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[Are you pretending to be sick!]

[Im shocked!]

[Is this how a patient should look like]

[Is it reasonable Is this scene reasonable]

The two of them walked past the dumbfounded Qiao Hefeng.

Bo Silins footsteps were very slow.

Every two steps required a short break.

He was practically moving like a slug in front of Qiao Hefeng.

“The sun is too strong on the island.

I dont want to be as dark as him,” he said as he walked.


“Didnt I exchange points for sunblock for you” Su Feifei frowned.

“It finished.”

“Ill get Xiao He to get some more for you tonight.”


“Alright,” he said.

Qiao Hefeng was speechless.

Was he just a dead piece of meat next to them


Su Feifei didnt turn around at all until she sent Bo Silin back to the tent.

Someone suddenly pulled her wrist.

She stopped and turned around to find that Bo Silin had raised his long and narrow eyes at her.

[Whats going on Why did you stop]

[Camera, come closer! I want to hear their conversation!]

[What the h*ll are the both of you talking about!]

There was a canopy near the tent that blocked the sun, so the drone could only fly in between the gap and could not be seen clearly.

“What now” Su Feifei was quite patient with him.

In the past, she had taken good care of the weaker soldiers in the unit.

After all, the more soldiers the better, especially in this situation.

“Why do you like Qiao Hefeng” Bo Silin asked.


Su Yue was stunned.

“What nonsense are you talking about”

She reached out to feel his forehead.

Her other hand was also caught by him.

“I dont have a fever,” Bo Silins eyes were very bright, like rose-colored glass.

When he smiled, it was as if all the stars in the sky had fallen into his eyes.

“So you dont like him”

“Of course I dont like him.”

Su Feifei withdrew her hand and tapped his forehead.

“Take care of your injury.

Dont start gossip like Xiao He, do you hear me”

He laughed again.

“Yes, I heard you.”

His low and hoarse voice was carried by the wind to her ear, making it numb.

Su Feifei stared at him for a few seconds, and the strange feeling in her heart deepened.


She turned around and left hastily.

Bo Silin suddenly got up and followed her.

“Ive recovered.” He said frankly, “Lets go.

Ill help you cook.”


He was cured just like that

It was only then that the screen could hear what Bo Silin had said.

[F*ck, was he just faking it to spend time with her]

[What do you guys know Feifei is still alive, and only Feifei can cure his lovesick illness!]

[I too want to suffer the pain of love.]

[Previous post, why dont we make do with what we have]

Su Feifei looked at Bo Silin suspiciously for a long time before she said, “Then come over.”

Hence, Qiao Hefeng, who was being forced to drink the medicine, could only watch helplessly as Bo Silin, who had been sickly and emotionless a moment ago, suddenly appear in front of him with a strong body.

Not only did he walk back and forth, but he also kept looking at his swollen legs with a sympathetic gaze.

He even seemed to dislike the smell of sweat on his body.

Every now and then, Bo Silin would grimace in disgust at that dirty man.


Qiao Hefeng was speechless.

If he had the chance to do it all over again, he would not have chosen to enter this island.

The fragrance of the food soon wafted out of the camp.

Xiao He couldnt help but swallow his saliva when he smelled the food.

One had to know that Feifei had spent a huge sum of money to exchange for pork belly with the director team today.

They now had a large pot of red braised meat!

Starting from the sugar-colored dish, everyone in the camp was attracted to the smell.

Su Feifei even mentioned that she will be recruiting more members.

Tonight, they will receive red braised met.

Tomorrow, they would have to work for her.

As soon as he said that, four or five people came over immediately.

Su Feifei kept her promise and gave each of them a bowl of streaky pork.

Soon, the camp became lively.

Four or five tents were put together, and they could be considered to have formed a small group.

Although it was only a temporary group.

Qiao Hefeng, on the other hand, ran all the way until midnight.

He was only dragged back when he really fainted.

He stayed in the emergency room of the medical team until the next day.

With Qiao Hefeng as a precedent, every time they gathered, someone would be waiting at the center of the camp half an hour in advance.

At eight in the morning, Su Feifeis whistle sounded again.


Within 30 seconds, everyone had gathered once again.

“The three-hour mission this afternoon is to build a wooden house!”

Everyone looked at each other.

Building a wooden house

Xiao He stood up and said weakly, “Feifei, dont we have tents already set up Why are we building wooden houses”

Su Feifei replied indifferently, “There might be wild beasts in this forest.


And based on the Festival Groups behavior, they might send us to explore the deeper parts of the forest soon enough.

Moreover, in terms of long-term risks and benefits, it will be actually more worthwhile to build a house.”

On the one hand, having a house was equivalent to having a layer of barrier to better prevent the existence of wild beasts, and it would be easier to store food.

The weather was hot, so food would go bad quickly.

It would be different with a house.

They could use the underground rivers cooling effect to store the food.

Xiao He nodded seriously.

“Yes, thats right.”

“And that Director Liu is so sneaky.

Who knows what kind of funky ideas hell come up with next.” Su Feifei said, “Its good to take precautions in time.

I cant let you all live in a tent forever.

Xiao Hes eyes were filled with tears.

Only Director Liu was speechless as he looked at the monitor.

[Feifei, can we be a little more tactful when we scold people]

[If Feifei had said this on the first day of entering the deserted island, I would have thought that she was crazy.

Now, the wooden house Was it that simple Why dont you build a mansion while youre at it]

[Youre right.

Although Ive never seen her create one, I have full confidence in her that she could do it.]

[Feifei, dont be afraid.

If you really cant, Ill personally come over and use my toes to dig out a castle for you.]

“Everyone gets a share of the wooden houses.” Su Feifei regrouped the team.

“Lets go.”

After walking for an unknown amount of time, a group of people arrived at a place that looked like plain land.

There were no tall jungles in this area, only grasslands, and low shrubs.

It was probably because of the terrain that this side was higher, so the temperature was slightly lower.

There were also many black stones here.

Su Feifei turned around and said, “Pick up stones, the bigger the better, the more the better.”

Although everyone didnt know why they still did as they were told.

Su Ling didnt move for a long time.

Looking at those huge stones, she came up and showed off, “Sister, why are we picking up stones The rocks here are very heavy, and everyone is exhausted from moving them.

Is it because you want to make tiles But this one isnt secure either.”

Su Lings words were reasonable.

Coupled with the fact that everyone had been working hard for half a day, some of them wanted to slack but didnt dare to say it.

At this time, they could only agree with each other, except for Xiao He.

Su Feifei looked at Xiao He with satisfaction.

“The stones are for the foundation of the house.”

“Oh, really But using this kind of stone as a foundation shouldnt be stable, right” Su Ling didnt give up and continued to question her motives.

Su Feifei turned her head.

“If youre more reliable.

Why dont we use you”



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