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The next morning, after Su Feifei made breakfast and fried a few eggs, she turned around and called Xiao He.

“Whats wrong, Feifei”

Xiao He stepped forward, panting.

“Wheres Su Ling” Su Feifei asked.

Xiao He wiped his sweat and looked around.

“I think she went to pick herbs with them.

Shell be back soon.”

Su Feifei narrowed her eyes.

Its too quiet, she must be up to something.

Something was wrong.

Every morning, she would try her best to cause a scene.

Now, she was suddenly obediently picking herbs Who would believe that

“Does this phone have an internet connection” Su Feifei suddenly asked.

Xiao He shook his head.

“Not here.

Only the base station of the director team can be reached.

However, the director team has also blocked our signal.”

Su Feifei nodded, narrowed her eyes, and fell into deep thought.

She had always been sensitive to danger.

Last night, Su Ling didnt appear at the dinner table.

When she came back, she didnt say a word.

Her expression didnt seem right either.

She also went out early in the morning… This situation was not ordinary.

In the afternoon, before the whole team set off, Su Ling finally appeared.

The limping Qiao Hefeng also appeared with her.

Everyone looked at him with complicated expressions.

The night before, Qiao Hefengs diarrhea incident had spread to all the camps on the island like a spring breeze.

In a confined space like a deserted island, once something happened, the speed of fire spreading would far exceed the imagination of the people involved.

“You guys, drink the medicine to prevent heat stroke.” Su Feifei said.

The few people in the camp heard this and immediately went to get the medicine.

Qiao Hefeng extended his hand, and Su Feifei said, “Dont take it, the medicine will worsen your diarrhea.”

Qiao Hefeng was speechless!

He wished he could rush up and cover Su Feifeis mouth.

Everyone instantly lowered their heads, and their shoulders began to shake.

Qiao Hefengs face darkened, and he forced out a few words through gritted teeth, “I want to drink it!”

“Are you sure” Su Feifei glanced at him.

“Were going to the logging forest today.

Weve already cut down most of the trees there.

There wont be a place for you to go to the toilet.

You can just keep it in your pants.

No one will pretend that they didnt see you.”


“Su Feifei!”

“Alright, gather.” Su Feifei waved her hand and summoned the others.

Bo Silin was the first to reach her side.

He was smiling like a fool.

It was extremely humiliating for Qiao Hefeng.

He trembled with anger, but Su Ling gently pulled him back.

“Hefeng, dont drink yet.

Youre not feeling well yet.

Can you ask her to let you rest in the camp today” Su Ling said and looked at Su Feifei, “Can he”

[No need to ask, Ill answer it for her, itll be a no.]

A bunch of no comments immediately flashed across the screen.

However, Su Feifei didnt answer.

His eyes coldly glanced at Su Lings face as he lowered his head to drink the medicine.

Su Ling immediately stepped forward and gently pulled Su Feifeis sleeve.

“Can I stay and take care of him He fainted once and just came back from rest today.

If he goes out to work again, his body might not be able to take it…”

She stared at Su Feifei with her big eyes.

Su Feifei suddenly let go, and the hot medicine suddenly fell into Su Lings hand.

“Ah!” Su Ling screamed.

Qiao Hefeng immediately got up and grabbed it to examine it carefully.

After confirming that it was only a red spot, he heaved a sigh of relief and then glared at Su Feifei.

“Su Feifei, youre too much!”

At this moment, everyone wished they could bury their faces in their drinks so that they wouldnt be implicated.

Su Ling pulled on Qiao Hefengs sleeve with tears in her eyes.

“Hefeng, Im fine.

You dont have to be angry because of me.

She was just careless.

Its all my fault.

Ill just be more careful in the future…”

The anger on Qiao Hefengs face became even more obvious.

He was about to stand up when he felt a pair of eyes staring at him from behind.

He turned around and saw Bo Silin.

Qiao Hefengs lips moved.

He thought of the many rumors he had heard about Bo Silin from the directors crew… And finally, shut his mouth.

However, he was still muttering, “I cant be bothered to argue with you.

Su Feifei, dont think that Im afraid of you!”

[Dont think Im afraid of you hahahahaha]

[This is so comedic.]

[Im just saying, fear is planted between the lines.]

[Lets stop for a while and reassess the situation here…]

[This is a little embarrassing, I cant watch!]

“Why dont you go to the bathroom and take a cold shower” Someone in the team said, “Were about to set off.

The back of your hand is already red.”

Someone reminded them about todays main task.

The Festival Group had its own bathroom, but it would cost a lot to use it.

Su Ling immediately nodded, “Okay, Ill go now… Su Feifei can you come with me Its dark in the washroom, Im a little scared.”

[No way, Su Ling, you still want her to keep you company]

[Its understandable.

Su Feifeis sense of security is indeed reliable.]

[Youre letting Su Feifei accompany you to exorcise the evil spirits, right]

[Quickly shut up.

Our Su Feifei doesnt care about you, okay]

However, just when everyone thought Su Feifei would refuse, she stood up.

“It looks serious.” She took a look and nodded.

“Lets go.”

Su Ling herself didnt expect it to be that easy.

She stared at Su Feifeis back and quickly followed after her.

She would never let go of such a good opportunity!

Before entering the bathroom, Su Ling took out her phone and sent a message.

Then, she stepped in.

Xiao He asked worriedly, “Bo Silin, are you really not going to go with them I keep feeling that Su Ling is targeting Su Feifei…”

Bo Silin stood on the spot and looked down at the time.

“Lets not overthink things.” He said, “She can settle it herself.”

[F*ck, hes spoiling us too much!]

[How much trust do you have in her already!]

[But I suggest you go and take a look.

Its not for Su Feifei, but for Su Lings safety.]

[Whats with that]

The washroom had no cameras or recording devices installed.

It was the only place on this barren deserted island that could be said to be hidden.

Obviously, it was to protect all the people here.

After Su Feifei and Su Ling went to the toilet, they went to the sink.

In a place where no one was around, Su Ling gradually took off the gentle mask on her face and looked at Su Feifei through the mirror.

“I thought you didnt know how to act.

I didnt expect you to be so good at it.”

Su Ling said with a smile.

Her tone was no longer pleasant, but a little gloomy and hoarse.

She stared at Su Feifeis face and scanned it up and down.

Su Feifei wasnt surprised at all.

In her memory, when no one was around, Su Ling had done even more outrageous things.

Having no cameras around, she finally showed her true appearance.

Su Feifei washed her hands, shook them, and turned to look at her.

The two of them stood opposite each other, their gazes locked onto each other.


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