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The smile on Su Lings face was still faint, but the curve of her lips contained a hint of coldness to it.

Su Feifei wiped her hands and didnt reply.

She looked at her face.

She was indeed very beautiful.

Her grape-like eyes twinkled, and it was especially effective when she was acting pitiful.

Many fans fell into the pit because of this face, but if one were to rank the soul, Su Ling was definitely at the lowest level.

Su Feifei wiped her hands clean, threw the tissue aside, and turned around to walk out the door.

“Dont you want to say something to me” Su Ling raised her voice.

Su Feifei stopped in her tracks.

“Arent you the one that wanted to talk”

Su Ling narrowed her eyes and sneered.

“Do you think that you can get close to Bo Silin just because you came to this show Do you think that your future as a star will be smooth sailing once this ends”

“I think you really need to check your brain.” Su Feifei then added, “If we bring Qiao Hefeng along, theres a chance that the mental hospitals promotion will have a second mentally challenged person at half price.”

Su Ling was stunned for a moment and gritted her teeth.

“Su Feifei! Dont forget that your contract is still with the Su family! Youre one thin ice now, arent you Im telling you, the Su family can easily crush you with a flick of a finger!”

“Ive already told dad before I came out.

Just wait and see.

If you think youll stay on this show, youre wrong!”

The sound of the last sentence echoed in the bathroom.

The sound of water dripping on the ground could be heard in the empty space.

After Su Ling finished speaking, she walked forward with confidence.

The resentment in her eyes overflowed, making the dark bathroom look particularly gloomy.

“Su Feifei, youre trash.

Youve always been one.” She stared at her and said it word for word, “Youve never been better than me since we were young.

Youre the abandoned child of the Su family and the person your father hates the most.

You should be like your dead mother and keep your mouth shut forever!”

A loud slap directly sent Su Ling flying.

Su Ling supported her body and said in disbelief, “You dare to hit me”

Su Feifei stared at her coldly.

“Say one more word and well see what else I dare to do.”

Su Feifeis mother had died early, and she only had a vague figure in her memory.

Back then, Su Yaoguo married her mother, Li Shu, for the inheritance of the Li familys company.

Su Yaoguo used all means to marry her.

Within a month of Li Shus death, he remarried his first love with a massive amount of money, and this first love was Su Lings mother.

Technically, Su Ling was right.

Su Feifei had been abandoned by her family since she was young.

Her existence was the most embarrassing thing that Su Yaoguo wanted to erase because it reminded him of the glorious life with his first love that he had to put on hold.

Thus, Su Feifei lived in the smallest attic since she was a child and ate the leftovers that even the servants didnt want.

She was forced to put on a dog collar and wander around the room by Su Ling…

In the end, Su Yaoguo even wanted to squeeze her dry and send her into the entertainment industry with a lifetime contract to prevent this daughter from being disobedient and turning him in at the last minute.

Even so, the person who wanted to harm her was still not satisfied.

Su Feifei hadnt seen the species of the venomous snake in the past few days.

Now that she thought about it, she had a clear answer as to who wanted to kill her.

Su Feifei took a deep breath.

As she inherited the memories, she also inherited this emotion.

On the other side, Su Ling trembled with anger.

Then, she thought of what she was going to do today and forcefully suppressed her anger.

“Su Ling”

Suddenly, footsteps came from the door.

Qiao Hefengs voice came closer and closer, calling Su Lings name.

“Your dog is looking for you,” Su Feifei said.

“What are you so mad about” Su Ling covered her swollen face and fiercely said, “Dont forget, as long as I want you to, youll be my dog again!”

“Is that so You can try.”

“Of course.” Su Ling curled her lips, “Of course, I will try.”

She took a step back and under Su Feifeis gaze, she reached out to hold the marble sink.

Then she squinted her eyes, and the light spread out on her beautiful face.

Her gentle smile had a cold aura.

“Im afraid…”

As soon as she finished speaking, Qiao Hefengs footsteps were almost in front of them.

Su Feifei turned around and walked out of the door.

At the same time, there was a violent collision sound behind him!


A pained scream exploded in the bathroom.

Qiao Hefengs footsteps faltered.

When he saw Su Feifei coming out of the bathroom, he angrily said, “Su Feifei, what did you do again”

He rushed in like a gust of wind.

“Su Ling Oh my gosh! Blood…”

“Help, come quickly!”

Su Feifei walked out without looking back, only to hear the crowd running away with messy footsteps and shouting.

Immediately after, Qiao Hefeng rushed out again.

His entire face was flushed red, and the flames of anger almost rushed out of his eyes.

He went forward and pulled Su Feifei back.

“Su Feifei! Do you still want to leave How dare you do this! That was an intentional injury.

I can sue you for this! You vicious woman!”

Before he could finish his sentence, Su Feifei was pulled behind her.

When Qiao Hefeng raised his head and saw the cold amber eyes, his anger instantly dissipated.

However, there was still a lingering sense of anger.

“Why are you still protecting her Take a look at Su Lings injuries!”

He moved aside to show Bo Silin the damage Su Feifei caused.

Inside, on the floor of the bathroom, Su Ling was holding her head.

It was bleeding profusely, which was very terrifying.

Seeing Bo Silin looking over, Su Ling immediately lowered her eyes and sobbed.

The camera also captured this scene.

[Whats wrong with Su Ling!]

[F*ck, the wound doesnt look small!]

[Something happened, something suspiciously definitely happened!]

[Hurry up and call the doctor!]

[Whats the situation with Su Feifeis mother You can do things like this]

Bo Silin only took a glance before looking away.

“Su Ling is an artist! Youre trying to disfigure her image!” Qiao Hefeng pointed at Su Feifei.

“Everyone will know of your evil intentions now!”

“If you have any questions, you can call the team of lawyers directly.” Bo Silin shielded Qiao Hefeng from Su Feifei, blocking his view.

“You dont have to bark like a dog here.”

Qiao Hefeng was so angry that his entire body was shaking.

He held back his curses and shut his mouth under Bo Silins cold gaze.

Who didnt know how strong the team of lawyers behind Bo Silins studio was He was famous throughout the country and had never been defeated.

Was he really planning to go against his lawyer He would just be courting death!

Su Ling had already been helped up.

Her eyes were red and her body was trembling, “Hefeng, please stop.

Its not her fault, I fell on my own.

The floor was slippery, and I went to wash my hands just now when…”

“Su Ling, youre still speaking up for her! How could you hit your head while washing your hands!” Qiao Hefeng said angrily.

“Oh, no, no, I remembered wrong!” Su Lings face was obviously flustered, “I accidentally hit it when I was picking up the rubber band… It really has nothing to do with my sister.

Dont blame the wrong person!”

As soon as these words came out, Su Lings eyes were filled with fear and her body trembled.

Everything was self-evident.

[Su Feifei, what did you do to her!]

[Look at how shes shaking!]

[Su Feifei, its f*cking over for you.]

[I cant believe it.

Su Feifei you tricked us!]

[Isnt it reasonable to hear the whole story first]

[I suggest we look into what Su Feifei has been doing all these years and see what Su Ling is like! Theres definitely abuse involved!]

[Im so angry that my whole body is shaking!!!]


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