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Su Lings face turned white and she even felt a chill go down her spine.

Su Feifei on the other hand was stoic.

“Y-youre joking… right, dear sister” Su Ling said after a long time.

“I dont joke.” Su Feifei narrowed her eyes.

“If you want to be lazy, then you can leave the team right now.”

[Im going to die of laughter sooner or later!]

[If youre more reliable.

Why dont we use you Hahaha.

Su Feifei and her famous quote of the day!]

[Look at how awesome she thinks she is.

Its so disgusting!]

[Seriously, how could she treat our Su Ling like this]

[Su Ling isnt good at physical work.

Whats wrong with taking a break]

[Thats right! This crazy woman is toxic!]

The comments started to flood the screen.

Even if it was just a daily trip up the mountain to pick medicinal herbs, it instantly shot up to hundreds of millions of views.

Director Liu stood in front of the screen and looked at the scene with a complicated expression.

“Director Liu, I thought Su Feifei was just a hooligan on the show.

I didnt expect her to attract this much attention…”

“Yeah, who wouldve thought.” Director Liu shook his head.

The secret to gaining traction was a treasure.

He still wanted to sign Su Feifei.

In the past two days, many people had been asking her when Su Feifeis contract would be terminated.

However, he didnt get to have the final say in Su Feifeis contract.

The Su family firmly controlled Su Feifeis indenture, and Su Feifei would probably have to spend a lot of effort to solve this problem.

In the mountains, Su Lings face turned ugly.

She gritted her teeth and didnt say anything.

“Lets continue picking up stones!” Xiao He quickly came out to smooth things over.

“The surface of the stones is very smooth and dense here.

They must have been condensed after the volcanic eruption.

They are very suitable for the foundation.” Su Feifei walked forward.

“As for the problem you mentioned, the materials used for the adhesive, such as oak juice, are everywhere here.

The problem doesnt stand.”

Su Ling pursed her lips.

Initially, she wanted to make things difficult for Su Feifei, but in the end, she was tricked by Su Feifei!

Where did Su Feifei get these strange ideas

Everyone was stunned and stared at Su Feifei.

Su Feifei raised her eyebrows, it looked like she was daring anyone to raise another issue that she would definitely solve.

After a long silence, it was Xiao He who spoke first.

“Feifei, this is the first time youve explained so much in front of everyone.”

Only then did Su Feifei realize that this was the first time she was willing to explain the reason to them for tasks.

It was probably because they had been together for a long time that she had gradually begun to let down her guard.

Xiao He saw that she was not speaking and immediately spoke, “You said it very well! We all understand now! Please tell us more in the future!”

“Yes please!” Tiantian immediately caught up to him and said,”Captain, youre really not as fierce as others say.

Youre patient, your cooking is delicious, and youre very gentle to us!”


[Yes, very gentle.

Is there anything wrong with that]

[Thats enough, you guys! Hahaha, youre playing with fire here!]

[I didnt want to be invested in this show, but here we are…]

[Ive been a fan of Su Ling for ten years, but Im really not going to keep my chastity…]


[But to be honest, Su Feifei is really good.]

[None of the comments Im reading right now are making any sense.]

“Who said I was fierce” Su Feifei looked at Tiantian.

Tiantian immediately covered her mouth.

‘Oh no, it slipped my mouth…

“No, no, no, I didnt mean it that way…”

“Im fierce”

“No, no, no…”

“Then why are you shaking”

“I-I-Im not shaking!” Tiantian shivered.

Su Feifei paused for a moment, then suddenly laughed.

His voice was clear, like the spring sunshine in an empty valley.

After laughing, she patted Tiantians head and said, “I was just teasing you.

Lets go, continue.”

Tiantian rubbed her nose and said coquettishly, “Feifei! Wait up!”

[Ive never seen Su Feifei make a joke in my lifetime]

[To be honest, doesnt anyone think that Su Feifei actually has a cold sense of humor]

[Cold humor I only relate to the cold part.]

[Is it normal for her to be like that]

Along the way, the atmosphere became very relaxed.

Everyone laughed and no one remembered what Su Ling said.

Su Ling was also left far behind the team.

Although she was smiling, her hands slowly clenched by her side.


Everyone was full of energy and quickly completed todays task.

It was already late, so Su Feifei exchanged the points for a lot of fresh and vegetarian food and even a six-inch chocolate cake.

After checking the accounts and exchanging for all the items, they were left with 800 points.

A few of them took the ingredients and walked back.

“This chocolate cake costs one hundred points.

Its so luxurious.

Bo Silin would definitely enjoy this.” Xiao He said.

“Yes.” Su Feifei said.

[Thats right, baby Bo loves chocolate cake the most!]


[Last time, it was toiletries.

This time, its a cake.

Hes getting spoiled.]

[I want a Su Feifei in my life too.]

[Youre fans of Su Feifei Are you sure your brain is fine]

At this moment, Bo Silin was already waiting for her under the setting sun.

When the few of them returned, they saw him at a glance.

In order to avoid getting dirty, he wore an apron that Su Feifei had exchanged back then with cufflinks on his hands.

Beside his hands was a large piece of bark that had been tidied up.

It was obvious that he had put in a lot of effort.

He stood there indifferently and looked in Su Feifeis direction.

Xiao He couldnt help but stagger.

This scene… Why was it so strange

He and Tiantian exchanged glances.

To his surprise, he discovered that Tiantian was also secretly laughing.

[Its all about the gaze theyre sharing!]


Ive been a fan of Bo Silin for ten years, but Ive never seen this side of him.]

[Su Feifei said in the morning to tidy up the tree bark and wait for her obediently.

I didnt expect him to actually be waiting obediently.]


[I really cant figure it out.

These people are all big shots in their respective industries.

Tiantian is a dance blogger, right Dancing is awesome by the way.

If theyre so famous then why are they as obedient as chickens waiting to be slaughtered in Su Feifeis hands]

[A chicken waiting to be slaughtered is not so obedient.]


Su Feifei walked closer and was very satisfied with the tree bark.

“This is for you,” She took out the chocolate cake.

Bo Silins eyes lit up and his first reaction was to turn his head.

“You should go check up on Hefeng as well.”

Bo Silin did not feel embarrassed at being exposed.

Instead, he smiled and said, “Oh, okay.”

Xiao He was speechless.

‘Is he going to show off his cake or something”

“Perfect timing.

His medicine for tonight is still boiling.

Bring it with you when you go over.” Su Feifei said.

Xiao He was shocked.

Was he really going over

Bo Silin narrowed his eyes.” You even made medicine for him”

“Yup,” Su Feifei nodded and wiped the sweat off her face.

Her eyes reflected the sunlight and were as clear as glass.

“Everyone will be cutting more trees tomorrow.

Hell have more work to do after he takes his medicine.”

[Ill bet a cent that Qiao Hefeng will leave the team today.]

[I have two cents.]

[One for me.

I take the bet!]

[To be honest, Su Feifei, you just want her to quit, dont you]


[[What did Hefeng do to you to act like this!]

[F*ck! Hes already like this and you still want him to do work tomorrow!]

Bo Silins expression instantly softened.

“Okay, Ill personally watch him drink the medicine.” He said with a smile.


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