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Director Liu coughed awkwardly and said, “Thats all for tonight.

Guests, you may enter the jungle on your own.”

The landing point this time was a tropical island.

As soon as they came up, they could see a very dense jungle.

After he finished speaking, the guests began to move around freely.

Bo Silin strode forward with his long legs.

His side profile faced the setting sun, and every frame was as beautiful as a movie scene.

His eyebrows naturally had a sense of alienation, but they somehow attracted the attention of the people around him.

The cameraman couldnt help but capture a few more extra shots.

[Stunning! Beautiful! Amazing!]

[Take more pictures of his appearance!]

[Its so hard to see him normally!]

[He was born with oozing charisma!]

His assistant, Xiao He, followed him the entire time.

The rules of the team clearly stated that assistants were not allowed, but Xiao He had signed up for the show directly, so the director could only turn a blind eye to it.

Xiao He walked to Bo Silins side and took out a dry and cold towel that he had prepared, saying, “Do you want to wipe your sweat”

Bo Silin took a look.

Xiao He immediately removed the towel, revealing his hands that were wearing thick gloves.

“I didnt touch this.

You can use it without worry.”

Bo Silin then took the towel and wiped the sweat off his face.

Xiao He muttered in his heart as he put the gloves into the backpack given by the organizers.

Since this morning, Bo had not allowed anyone to touch him.

It was really strange.



Not long after, Shen Ruoqings phone suddenly vibrated.

She saw the number and walked to the side in horror.

After confirming that the microphone was off, only then did she dare to answer.


“Youve done well,”

“Thank you.”

Su Lings faint tone was filled with satisfaction, “Continue with the plan.”

“Now” Shen Ruoqing lowered her voice.

“A long night brings many dreams.

How much longer do you want to wait” A cold voice sounded.

Shen Ruoqing swallowed her saliva.

She was a little afraid and did not dare to ask again.

“Alright, Ill be quick!”

Shen Ruoqing hung up the phone, put on her dazzling face, and followed the team with a smile.

Soon, everyone arrived at the first rest point.

The programs rules also stated that everyone must have a cell phone, and they could obtain points by completing the tasks on the cell phone every day.

They could use the points to exchange for the corresponding survival supplies.

This resting point was used to exchange for survival supplies.

Director Liu walked out with a smile and said, “Congratulations to all guests for completing your first mission! The reward for this mission is four wilderness spots.

In addition, the organizers will provide free tents.

Please come and claim them.”

“Director, wheres tonights dinner” A man raised his hand and asked.

He had stayed on the deserted island for a day without eating.

Dinner naturally became the focus of everyones attention.

“Solve it yourself.” Director Liu said.


The sun was about to set, and it was not a safe time to go out in the rainforest to hunt for food.

“Everyone, please calm down.

You can turn on your phone and log into the wilderness mall to exchange for tonights food with points.”

Everyone heaved a sigh of relief and eagerly logged in.

Then, exclamations of shock rang out again, one after another.

“Director, what the h*ll is going on!”

“Four points for half a bag of bread Thats too expensive! Director, does that mean we can only have a piece of bread for dinner”

“Thats right! How can this half a piece of bread fill my stomach”

The director cleared his throat and waved his hand to silence the crowd.

“You can capture prey and collect herbs to exchange for points.

There will also be various challenges played in the later stages.

After you collect your tents, please feel free to do as you please.”

“What Hunting Collecting herbs”

“What kind of games are these!”


[Whats going on!]

[Do you really want them to starve to death]

[Its fine if its anyone else, but baby Bo isnt allowed to starve!]

[Isnt this a competition Who can resist hunger the most]

[Im done! This director likes to do this.

All the variety shows in the past have always been like this!]

[Youre unscrupulous for the sake of traffic, right]

Shen Ruoqing also frowned, she looked like she was about to cry.

She looked very pitiful.

“Ruoqing!” The man who first introduced himself as a model walked over with a fish in his hand.

“I came here earlier than you, so I caught a fish.

I exchanged a lighter and some fuel with the jiumo group.

Lets roast the fish.”

“Ren is so handsome.”

