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“No, call the director team over! Justice must be served!” Qiao Hefeng shouted.

Xiao He and the rest were furious with the way he was overreacting.

This was clearly a setup!

However, Su Ling didnt say anything, so they couldnt refute her! What the heck was going on

Today, they finally understood what it meant to be truly speechless! It turns out that it can be done this way!

“Su Feifei…” Xiao He walked forward.

“Ill contact the public relations team.

This matter might not end well today.

Im afraid that…”

“No need,” Su Feifei said.


Xiao He hesitated for a moment, but when he saw Su Feifeis calm face, he also calmed down even if he knew the severity of this matter.

Su Ling and Qiao Hefengs fans were full of fighting power.

When they went crazy, they were like mad dogs, the kind that would bite people without any discussion.

Previously, they could still barely maintain peace on the surface.

Today, however, all pretense of cordiality had been torn off.

Moreover, just by assessing the situation, it was not as simple as one might hope to be.

Once the live broadcast was released, the matter would start to boil.

The lightest punishment would be to withdraw from the show, and the heaviest punishment would be to pay a large amount of compensation for a breach of contract!

The penalty was fine.

After all, Bo Silin was rich.

However, Su Feifeis reputation would definitely take a dive down from then on, and she would not be able to survive in the entertainment industry.

With Su Feifeis temper, how could she take such treatment

“Su Feifei! Dont cower like a coward! Why dont you admit what you did” Qiao Hefeng started to clamor again.

He didnt dare to touch Bo Silin, but he couldnt just let that man stand in front of Su Feifei all the time.

He must make Su Feifei pay for what she did today!

“Hefeng, Im really fine!” Su Lings face was filled with anxiety.

She covered the blood on her head and went to pull Qiao Hefeng back, “Dont make a big deal out of this! Please, I beg you, just let it go and walk away, okay”

[Oh my gosh, looking at Su Ling, theres definitely something odd going on!]

[Wow, Su Feifei is so scary.]

[Ive always found Su Feifei an eyesore.

As expected of my gut feeling.]

[Can you guys at least wait for an explanation Su Feifei hasnt said anything yet!]

[Oh, Su Feifeis followers are here]

[If anything happens to Su Lings face, Su Feifei will be the first one to pay!]

Qiao Hefeng was furious.

He gritted his teeth.

“Dont think youll get away with this! Did you forget that you received a bloody doll yesterday I think this is Su Feifeis doing! Su Ling, dont be afraid of her! Were live broadcasting right now and there are so many people watching.

Do you still want to indulge her and let her get away with everything”

A bloody doll

What bloody doll

Everyones expression changed slightly, and they immediately glanced in Su Feifeis direction.

“Su Ling, whats the meaning of this” Someone asked.

“I dont know.” Su Lings fear seemed to have reached its peak.

She hugged her legs and squatted on the ground, trembling, “I dont know, I dont know…”

Qiao Hefengs heart ached.

He glared at Su Feifei and raged, “There was a bloody doll in Su Lings tent yesterday! Her birth characters were also written on it! Although some might not believe in this anymore, it was obvious who could freely enter and exit the camps tents, right I wasnt here yesterday.

If I were here, I wouldve stopped everything from happening! The heavens are watching.

Arent you afraid of retribution”

These words were powerful and clear.

“No wonder Su Ling didnt dare to return to the campsite last night.

She said she wanted to join me in building the tent…” The girls said with sympathy.

“So thats how it is, this is too much!”

“I always knew that she had a strange temper.

Shes gloomy and doesnt get along well with others…”

Gossip from all directions rushed into Su Feifeis ears without mercy.

This scene overlapped with her past memory.

It was the same on the day she ascended the throne.

“A woman still wants to be the Empress! This is simply the biggest joke Ive heard in the world!”

“Is she going to lead the army into battle The war in the Northwest is getting intense.

Id like to see what this Empress is going to do!”

The next year, she led the soldiers to the North and plummeted her way in.

She took back 18 cities and became a legend in the eyes of the people.

However, such statements still appeared from time to time.

She was already used to it, so why should she be afraid now

Su Feifei suddenly felt a pain in her wrist.

She looked down and realized that Bo Silin had tightened his grip on her.

He had been standing in front of her the whole time.

At this moment, his back view was wide enough to cover her figure.

Su Feifeis heart skipped a beat and she patted his hand.

Bo Silin glanced sideways, then said in a low voice, “Dont be afraid.”

“Im not scared.”

Their eyes met, and a smile appeared.

This feeling felt quite novel.

This time around, there was actually someone who was willing to stand in front of her.

When Su Ling saw this scene, she gritted her teeth again and looked outside.

Why isnt he here yet

“You cant just say that!” Xiao He couldnt hold it in anymore.

“What bloody doll Take it out and show us!”

“The director is here!” Suddenly, someone shouted.

He saw Director Liu leading a group of people and rushing over.

He was carrying a bag in his hand, and his expression was solemn.

Director Liu walked to the front and threw the bag aside.

“Su Feifei, why do you have these things in your tent”

Everyone looked at it and saw some torn cloth and silver needles.

It was stained with blood, exactly as Qiao Hefeng had described.

[F*ck Really]

[Was Su Feifei really working on this Its so supernatural…]

[Its so scary.]

[Patriotism, democracy, harmony, prosperity…]

[Su Feifei isnt that kind of person!]

[Are you guys blind He said it because it was true.

Cant you see such an obvious thing]

[Is this part of the script If the Festival Group causes any trouble, Ill really thank you.]

[Have you ever seen anyone hurt themselves for the sake of acting]

[Its hard to say.]

The comments were in a mess, and in an instant, the number of people in the live broadcast room reached a historical peak.

“Su Feifei, lets see how you explain this!” Qiao Hefengs anger grew.

“This doesnt belong to Feifei!” Xiao He stood up and spoke first.

The few brawny men also nodded and came out one after another.

“Su Feifei really doesnt like this kind of doll.”

“Besides, Feifei is with us every day.

She used to share a tent with Bo Silin, and the items were also taken by the program team.

How could they be hers! Am I right, Bo Silin”

[Huh Is he trying to drag Bo Silin down too]

[Lets just wait and see.

I dont think Su Feifei is the type to do this.]

[Itd be more reliable if she just went up and pulled his hair.]

[Thats right.

Look at her.

Does she look like someone who would spend time sewing dolls to curse people]

[Its not a matter of resemblance! The evidence is right in front of us.

Are you blind]

Everyone looked in Bo Silins direction, and Director Liu hesitated.

If Bo Silin was really determined to protect Su Feifei, there was really nothing he could do about this.

“Yes,” As expected, Bo Silin responded immediately.

Everyones heart skipped a beat.

So they slept together He even admitted to this

Did Bo Silin not want his acting career anymore

Director Lius expression changed.

He did not expect Bo Silin to fight to the end.

It was not easy to deal with this.

“Su Ling, you…”

Director Liu was about to say something when Su Feifei suddenly reached out and patted Bo Silin, signaling him to let go.

“Ive been living in my own tent for the past few days,” she said.

These words were considered to have removed Bo Silin from the picture.

Bo Silin glanced sideways.

Su Ling let out a sigh of relief and secretly curled her lips.

To think that she had panicked just now.

She didnt expect Su Feifei to be this st*pid!

She actually refused Bo Silins help!

“Then, how do you explain this bloody doll” Director Liu immediately asked.

“Explain” Su Feifei sneered and walked toward the director.

“I want you to give me an explanation first!”


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