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A few powerful and resonating words were shared.

Su Ling instantly clenched her fist, and her whole body trembled.

[F*ck …]

[I definitely know what would be trending today…]

[Shes really arrogant.]

[But isnt this too much Throwing a burning wooden stick at others]

[Was there a mistake Su Feifei, you think that youre quite capable, arent you Who do you think you are]


[Do you think youre the best in the world now that you have the support of the best actor]

[Stop the hate and take her away!]

Similar words were being posted by Qiao Hefeng and Su Lings fans.

Su Ling and Qiao Hefeng remained in their original spot and looked at each other.

“Her temper is still the same…” Su Lings pale lips twitched and reluctantly said, “Its okay.

I will go to her and apologize in a while.

Hefeng, you dont have to stand up for me…”

“Shes a lunatic! And youre still planning to apologize!”

Su Ling cried again as their voices gradually faded away.

On the other side, Su Feifei walked back to the camp in silence.

The six people who were behind her all silently looked in Su Feifeis direction and didnt dare to speak.

Su Feifei suddenly stopped and turned around to look at them under the moonlight.

Xiao He shivered, held his head, and scurried in Bo Silins direction.

Did Feifei blame him for pulling her away just now

Then, he took a deep breath and stood up bravely.

“Feifei, there are no cameras here.

You can scold me all you want!” He summoned up his courage and even reminded Su Feifei that there were no cameras around.

After what happened just now, the cameraman controlling the drone had forgotten to follow Su Feifei and focused on taking photos of Su Ling and Qiao Hefengs expressions.

Su Feifei glanced at Xiao He.

He looked like he was ready for a scolding, his fists clenched by his side.

Then, he heard a clear and faint voice.

“Thank you,” Su Feifei said.

She wasnt someone who couldnt distinguish between good and bad.

She understood that Xiao Hes actions just now were to prevent her from being berated further.

Moreover, after the incident, these people immediately followed her back to the camp.

It could be seen that they were firmly on her side.

This was the first time Su Feifei felt a sense of belonging since she came to this world.

Xiao Hes eyes lit up.

“Feifei, you dont blame me for doing that” He immediately followed after her.

Then, he smiled, “Actually, I never had a good impression of Su Ling.

Most of the actresses who have worked with her dont have a good impression of her after they finish their work.

Everyone knows that, but they just dont say it out loud.”

“I liked Su Ling in the beginning, but I will always stand on captains side!” Tiantian clenched her fist and said.

Su Feifei nodded.

She didnt dote on Xiao He and Tiantian for nothing.

“Feifei, is what you said just now true” Xiao He asked, “Im talking about the things that she stole from you.”


“I believe you!” Xiao He made his stand clear.

“I also believe you!” Tiantian nodded vigorously.

“Im no longer her fan from today onwards!”

The two of them pulled the three brawny men forward.

Although the brawny men were dumbfounded, they nodded in agreement.

Su Yues eyes were filled with warmth.

The campsite was right in front of them, and they were about to enter the cameras range.

Bo Silin slowly stepped forward and added, “Dont worry about the public opinion, Im on your side too.”


Su Feifei turned her head and their eyes met.

This pain was not in vain.

Xiao He was so excited that he was spinning in circles.


The few of them returned to the camp happily.

The staff at the exchange point sent three tents over.

Su Feifei took them and gave them to Xiao He and Bo Silin.

“I knew it.

Theres definitely rewards if I follow Feifei!” Xiao He was all smiles.

During this period of time, the three of them had been taking turns sleeping in the sleeping bag.

He had thought that Feifei wouldnt care about this, but she still kept it in mind.

In retrospect, Feifei had always been like this, including the scratches on her hands and Bos mysophobia.

Fortunately, Bos mysophobia had improved.

It was mainly because he was under Feifeis supervision, so he didnt dare to do anything bad.

The three of them set up the tents and were glad that they could finally sleep well tonight.

Suddenly, there was a commotion in the distance.

Su Feifei, Bo Silin, and the other two looked at the only path to the camp.

Su Ling walked out from behind the forest, following Qiao Hefeng.

[F*ck Whats going on now Su Ling, stay away from this woman!]

[Our Su Ling is so kind.

She was bullied just now, but she still came over to apologize.]

[This is amazing.

I hope this woman can see the good in Su Ling.]

[Impossible! Dont you know what kind of person Su Ling is]

[I feel uncomfortable when I see these people standing together.]

The comments were on either end.

All the words that were spoken for Su Feifei were drowned out by the curses.

“Dear sister, Im here!” Su Ling smiled.

She had already put on a fake smile as if the exciting scene just now had never happened.