“I heard that hes from a family of traditional chinese medicine practitioners.

Wasnt there a herb-picking event just now to gain points This time, Ruoqing is in for a treat!”

“I really want my soul to intertwine with his.”

Shen Ruoqing heard the praises around her and could not help but smile smugly.

She was now the focus of the audience, so she couldnt help but feel proud.

She immediately looked around for Su Feifei.

Today, she had suffered a loss at Su Feifeis hands, and now she wanted to get back at her!

That woman had always been an id*ot, an id*ot who only knew how to drool at men with abs.

If she were to watch him eat fish while nibbling on bread… It would be so satisfying to embarrass her like that.


However, she didnt see Su Feifei anywhere.

Could she have fallen behind

She couldnt even catch up with them on a one-kilometer road

Shen Ruoqing pouted and snorted.

Then, she smiled sweetly at Renbo, “Thank you.”

While Renbo was mesmerized, someone on the other side suddenly spoke.

“Whats that smell”

Everyone stopped eating their bread.

“Over there! It smells so good!”

Shen Ruoqing was eating the grilled fish.

Although the treatment was better, she could not help but swallow her saliva in the fragrance.

“Look! Theres smoke over there!”

Xiao He pointed to the distance in surprise.

Everyone looked in the direction he was pointing.

Bo Silin also turned slightly, his eyes narrowing.

He had a photographic memory and was very familiar with the current plot.

From the moment he was kicked to the smoke he was seeing now, none of these scenes appeared in the book.

“Could it be a fire” Little he said worriedly.

If the fire spread around, everyones lives would be in danger, and the program would not be able to continue broadcasting.

Bo Silin only glanced at it and said,It just rained and the smoke didnt get heavier… Someone must have started the fire.

“Someones starting a fire” Everyone was surprised.

“We are the only ones on the island.

Who else could start a fire”

Everyone looked at each other.

“Oh right, wheres Su Feifei” Someone suddenly asked in surprise.

“It cant be her, right” Shen Ruoqing rolled her eyes.

As soon as he said this, everyone looked at the place where the smoke rose, and their backs turned cold.

[The troublemaker is online.]

[Are you going to burn the entire island down this time]

[Is there a mistake I bet its because she wants to be in the limelight!]

[Shes up to no good!]

The screen was filled with curses, and the people around them were also unhappy.

Was she trying to kill them by causing such a huge commotion

“Quickly go and take a look!” The director immediately instructed the staff to step forward.

The crowd also moved forward, with Bo Silin at the back, walking slowly.

Xiao He wanted to follow them to watch the show, but he didnt dare to take large steps.

He stretched his neck to look in that direction.

He did not want to be too far away from his boss.

The crowd hurriedly stepped forward and pushed aside the bushes.

The camera followed up!

At first, the crowd first heard a sizzling sound.

Then, the warm yellow fire responded to the setting sun and unveiled the painting in front of everyone.

There was a grill in the fire, and there was rabbit meat sizzling on it.


They saw Su Feifei sitting by the fire, uncourteously tearing off a piece of meat from the rabbits leg, and chewing a few times before swallowing.

The rabbits leg was golden and oily.

The skin was crispy and the inside was fresh and tender.

As she ate, she looked over with her messy hair.

The people who were still holding dry bread gulped in hunger.

The organizers were speechless.

The bullet comments were filled with anticipation.

[What the f*ck]

[Where did this rabbit come from]

[Why dont you ask the rabbit how the fire was started]

[Its a fire, right]

[Shes roasting a whole rabbit, right]

[Where did that professional-looking shelf at the side come from!]

Su Feifei took another bite and turned around in a daze.

Everyone swallowed their saliva and stuck their heads out.

In the next second, Su Feifei took out another roasted rabbit under everyones shocked gazes.

[Theres a second one!]

[Ive underestimated her this time!

More explosive comments were flooding in.

That was because the pair of white hands grabbed the freshly roasted rabbit and shook it up and down.

The fragrance tempted everyone to run and fight for it.

Su Feifei only spoke to one person in that crowd, “Bo Silin, do you want to eat”



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