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[F*ck, f*ck, f*ck! This is what I wanted to hear!]

[Theyre playing nasty tricks today!]

[Qiao Hefeng sure got the guts to ask such a question!]

[Hes also famous for being a snake.

Whats there to be afraid of]

[Why do I feel like theres something wrong with the atmosphere between Qiao Hefeng and our Su Ling]

Su Lings heart was beating fast.

She also wanted to know the answer.

She had worked with Bo Silin in a drama before and everyone had praised them for being a golden couple.

However, Bo Silin remained indifferent to her and no matter what she did, it was to no avail.

Therefore, she came here this time because she felt like she was losing him.

Bo Silins attitude towards Su Feifei was suspicious and she wanted to stop whatever was happening between them stat!


Just like everyone else, her heart was pounding as she waited for the answer.

Bo Silin suddenly turned around and looked at Su Feifei.

[Did he Just look At Feifei]

[Baby Bo, why are you looking at Su Feifei]

[Im so scared.

Bo has always been a straight player.

Im really scared!! Dont be rash! Dont be rash!!!]

[F*ck! He deliberately did that, Im sure he wants us to know who he is looking at!]

[Feifeis dumbfounded look really makes me laugh.]

[For the 10 years of being Bos fan, Ive finally already accepted the truth.

Bo is in love with someone that isnt me!]

[Are you sure Feifei can handle his love]

After the last comment appeared, the entire chat suddenly fell silent.

Su Feifei, who was munching on melon seeds, paused and was somewhat baffled by the sudden attention.

Whats wrong

Did Bo Silin really have someone he liked and wanted her to make the decision instead


She immediately reacted.

No, the times here were different.

They were free to marry and didnt need her to make the decision when it came down to it.

Then what was he looking at

Su Feifei touched her face.

After confirming that there was nothing on her face, she looked at Bo Silin with a serious expression.

Bo Silin was still staring at Su Feifei, but his expression changed slightly.

He squinted his long and narrow eyes and said, “Feifei, I choose dare.”

Everyones hearts suddenly beat faster as they looked at each other.

Everyone except Su Feifei could feel that the scene just now was unusual.


The best actor said this while looking at Su Feifei.

In this industry, what was the difference between this and a confession

Moreover, it was being witnessed by hundreds of millions of people!

No one dared to speak first.

Only Su Feifei nodded.

“Alright then.”

Everyone was speechless.

Xiao He swallowed his saliva and wanted to pull on Su Feifeis sleeve.

Su Feifei pointed at the unknown wildflowers on the ground.

“Go and pluck these all off.”

“Su Feifei, youre going too easy on him!” Qiao Hefeng was inexplicably unhappy.

“Did I ask you for your opinion” Su Feifeis words bounced back.


Qiao Hefengs eyes widened.

[My people, my people! The wife has finally acknowledged her husband!]

[Thats amazing! Im dead!]

[As Feifeis rare male fan, Ive really substituted myself!]

[Su Feifeis advertisement fees this year have all been used to buy fake reviewers, right A tragic attention wh*re.]


Bo Silin immediately stood up, plucked the wildflowers, and walked towards Su Feifei.

Su Feifei was about to take it when she saw a figure flash and appear behind her.

She then moved her head slightly.

The flower was stuck in her hair.

“The colors match.” His deep voice brushed past her ears.

Su Feifeis heart skipped a beat.

She looked up and saw his straight jawline swaying in front of her.

In a daze, he spoke his thoughts out loud.

She looked elegant and had a light blush on her cheeks.

It turned out that this sentence could be used to describe a womans peerless beauty.

If she was in Great Yan, her courtiers had offered many types of beautiful men to her.

However, she had no interest in any of them.

At a glance, the people she used to have in the harem now all looked like ordinary men in front of Bo Silin.

His face was still the most interesting one she had ever seen.

She gave Bo Silin a look of admiration, then turned to the bonfire again.

[Was Feifeis gaze an encouraging sign]

[Thats interesting.

The atmosphere heated up for a second.]

[I want to squeal but I cant!]

[Im moved even through the screen! Su Feifei, what are you made of]

[Its better to be Feifeis fan.

Shes moving forward steadily.]

Bo Silin was used to the wailing.

After he took his seat, he didnt say anything and let the atmosphere become awkward.

As long as he wasnt embarrassed, the others would be.

Sure enough, everyones eyes were full of sluggishness.

In the end, it was Su Ling who reignited the stage.

“Your taste is really good.

This color really matches my dear sister!” She kept complimenting him and then said, “Lets continue!”

Su Ling was still in control of the bottle now.

The bottle stopped, and as expected, it turned toward Su Feifei again.

This time, Su Feifeis expression changed slightly, as if she was sneering.

Then, she threw away the lamb leg bone in her hand.

“Go ahead.” She said with a smile.

To Xiao He, this smile seemed very scary.

It looked almost like when Bo was livid with his director in one of the films he was doing!

The sweeter the smile, the faster the other party would die!

Xiao He was trembling in fear, but Su Ling seemed fearless.

From her point of view, it was a daily agenda to go against Su Feifei.

Whether Su Feifei wanted to kill her or not was not her concern.

What Su Ling was concerned about was how she was going to kill Su Feifei.

Su Ling sweetly smiled and asked, “Dear sister, you wont be able to escape this time! What is the name of the person you like”

As soon as she finished speaking, everyones eyes, including Bo Silins, fell on Su Feifei.

Su Feifei was very calm as she flicked the fire in front of her.

The long silence made Xiao He a little anxious, and he pulled his wooden chair in front of Su Feifei.

“Yeah, Feifei, who is it”

Xiao He became excited, he decided that it must be Bo! All his efforts are coming to fruition!

They had been together for so many days, and Bo still did not know that he was in love! But Xiao He could tell!

As Bos first man, he did not want to let this opportunity go!

Su Feifei raised her head, and her lips moved.

She spat out a single word.


Xiao Hes happy smile was delayed for two seconds before it froze on his face.

The next second, it turned into fear.

A shrill scream erupted in the camp.

“Huh Who is it”

“Oh, you.” Su Feifei said seriously, “I like you.”


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