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“Youre crazy! Do I really have to run six rounds! Through the entire mountain!”

The mountain stretched as far as the eye could see, and he could imagine how long it would take.

After running one round, he could basically be pronounced dead.

[Holy sh*t, is he really going to run six laps]

[No, it wasnt so serious the last time.

I remember it was just the horse stance for an entire day.]

[Su Feifei is too much.

Shell kill them.]

[Su Feifei, does she think shes the king or something How dare she!]

[Lets go! I really want to go to the deserted island and kill this woman!]

[Whoever goes against my Qiao Hefeng is asking for war!]

Qiao Hefeng recovered from the shock with great difficulty .”But you didnt send anyone to wake me!”

Su Feifei took out her phone.

“If you dont leave in five minutes, there will be another lap.”

Qiao Hefeng was speechless.

No, what was going on

“Su Ling…”

“Whats wrong, you want to run with him” Su Feifei tilted her head and looked at her.

“‘Ill allow it.”

Su Ling immediately shook her head, “No…”

“If you join him, Ill cut the laps by half.” Su Feifeis lips curved up as her eyes drifted over to Su Lings face.

This sentence instantly put Su Ling in an extremely awkward position.

Xiao He was convinced that Su Feifei was a genius.


Who said that Feifei didnt understand the ways of the world

No one can out scheme Su Feifei!

“I…” Su Ling hesitated for a moment before gritting her teeth.

‘D*mn it.

Since when did Su Feifei become so cunning

“I dont need your company, Su Ling!” Qiao Hefeng immediately said, “I can do it myself!”

His lips had turned white.

[A stubborn donkey.]

[I dont know if hes stubborn or not, but Im afraid its true that hell end up suffering from it.]

[Everyone, lets have three minutes of silence for a fallen comrade.]

“Hefeng, thatll be too hard for you…”

“It wont, I can do it.

Isnt it just running Who hasnt run before”

[Trust me, no one has ever run that much before…]

[You are my heart!!! Youre too brave!]

[He took the responsibility so that Su Ling wouldnt run away with him.

What a good man.]

“Go, Ill personally supervise the laps.

The rest of you, continue to pick herbs.” Su Feifei said.

When he heard the words personally supervise, Qiao Hefeng immediately perked up.

His eyes brightened and his heart was beating fast.

Its here, its here! It was a false alarm!

Her hidden agenda must be hidden here!

When Su Feifei personally supervised him, could this punishment still be called a punishment Itll just be a token of appreciation.

Hell just turn around on the spot.

Qiao Hefeng was even more confident with his perception of her now more so than ever.

Su Ling turned back and left with the crowd.

Only Qiao Hefeng and Su Feifei were left on the field.

There were also countless excited audience members before the live broadcast.

[Do you guys think Su Feifei will really let Qiao Hefeng run that much]

[How can this be fake He must run.]

Qiao Hefeng stepped forward and put on an air of superiority.

Before he could speak, Su Feifei said, “Go on.”

He was stunned.

“Alright, I know youre mad at me.” Qiao Hefeng looked at Su Feifeis face.

His original intention of lying to her had suddenly changed.

Even if he didnt want to admit it, he could tell that Su Feifei was really beautiful now.

She wasnt like how she used to be when she was raised in the city, but it was a kind of wild growth, and it was a type of beauty that made her more distant.

“If you say one more word of nonsense, Ill add another round, got it” Su Feifei narrowed her eyes.

Qiao Hefeng furrowed his brows.”Feifei…”

“Go and run.”

It was only now that Qiao Hefeng was sure that Su Feifei was serious.

He gritted his teeth and changed his strategy.



Qiao Hefeng took a step forward.

Su Feifei suddenly turned her head and looked into the mountain.

“Who” She asked.

The wind blew through the grass, but it was empty words.

There was no one else here.

“What do you mean who” Qiao Hefeng pulled her back to him and affectionately placed her hand on his chest.

“This heart really cant withstand six rounds.” He said seriously, “It has already suffered too much.”

[What is going on!]

[What is he trying to pull]

[Oh my gosh Im cringing!]

[Ive officially seen everything in this show.]

[What the h*ll are you guys laughing at]

[Hefengs heart is not good to begin with.

His heart rate is irregular, do you know that]

[Sinus rhythm is treated through exercise.

You have to thank Feifei for being considerate.]

Su Feifeis stomach churned and she turned to leave.

Qiao Hefeng caught up from behind and tried to grab Su Feifei again.

“Do you really-”

With a muffled sound, Su Feifei turned around, raised her hand, took a lunge, and did a beautiful shoulder throw.

Qiao Hefeng didnt even have time to finish his nonsense.

“A man who doesnt love himself is like a rotten vegetable.” She said coldly, “Ill get someone to keep an eye on you.

Dont even think about slacking off.”

Qiao Hefeng was speechless.

[F*ck, hahaha, Hefeng doesnt have any self-respect for himself, just like rotten vegetables]

[Feifei could be a comedian!]

[Im in f*cking tears.]

At the foot of the mountain, Bo Silin repeatedly recalled the scene he had just seen.

Su Feifei had placed her hand on Qiao Hefengs chest.


Su Ling also said that Qiao Hefeng was the first person that Su Feifei liked.

Moreover, he overheard what others had said too.

Bo Silins face darkened completely.

At that moment, Xiao He came back with sweat all over his body and was wiping his sweat with a towel.

He saw that Bo Silins face was very sullen and walked over to ask, “Whats the matter, Bo”

“Its nothing,” Bo Silin sat on the chair.

Xiao Hes tilted his head to the side.

Thef*ck What was happening How could this be considered nothing There must be something going on!

Xiao He had been with Bo Silin for so long and understood his temper.

He immediately walked to his side and handed him a bottle of ice water.


“Take it.

Feifei brought us to gather herbs today to exchange for this.

Its for everyone to cool down and quench their thirst.

I assumed that you must be tired from the morning.

Would you like some”

“I dont want to.” Bo Silin pushed him away, his face even colder than before.

He paused before saying, “In the future, dont mention anything related to Su Feifei in front of me.”

Xiao He spat out the water in shock.


Why was he calling her by her full name today

[To be honest, my heart trembled when I heard her full name.]

[Yeah, Im not used to Bo treating Feifei like this.]

[Hes jealous! Cant you tell]

[Its so scary…]

[Its over.

How are you going to get the girl this time]

Just as they were talking, the large group behind them also returned.

Su Feifei took the lead and looked around.


Start a fire and prep the meal.” She said simply.

Everyone immediately dispersed and began to do their work in an orderly manner.

Su Ling was finally free and found Bo Silin in the shade.

“Whats wrong, Bo Are you not feeling well” She was extremely understanding.

She approached him and handed him a bottle of ice water.

“Here, I havent drunk this.”

Bo Silin wanted to refuse, but he suddenly saw Su Feifei looking over.

Xiao He immediately left the battlefield as he thought,May the heavens bless me, please dont get me involved in their mess…


Two seconds later, Bo Silins lips curved.

He reached out and his long fingers held the bottle.

“Thank you,” he said.

‘He accepted the drink Why! Xiao Hes mouth was wide open, and his eyes darted between Bo Silin and Su Feifei.

‘This is… Bo! Dont court death! Feifei is watching! Shouldnt you restrain yourself a little What to do, what to do…


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