, I can do as you say and withdraw from this show.

I wont be here to annoy you anymore.”

[The f*ck!! Why are you backing out! Su Feifei should be the one to get lost!]

[Amazing, Im really getting blood pressure from a show!]

[I want to rush over and fight her now!!]

Su Feifei watched her coldly and waited for her to finish.

Su Ling sobbed and said, “I just want to keep things at peace.

I never wanted to fight with you for anything… But dear sister, Im an actress.

My face is the capital for me to earn a living! Why would you want to destroy it just because you feel like it.

Not only that, you even threatened me after that! Ill tolerate it now, but I wont tolerate it for my whole life! Youve really gone too far today!”

After she finished speaking, she burst into tears and her trembling body curled into a ball.

Qiao Hefeng immediately stepped forward to console her.

The surrounding people immediately started discussing with each other as to what was happening.

From a third persons perspective, someone clenched his fist.

His desire to protect her was completely aroused as he stepped forward and cursed out loud.

“Thats too getting too f*cking overboard! Su Feifei, this person is not someone you can hit and scold as you please.

Do you really think that there are no laws in this world just because you participated in a show”

“This is too much!”

“Call the police! This matter is getting out of hand! Dont let her escape so easily!”

“This strength, this wound, I think she just wanted to kill her! Pause the recording! Get the police over here! Lets capture her first!”

Everyone rushed up in excitement.

Xiao He and the brawny man immediately stood in front of Su Feifei.

For a moment, the scene was in chaos.

“Stop pushing! What is everyone so excited about Someone has to explain!”

“What explanation Even if youre blind, that doesnt mean everyone else is blind!”

Xiao He couldnt hold on any longer and could only shout, “Feifei! Su Feifei, run! Be careful, Bo Silin! Ah!”

He watched as the bespectacled man picked up a sharp stone from the ground and threw it at Su Feifei.

He was so shocked that he broke out in cold sweat!

Its over!

“Do you think that you can get close to Bo Silin just because you came to this show Do you think that your future as a star will be smooth sailing once this ends”

“I think you really need to check your brain.” Su Feifei then added, “If we bring Qiao Hefeng along, theres a chance that the mental hospitals promotion will have a second mentally challenged person at half price.”

Su Ling was stunned for a moment and gritted her teeth.

“Su Feifei! Dont forget that your contract is still with the Su family! Youre one thin ice now, arent you Im telling you, the Su family can easily crush you with a flick of a finger!”

“Ive already told dad before I came out.

Just you wait and see.

If you think youll stay on this show, youre wrong!”

The sound of the last sentence echoed in the bathroom.

In the empty space, the sound of water dripping on the ground could be heard through the audio.

“Su Feifei, youre trash.

Youve always been one.

“Youve never been better than me since we were young.

Youre the abandoned child of the Su family and the person father hates the most.

You should be like your dead mother and keep your mouth shut forever!

“Dont forget, as long as I want you to, youll be my dog again!”

“Of course, I will definitely try…”

After the audio ended, the whole island turned pin-drop silent.


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