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The bespectacled mans expression changed.

After a long while, he gritted his teeth.

“Bo Silin, arent you going too far”

“Hey!” The person beside him quickly pulled him back and lowered his voice.

“Youre crazy!”

The bespectacled man was furious just now, but now he was plain afraid.

He could only look in Bo Silins direction, then gritted his teeth and put the maids outfit on himself with difficulty under the eyes of the crowd.

It was not easy for him to squeeze the skirt up, and the people around him tried their best to hold back their laughter.

“Is that enough for you” The bespectacled man gritted his teeth.

“The hat.” Bo Silin raised his eyes.

His lips were curled up, but it wasnt a sincere one.

The bespectacled man almost vomited blood!

Was this something a human could say

The anger in his heart was one thing, but he didnt dare to vent it out.

He could only endure this humiliation, pick up the hat, and put it on his head.

After the whole set was completed, everyone had to hold themselves back.

His dark skin coupled with the maids outfit gave him a different look.

His leg hair showed and his stance seemed a little off…

Everyone was silent and didnt dare to speak, but they were more or less trying to hold back their laughter.

If they had the chance to erase a part of their memories in their lifetime, the first scene they would choose would definitely be from today.

After a long while, the deep voice slowly rang out in the entire directors camp.

“Not bad.”

“Youve got tender and loving skin,” he added after a pause.

The spectacled man was speechless.

Everyone was confused.

Why did these words sound so familiar

However, it was not over yet.

Bo Silin continued, “If you ask me.

A man should have his own role to play.

Its good to show off your hot body.”

Everyone was speechless.


The sound of breathing could be heard in the arena.

A bunch of burly men who looked like chickens dipped their heads down in fear.

Wherever Bo Silins eyes swept across, they would quickly lower their head.

Fortunately, it didnt last long.

Bo Silin hadnt forgotten that Su Feifei had asked him to go back for dinner earlier, so he put the medicine down.

“Remember to force this down Qiao Hefengs throat.”

Then, he left.

Everyone heaved a sigh of relief when he walked away.

After that one breath, Bo Silin stopped in his tracks.

Their hearts — which had been humbled down — immediately tensed up again.

“Next time, give her clothes that are sunblock-proof.

“Shes very popular now.

All the other brands are trying their best to get in.

Choose a more comfortable brand and put on a sunblock set.

“Also, if I hear such words again, it wont be as simple as just wearing clothes.

If the Bo family can invest, they can naturally withdraw their funds.

Everyone, use your brains and think about your actions today.”

The crowd gasped and nodded.

They were still in a daze even after Bo Silins figure left.

Everyone in the industry knew that Bo Silin had a very business-like mind when he was young.

The wealth he had accumulated now had spread to all major industries, and the film and television industry was the first that gained its funds.

In other words, Bo Silin was the shows real sponsor, which was why the director team was so careful and had to adhere to his bidding.


“Did he just say… withdrawal of funding”

“Dont panic, dont panic.” Someone said, “Its probably just a warning.

He wont really want to withdraw the funds.

But its not like you dont know his temper.

I guess he really takes Su Feifei seriously.”

“Then, then what should we do!” The bespectacled mans face turned pale.

He looked down at his clothes and broke out in a cold sweat.

“Isnt it you at fault! Why are you shooting your foot for a reason”

“Exactly, trouble goes wherever you go! Dont ever say that again.”

“We cant offend this dude at all!”

“How would I know that he would be here” the bespectacled man asked.

“He had to deliver medicine to Qiao Hefeng, right”

Everyone glanced at the medicine.

The spectacled man gritted his teeth.

“Alright, Qiao Hefeng.

Ill remember this! Ill go and deliver the medicine to him!”

That night, Qiao Hefeng had diarrhea for the entire night for an unknown reason.


In Su Feifeis camp, six people sat in a circle around a small piece of picnic cloth in the middle.

Todays dinner was vegetables and meat.

They had exchanged for the hotpot base from the Hideki group.

There were also many spices left over from the roasted rabbit last time, so they used that too.

The red oil on the vegetables in front of them was alluring, and all kinds of vegetables and meat floated around.

The fragrance wafted out and hooked peoples appetites.

[Friends, can any food blogger dig out Su Feifeis cooking method and style]

[Subo Pot ship for the win!]

[Im so excited for Bo Silin to eat the chocolate cake.]

[Ill turn a blind eye for Su Feifei this one time.]

Su Feifei looked around and realized that two people hadnt arrived.

There was no need to talk about Bo Silin.

When he went to deliver the medicine, Su Ling was still not there.

She called for everyone to eat.

After they were done, she got up and went to get her things.

When they arrived at the directors camp, Su Feifei felt that the atmosphere was particularly dull today.

“Id like to exchange some points for clothes.” Su Feifei knocked on the window.

A head stuck out from inside.

The moment he saw Su Feifei, the muscles on his face started to twitch.

“Why are you shaking” Su Feifei asked with a frown.

“I-Im not shaking!” The staff member spoke firmly, and the pen in his hand fell to the ground.

Su Feifei stared at him for two seconds.

“What do you want to exchange for” The staff member asked.

Why was the staff at the exchange point being so polite today

Su Feifei glanced at her phone.

“The cheapest set of clothes.

As for the rest, Id like a sun-proof shirt, a jacket, and a raincoat…”

She calculated the cost in her mind.

She was in good health, so she would be fine if she had to take some hits.

Tiantian, this little girl, had to wear better clothes.

Bo Silin, this weakling, was even more so.

As for Xiao He, he often did physical work and, like the burly man and the others, they needed a pair of gloves to prevent injuries…

With this calculation, the number of exchange points was about to be used up again.

The staff was quick to take out the clothes and placed them in front of Su Feifei.

After Su Feifei was done, she realized that there was a stack of high-quality sunblock products on top of the pile.

“You must be mistaken.” She asked, “I wanted the cheapest one.”

“Theres no mistake.

Its this one!” The staff tried hard to force a smile.

“Its like this.

Theres an event today.

Hehe… That… you just happened to be the lucky contestant to get it.

Its a discounted price.


Su Feifei looked at him suspiciously.

An event Discount

Yesterday, she had changed a pair of gloves at five in the evening and there was no such thing.

The next day, she requested a full set of equipment at the same time.

It then came with sunglasses, sunscreen, anti-scrape gloves, and a mobile raincoat…

The director seemed to have a serious illness.

Since he had already given her, there was no reason to not take it.

“Thanks.” Su Feifei directly picked up this ridiculous gift bag and walked toward the camp.

Behind the tree, Su Ling walked out with her eyes full of resentment.

She had followed Bo Silin here from the beginning.

She wanted to have a chance to be alone with Bo Silin, but she had accidentally seen the scene just now…

Was Bo Silin crazy Why was he being so nice to Su Feifei

Does he have a crush on her!

Su Ling, who was originally extremely confident in winning him over, suddenly had doubts.

She pursed her lips for a while and tried to calm herself down.

Then, she secretly made a decision.

Tonight, Su Yaoguo had already spoken to her about what was going to go down.

Su Feifei would be kicked out of the island in the morning! Knowing this, she decided to give Su Feifei a big gift before leaving!


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