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The surroundings instantly fell into a deathly silence.

Everyone gasped and covered their mouths.

Xiao He had already fallen off the bench and was sitting on the ground.

The first thing he did was to look in Bos direction.

Bos eyes were like the cold winter wind, and a snowstorm was directed at him!

Su Ling looked at them in shock.

She hadnt seen her sister for a long time.

Did she turn into a desperate dog

Qiao Hefeng was even more shocked and even felt a little upset.

He kept sizing up Xiao He.

When did Su Feifei have a change of heart Did she fall in love with Xiao He during her time here

No matter, the one she liked before was still him! His hands trembled and he gritted his teeth from the lack of attention.

[No way Xiao He]

[The Subo Pot club is officially disbanding…]

[This, this, this… Was that an official announcement]

[Did I ship the wrong couple]

[Im dying of laughter.

Xiao He is really willing to take a knife for Bo.

Hes so conscientious haha!]

[Thank goodness it isnt my sweet baby Bo!]

“Y-you must be joking!” Xiao He moved his chair and started to move further away from her.

He felt a chill down his back as he spoke.

He always had a feeling that he would not live for long.

This was the premonition to it all.


“I do like you.”

“Im serious! Dont play with me like that!” Xiao He roared in the wind.

[Xiao He looks like his life is about to end.]

[Everyone, look at Bos expression.

Its very interesting.]

[Doesnt Qiao Hefengs one look more interesting]

“Why cant I say it out loud Its not just you.

I like Tiantian and the three bulls as well.” Su Feifei then pointed around with her hand.

[Oh I get it now!]

[The three bulls She makes a fair point in that description of them!]

[The three brawny men look really confused.]

Xiao He was stunned for a moment, and his face instantly turned red.

“Oh, oh, so that was what you meant…]

“No, youre cheating!” Su Lings eyes were smiling as she quietly acted cutely.

Everyones eyes rolled in unison, probably because they felt that Su Feifeis actions were really boring.

Bo Silins gaze was withdrawn this time, and the cold feeling disappeared instantly.

Xiao He replied, “Ive got a long life to live.”

Su Ling was somewhat unwilling to part with that answer.

However, in public, she couldnt directly turn hostile.

On the contrary, it might come off as her trying to be competitive.

“After spinning for so long, it should be my turn now, right” Su Feifei suddenly said.

Su Ling was stunned for a moment, then she nodded, “Dear sister, you can do as you wish.”

“Alright,” she said.

Su Feifei smiled and quickly reached out her hand.

Her white and slender fingers pressed on the mouth of the bottle.

With a flick, the mouth of the bottle began to spin rapidly.

Su Ling was relieved.

She thought that Su Feifei wanted to spin the bottle because she knew about her tricks.

But looking at this speed, it was impossible to cheat.

However, the next second, the mouth of the bottle stopped and pointed in her direction!

Su Ling was stunned.


“Its my turn to ask you.” Su Feifeis line of sight was fixed on Su Ling.

His dark eyes made her feel uncomfortable.

Su Ling forced her lips, “Dear sister, what do you want to ask We grew up together, so you know a lot of my little secrets! Dont say it out loud in public, save me some face! Haha!”

She had always known how to act coquettishly, and it was finally paying off because everyone fell for it.

[Su Ling is so cute, hehe!]

[Shes cheating!!!]

[Ill give her everything!]

[Feifei has already said this much.

If Su Feifei still doesnt give up, itll be meaningless.]

[Its a bit funny that she said that.

Just now, didnt Su Ling insist on not holding back Now shes asking for her to save face How contradictory of her…]

The comments were cut off again.

The atmosphere at the scene was originally quite harmonious, but when it was Su Feifeis turn to ask the question, the game reached its climax.

“My question is simple.

Why are you targeting me”


Su Lings smile froze.

Everyone quieted down, but their hearts started to beat faster again.

“Huh” She thought she had heard wrong.

“Im asking you, why are you targeting me”

The sweet smile on Su Lings face suddenly disappeared.

Did this b*tch know what she was saying!

“What are you trying to achieve with all of this Could it be that my previous question offended you, so you asked me the second question If youre not happy, you can hit me or scold me as you did in the past.

Its fine…

“You snatched my white dress doll when we were young, and now youre snatching my academic results when were older, dont get me started with the men…”

Su Feifei glanced in Qiao Hefengs direction.

“Your life history is quite interesting, but why do you have to only target me Arent you tired”



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