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Xiao He was so anxious that he began to break out in cold sweat.

Su Lings eyes lit up and immediately curled her lips.

She leaned toward Bo Silins direction while still looking at Su Feifei from the corner of her eyes.

“Bo, shall I help you I saw that your hand was injured while peeling the tree bark…”

Bo Silin did not say a word.

Or rather, he didnt even listen.

All his attention was on the big pot about ten meters away from him.

Su Feifei seemed to have looked at them for a few seconds.

Then, she wiped her hands and walked over.

“Shes here, shes here!” Xiao He was suffocating and his legs started to shake.

Tiantian had also noticed that something was amiss, and she began to tremble.

What was going on

Should she run or do something

[Im f*cking dying of laughter.

Hahahaha, lets see their reaction.]

[Lets not talk about them.

Im also breaking out in a cold sweat.]

[Su Feifei is just too possessive.

She thinks the whole team is hers.

Shes been targeting our Su Ling for a long time!]

[Watch the show quietly!] Stop talking]

Bo Silin sat steadily, the corners of his lips already beginning to curve upwards.

Su Ling followed his line of sight and also saw Su Feifei.

“Dear sister, youre here.” Su Ling smiled and got up, wanting to act again.

Her purpose was to lure Su Feifei here.

At that time, Bo Silin and Su Feifei would definitely fight over this matter, and she could take advantage of it.

However, Su Feifei waved her hand and stopped her nonsense with a simple gesture.

Then, she turned to Bo Silin.

“You cant drink ice water after taking your medicine, you know that”

This was what Su Feifei had told him two days ago.

“I do know.”

Bo Silin nodded and answered quickly.

“Why did you take it if you knew” She narrowed her eyes.

Xiao Hes scalp went numb.

He really didnt know how this matter would develop.


Bo was a disobedient and rebellious person.

If he retorted, he would be beaten up by Feifei…

Thinking about how Qiao Hefeng had not finished his first lap and was running desperately down the mountain… Xiao He felt nervous for Bo Silin.

Su Ling, who was standing at the side, frowned.

Just as she was about to step forward and say something, she heard a loud sound.

Bo Silin released the water bottle.

It rolled a few times on the ground and finally stopped under a tree.

Everyone was stunned and turned to look at Bo Silin.

“Youre right.

I shouldnt drink it.” Bo Silin nodded sternly, then pointed and said in a serious tone, “She was the one who insisted on giving it to me.”


[Bo, one.

Su Ling, zero.]

[No… Bo, dont you think your face changed a little too quickly there]

[Are you complaining]

[Stay strong Bo!]

Su Feifei glanced at him, and the anger in her eyes slightly dissipated.

She then turned to look at Su Ling.

“What were you thinking by giving the patient ice water” She said.


Su Ling couldnt explain herself.

She looked at Bo Silin and then at Su Feifei.

“Thats right.

What were you thinking” Bo Silin asked.

He had an innocent look on his face as if he didnt think that this matter had anything to do with him.


Su Ling was speechless.

In the next second, Bo Silin suddenly leaned back in his chair and rubbed his temples.

“Whats wrong” Su Feifei stepped forward to help him up.

Bo Silins lips secretly curved into a smile.

Then, he shook his head and leaned on Su Feifeis arm.

He said hoarsely, “Im fine.

I was probably just taken aback by the cold water just now.


Su Lings mouth was wide open, no longer caring about her image.

What the h*ll! He didnt even do anything!

[My sweet baby Bo is amazing at acting!]

[Your acting is first-class.

I even feel that Su Ling is a little inferior in front of you.


[Are you guys crazy! Why would Su Ling do such a thing!]

[When she handed him the water just now, he glanced at Feifei a few times.

Didnt he want Feifei to come over]

[Yeah, now that you said that…]

“Lets go into the tent and rest.” Su Feifei pulled him up with one hand.

Bo Silin was taller than her by a head, but half of his strength was leaning on her.

At a close distance, she could smell the shower gel on his body.

It was still the one she had chosen.

Su Feifei was dazed for a moment before she looked up.

That magnified handsome face was swaying in front of her, full of power.


“Is this okay” Bo Silins voice rang out.

He turned his head and looked at her.

Under the setting sun, her amber eyes seemed to be alluring.

“Yeah, sure.” Su Feifei nodded and admitted.

The smile in his eyes deepened.


Everyone was speechless.


Was there no one else on the field

[This feels like a romantic drama!]

[Didnt he say that he was allergic to people touching him]

[Is this something I can f*cking watch for free Really]

[I feel like my ship has sailed to the sky with the look they have for each other now!]

[The competition has started.

Our Bo is starting to show his strength!]

Su Feifei looked at him silently and walked a little faster, but the strange feeling in her heart was still lingering.

After taking two steps, there was a sudden commotion that caused a few of them to look up.

Qiao Hefeng was being carried by two strong men and was walking in the direction of the camp.

His legs looked like they had lost their function.

His lips were pale, dry, and cracked, with traces of blood.

His face was full of traces of sunburns.

In just one day, the skin color of his entire face had darkened by one degree.


[Oh my gosh, who is this]

[Qiao Hefeng]

[My baby!!]

[Did he change his race because of the sun]


[Are you okay]

Su Feifei glanced at him and stopped in her tracks.

Bo Silin narrowed his eyes and fixed his gaze on Qiao Hefengs face.

What was going on

“Captain!” The brawny man reported, “He fainted on the side of the road.

We picked him up and brought him back.

He might be suffering from a heat stroke.”

Su Feifei nodded as if she had expected this.

“The medicine is ready.

Give it to him.

Bring a few more people with you and treat his wounds.”

Qiao Hefeng secretly heaved a sigh of relief.

As expected, the trick of pretending to faint worked.

If he continued to run, his short and brilliant life might really end today.

“After the medicine is finished, let him rest for an hour.

You two continue to supervise him afterward.

Bring your food and drinks along.

If theres a problem, give him the medicine.” Su Feifei said.


Qiao Hefengs eyes flew open.


“Su Feifei! Im already in this sorry state, and you still want me to finish running”

“Oh, youre up I see that youre still strong and energetic.”

As soon as she finished speaking, Qiao Hefeng realized that he had spoken too harshly just now.

Qiao Hefeng still wanted to say something, but Bo Silin started to wobble again.

Su Feifei quickly supported him and gave Qiao Hefeng a disdainful look.

“Alright, put him down.” She said, “Keep an eye on him.

Ill send Silin back first.”

Bo Silins body froze.

In the next second, the corners of his mouth rose crazily.

Si Lin.

This was the first time he enjoyed the sound of his name.

[Hes smiling, isnt he Everyone, am I seeing things]


[Bo Silin, youd better not be up to no good!!]


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