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“Sister, you dont have to be so mean…” Su Ling bit her lips.

“Which part was unpleasant to hear” Su Feifei asked.

She didnt sound like she was being sarcastic, but more like she was asking from the bottom of her heart, causing Su Ling to be silent for a while.

Su Feifei continued, “You need to work hard for what you want.

The less you do, the less you will be rewarded.

The early bird gets the worm so that we can have enough energy for the rest of the day.

As for you…”

She paused and looked at Qiao Hefeng in disdain.

The words that followed were also hidden in her expression.

Qiao Hefeng and Su Ling were speechless.

[Su Feifei didnt need to say anything, but she seemed to have said everything.]

[Now that youve put it that way, it seems like they really dont deserve each other.


[Ive been tricked.]

[Su Ling, lets not lower ourselves to her level! Su Ling, youre the best!]

[She took our Su Ling away!]

[Feifei is just short of personally using a knife to end Su Lings life, right Or does no one else think like that except me]

Even Qiao Hefeng had a moment of doubt, let alone the netizens.

However, he had personally seen how Su Feifei treated him! How could a person change in an instant It was definitely all for the show! He wanted to prove to everyone that she was not what she was portraying!

“Bo Silin, stay behind and tidy up the tree bark.” Su Feifei then instructed, “The rest of you must be on time tomorrow.

Follow me.”

Su Lings eyes immediately turned.

She didnt want to talk about tomorrow anymore.

She immediately rubbed her hands.

“Dear sister, I just arrived today.

I helped to collect firewood during dinner, so my arms are beat… Why dont I stay and sort out the tree bark”

Then, she blinked at Su Feifei, pouted her red lips, and said with her wet lips, “Can I”

[F*ck, goddess Su Lings eyes are really amazing.]

[Who can bear with this]

[Baby Su Ling! Ill give you whatever you want!]

[Although, isnt it a little too lazy to put it that way]

[I wonder what Bo will think when he sees this look.]


Su Feifei directly refused to believe Su Lings words.

Su Ling pouted, “Why Bo looks like he needs help…”

“Are you saying that he isnt capable of doing it himself”


Bo Silins eyebrows twitched slightly and he fell silent.


[I almost peed my pants from laughing.]

[Publish a book about your comebacks, Ill buy it.]


[Feifei, just tell me directly.

Where did you get your ideas from]

[Bos expression changed, I swear I saw it!]

Xiao He was having a headache now, but he had to make up for his bosss loss.

He scratched his nose, took a step forward, and said, “That… A-actually, Bos health is uh… Well…”

“What do you know” Su Feifei turned around.

“Ah, nothing…” Xiao Hes back was covered in a cold sweat.

“I-I-I have to… Uh…”


[Things are developing in an indescribable direction.]

“Theres no need to explain,” Su Feifei squinted.

“Ah I think I need to explain! I…”

“I took his pulse the last time he was in my arms.” Su Feifei said, “Although some of his symptoms cant be seen now, his skin color is abnormal.

Although the pulse was steady and powerful, there is a high probability that there is some hidden illness.”


After she finished speaking, her gaze slid down Bo Silins body.

Her eyes were full of sympathy and Xiao He could not help but inwardly gasp at her observation.


‘Feifei, dont say such things in front of so many cameras! You have to take responsibility for it you know that!

[This woman really has no filter whatsoever!]

[The last time it was a kidney deficiency, this time he is suffering from a hidden illness.]

[Who wouldve expected the best actor to have that many diseases.]

[Should Bo just go to the hospital right now instead of being here]


Su Lings face turned ugly.

What did she mean by lying in Su Feifeis arms Bo Silin What right did he have to lie in Su Feifeis arms

Su Ling lowered her head.

Jealousy tore the gentle and cute expression off her face.

She had to find a chance to teach this b*tch a lesson! She actually dared to steal the limelight from her!

“Alright, disband!”

After Su Feifei finished speaking, she handed the tent in her hand to Qiao Hefeng and Su Ling.

“The people from the logistics department gave it to me.”


Su Ling received it and frowned.

This tent was exactly the same as the one Su Feifei had been assigned to at the beginning.

The waterproof cover outside was very simple and could be said to have nothing more.

“Whats wrong, Su Ling” Qiao Hefeng immediately walked over.

“This tent is broken.” Su Ling felt wronged.

“Use mine!” Qiao Hefeng immediately took his tent over.

“No,” Su Feifeis cold voice was heard.

“Hefeng, forget it.

Dont go against them.” Su Ling sighed helplessly.

Qiao Hefeng gritted his teeth and said firmly, “Why should we do whatever she says Dont worry, Su Ling, Ill go and help you solve the problem!”

Qiao Hefeng turned around and walked toward Su Feifei.

Su Ling watched from behind, and a trace of a smile flashed in her eyes.

On the other side…

After Su Feifei finished washing up, she came out of the makeshift bathroom when her left hand was suddenly grabbed.

He turned around and saw that it was Qiao Hefeng.

Qiao Hefeng looked around and dragged Su Feifei to a blind spot, away from the surveillance.

He also covered the microphone that he had hidden.


He took a step forward, closing the distance between them.

“Su Feifei, are you crazy” His face was a mixture of anger and heartache.

“Dont you know how weak Su Ling is Why did you give her a broken”

“Ive already explained the arrangements for the Festival Group.” Su Feifei was a little impatient and took a step back.

“Youre looking for me just for this”

Qiao Hefeng furrowed his brows and his gaze fell on her face.

Su Feifei actually retreated

Shouldnt she be ecstatic

He couldnt believe it.

He walked closer, gritted his teeth, and came up with an idea.

“Su Feifei, if you really like me, you can quit this show immediately.

After I finish this show with Su Ling, Ill be with you.

What do you think”

The last sentence was full of charity.

Anyway, he had only agreed to be together and did not say for how long.

Later on, he would dump her in a day and fulfill his promise.

Su Feifei immediately pushed him away.

“Qiao Hefeng, are you the one whos sick, or am I”


Qiao Hefengs throat seemed to be stuck, and Su Feifeis words kept echoing in his ears.

What did she just say

Was this still the same Su Feifei who had always said that she liked him

When did she become so unyielding

Qiao Hefeng stared at Su Feifeis back and gritted his teeth.

Continue acting.

Keep going.

Hold on a little longer.

He believed that Su Feifei would eventually reveal her true self one day!

The next morning, Su Feifei looked around.

Bo Silin, Xiao He, Tiantian, and the three bulls were all here.

Even Su Ling came late with makeup on.

Qiao Hefeng was the only one who did not come.

“He said that he had a headache and is not feeling well.

Hell be lying in the tent for a while.” Su Ling softly said.

She didnt sleep well last night, and even her makeup couldnt hide her fatigue.

Qiao Hefeng, on the other hand, was rather lazy.

He did not want to get out of bed when he was told to help.

However, he knew that Su Feifei would definitely not punish him.


Thinking about it this way, Su Ling began to envy Qiao Hefeng.

However, she didnt realize that the moment she said that, the people around her all turned to look at Qiao Hefengs tent with extreme sympathy in their eyes.

[Hefeng, get up right now!]

[F*ck, what was the consequence of being late to Su Feifeis meetup last time Does anyone still remember]


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