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The f*ck!

These two words appeared above everyones head at the same time!

The director was just as shocked.

He thought that there would definitely be some sparks at the bonfire party tonight.

However, he didnt expect that the sparks would produce an explosion!

[Whats going on!]

[No, no one has seen this side of Su Ling, right Maybe she really is a fake b*tch!]

[What a joke! Is there a scandal about Su Ling that we dont know about]

[Its just something that shes casually fabricating! Su Feifei just simply opened her mouth and now you all want to believe her!]

[Su Feifei, get out of the entertainment industry! You dont belong here!]


Su Lings heart was flustered, and her eyes instantly turned red, “Dear sister, I came all the way here because I was afraid that you wouldnt have anyone to take care of you.

How can you say this to me”

After she said that, she leaned closer to Qiao Hefeng defensively.

“This is a game.

You only need to answer the question.” Su Feifei said coldly.

Su Ling bit her lips.

She was forced to say one sentence, “Dear sister, what kind of question is this”

“If you cant answer, you can choose dare.” Su Feifei stared at her with her arms crossed and a cold smile on her face.

Su Ling began to sob again.

“Su Feifei, your question is indeed…” Someone couldnt help but say.

“Do I need you to teach me how to do things” She looked at the person who spoke.

The man immediately shrank back.

Oh my… That was scary… No one else dared to speak.

Su Feifeis eyes were cold and bottomless as she stared at Su Ling, waiting for an answer.

Su Lings crying also stopped.

Her face was burning, and she gritted her teeth in hatred.

She glanced at Su Feifei and said after a long while, “I chose dare.”

Su Feifei didnt dare to go too far in front of everyone!

“Alright, drink that bucket of water.” Su Feifei pointed at the wooden barrel next to the bonfire.

Everyone immediately sucked in a cold breath.

This… This was the water to put on the fire, it was seawater!

It was salty and bitter, and no one knew where it came from! How could she drink it

“You…” Su Ling was dumbfounded, “You … You want me to drink this” After she finished speaking, she sobbed again, wiped her tears, and leaned toward Qiao Hefeng.

“Su Feifei, youre crazy!” Qiao Hefengs face was filled with heartache.

He glared at Su Feifei angrily.

“Shes your sister! Do you want to die Youve gone too far today! Im warning you, apologize to Su Ling right now, or Ill really get angry!”

In the next second, Su Feifeis hand that was fiddling with the flames instantly exerted more force!

The flame shot up high and the branch in his hand was immediately thrown out!

“Ah!” Su Ling screamed and quickly pulled Qiao Hefeng back.

Qiao Hefeng took a step back and looked at the fire stick stuck in front of him.

He was still shaking.

This was directed at him!

Did Su Feifei really throw a fire stick at him

Even if she wanted him to notice her, how could she use such a method


“Su Feifei!”

“Youre angry” Su Feifei said, “Who do you think you are Does it matter if youre angry”

Then, she turned to Su Ling and coldly said, “Hmph!”

Su Ling trembled.

She was about to pretend to faint when she heard Su Feifeis cold voice again.

“Even if you faint here today, I will make sure the dare will be done tomorrow.

It isnt a glorious thing to be the first to go back on ones word when you were the one that suggested the game.

If Im not mistaken, it should be a live broadcast, right So everyone is our witness.”

[Oh my, she finally notices that shes live streaming!]

[Whats happening!]

[I… That… Amazing powerplay…]

Su Ling was shocked.

She was indeed the one who suggested this game.

Now that they were in the middle of a live broadcast and Su Feifei had cut off her escape route, she had reason to believe that this madman would really chase her and make her finish the water tomorrow…

“I agree,” Bo Silin added fuel to the fire.

“Since youve set the rules, you have to adhere to them.”

In an instant, the entire place fell silent again.

Bo Silins face was calm.

As he fiddled with the fire, his face looked particularly delicate under the light.


[Sweet baby Bo, dont! Youll be attacked by those brainless fans!!!]

[Hes protecting his wife!]


[I think Bo Silin spoke for fun.

With his personality, he always does what he wants anyway.]

After Su Ling heard what she said, she immediately made up her mind.

She must not leave a bad impression on Bo Silin!

“Fine! Ill drink! Only because you said so!”

“Su Ling!” Qiao Hefeng was in disbelief.

Su Ling walked towards the bucket of water.

Enduring her own disgust, she picked it up and drank it.


“Holy f*ck…”

Everyones mouth was wide open.

Was this a scene that they could watch for free just by participating in a show without spending money

[Su Ling!!!]

[Su Feifei, from today onwards, well be irreconcilable!]

[ I cant believe she was forced to drink dirty water while participating in a show!]

[Ill be honest.

Feifei didnt do anything wrong.

Anyone with eyes knows who was the one who started it.]

[Thats right.

You provoked her first, yet you cant face the consequences Lame.]

Su Ling drank a few mouthfuls, and her stomach kept churning.

She directly vomited all her food out.

“Su Ling!” Qiao Hefeng ran over.

Su Ling pushed him away and glanced at Bo Silin.

She saw that Bo Silin was staring in her direction.

She remembered what he had just said and immediately picked up the bucket and continued to drink.

The bucket of water was already half full.

Su Ling couldnt drink anymore and retched several times.

“Go on.”

Su Feifeis cold voice sounded again.

“Su Feifei!” Qiao Hefeng had already started to roar.

“What, you cant afford to see her like this” Su Feifei narrowed her eyes.

“Is this something that is fun to you!”

Xiao He knew the impact of todays incident and how it could affect public opinion, so he quickly reached out to pull Su Feifei away.

“Feifei, lets go back to the camp first! Lets go, its getting late, everyone should rest early!”

As he spoke, he pulled her back forcefully and pulled Su Feifei back.

Su Feifei turned around and looked at the crowd.

Everyones eyes were unfocused, not daring to look at each other.

Her line of sight finally fell on Su Ling and coldly said, “Since Ive received so many warnings today, I might as well give you a warning too.

Dont bring your tricks of pretending to be weak and playing mind games with me.

Next time, before you have any other ideas, think about the water today.

If you still want to court death, Ill accompany you.”



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