Xiao He froze and looked at Tiantian, not daring to speak.

Su Feifei narrowed her eyes.

She really wasnt done.

She was too lazy to deal with it and didnt even look at Su Ling.

She just set up her tent while Bo Silin helped her.

The two of them stood together, and the scene was very harmonious.

[Is she deaf]

[Are you f*cking acting like a big shot now Who do you think you are]

[I really cant stand it anymore.

Everyone, hurry up and report Su Feifeis behavior.]


[Lets ruin his reputation!]

[Hahahahaha, when Su Feifei comes out of the deserted island, her home will be gone.

Ill make sure of it!]

[Those who are Su Feifeis fans, listen up.

From today onwards, you will have to pay the price for being her fan!]

[Im just a passerby.

Are people that crazy nowadays What kind of a threat was that]


Su Lings smile became even more gentle.

She didnt need anyone to tell her to know that the comments were all on her side.

She stepped forward and gently pulled Su Feifei back.

“Dear sister, dont be angry.

I was wrong just now.

I didnt consider your feelings.

Ill stay with you, okay Didnt they want us to form an alliance Together We two sisters are, of course, allies forever!”


[Im puking! No! Dont form an alliance with Su Feifei!]

[Su Ling, sigh… Youre just too kind.]

Su Lings eyes flashed with victory.

If she stayed with Feifei, not only would she be able to get some resources from their group, but she would also be able to get closer to Bo Silin.

Thinking about it this way, she was really killing two birds with one stone.

“Please, sister!” Su Ling shook Su Feifeis hand, but her eyes were looking in Bo Silins direction.

Su Feifei stopped what she was doing and glanced at her.

“Are you sure you want to join my team” Her dark eyes stared at Su Ling.

Su Ling subconsciously thought of the scene just now, but she immediately covered it with a fake smile.

“Im sure!”

Xiao He shook his head frantically.


If they entered, every day would be a battlefield! How would he be able to stand it

When the immortals fought, the mortals were collateral!

“Our group doesnt take in idlers.” Su Feifei squinted her eyes.

“Yeah, shes right.” Xiao He reminded him, “Our group does a lot of work.”

Su Ling pursed her lips.

She had also watched the live broadcast before coming and knew how Su Feifei had whipped her team members into shape.

However, didnt she come here to deal with Su Feifei once and for all and to get close to Bo Silin

If she gives up now, how would she be able to achieve her goal

Of course, she had to force herself into it.

However, after today, would Su Feifei still dare to do anything to them…

She was uncertain.

However, she wasnt afraid because Qiao Hefeng was there to protect her.

The more Su Feifei lied to Qiao Hefeng, the more it meant that she cared about him!

It must have been because Qiao Hefeng treated Su Ling so well today that she flew into a rage out of humiliation and reacted so strongly.

This meant that Su Feifei still had Qiao Hefeng in her heart.

Therefore, with this trump card, she had nothing to worry about.

“Of course I know that!” Su Ling nodded and went to ask Qiao Hefeng for help.

Qiao Hefeng had no choice but to put away his ugly expression and put on a charitable attitude.

“Of course, we wont eat your meals for free, but Su Ling is very weak.

Ill help make up for her share!”

“Oh” Su Feifei stared at Qiao Hefeng, and an unfathomable smile appeared on her face.

When Xiao He saw Feifeis smile, he couldnt help but have goosebumps all over his back.

Hes never seen Feifei smile like this!

“Alright, then you guys can stay.” Su Feifei decided.

“What!” Everyone was surprised.

Su Ling smiled proudly.

“Thank you, dear sister!”

“You dont have to thank me.

You deserve this.” Su Feifeis smile deepened.


Su Ling was speechless.

What did she mean

[What the flying f*ck.

That smile was so creepy!]

[Shes smiling.

Shes actually smiling]

[Su Ling, run!!!]

[Su Ling!!! Run for your life!]

Xiao He touched the goosebumps on his body, his eyes full of sympathy, and sighed silently.

The few of them began to assemble the tent.

Su Ling and Qiao Hefeng also moved their tents over.

Just as they were about to enter, Su Feifei blew the whistle three times.

Everyone gathered at the camp.

Su Feifei was very satisfied with the speed of the gathering.

It was indeed late, so she simply said, “Tomorrow at six in the morning, everyone will gather to pick herbs.

If you are late, you will bear the consequences!”

“Yes Sir!” Their shouts resounded through the clouds.

“Six in the morning” Qiao Hefeng said in disbelief, “Even the birds are not up yet!]


“Th early bird gets the worm, do you not know this saying Do you not want to eat” Su Feifei turned her head and asked.


Qiao Hefeng was speechless.


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