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The bullet comments about Xiao He gradually piled on.

This topic subsequently quickly became a hot topic online.

The title of the topic was about Xiao He having a long life.

When he clicked on it, all he could hear was the laughter of the netizens.

In the camp, at the end of the meal, there was nothing left of the lamb, only the bones and scraps.

Su Feifei scraped some meat from the skeleton, placed it on a plate, and served it to Bo Silin.

Then, she sat down beside him.

“When we ate rabbits before, you didnt eat the fatty meat.

Ive left the lean meat on the bones which is the most flavorful, for you.

Go ahead and eat up.”

Bo Silins fingers hesitated as he looked up.




Feifei is really good to Bo.]

[Ive been a fan of Bo for ten years.

After seeing Feifeis actions these few days, Ive turned from a Feifei hater to a lover!]

[Indeed, although Su Feifei treated them as her subordinates, she does not manipulate and overwork them.]

[Are you all crazy Are we talking about the same woman]

[How much did Su Feifei pay you to say that]

[How did she pay you Online Cash]

Occasionally, there would be one or two uncomfortable comments on the screen, but at this moment, Su Lings fans didnt dare to meddle with the comments too much.

Bo Silins fans still accounted for the majority of the population.

Perhaps the current atmosphere was too relaxed, and people were singing and dancing along as well.

Su Feifei couldnt help but relax and lean back in her chair.

The sun had disappeared from the horizon.

The night was dark, and the waves were gently waving along the sea.

Bo Silin was sitting at the back, so he could see Su Feifeis dark head.

She had washed her hair before she went out for the event.

At this moment, her hair was tied into a bun with a bamboo stick that she had shaved.

It was loosely tied at the back of her head and the faint fragrance of her scent drifted along the air towards Bo Silin.

He narrowed his eyes and leaned back in his chair, his gaze gradually becoming distant.

Most of them did not get any roast lamb, but they still ate to their hearts content with whatever their own group provided.

This was the happiest day since everyone entered the deserted island.

The group of people sat around the bonfire and chatted with each other.

There was only the crackling of the bonfire in the air, and the scene was peaceful and harmonious.

“How about this, why dont we play truth or dare” Qiao Hefeng suddenly suggested.

“Sure, sounds fun!” Tiantian had completely let herself loose today.

Her usual reserved manner was completely gone, and she was even a little cute when she agreed.

She raised her head and finished the wine in one gulp before placing it in the middle of the room.

Su Ling also nodded in agreement, but from time to time, she would glance at Su Feifei.

“How about this” She even smiled with a hint of malice.

“Lets turn this bottle around.

Whoever it points to will answer the question!”

Everyone was excited.

After eating and drinking to their hearts content, their desire for gossip naturally increased.

Most of the people present were people with a small reputation in the entertainment industry, not to mention that Bo and the others were present today.

It was usually impossible to meet these people.

Especially more so to play a game with these A-listed celebrities!

This is what makes it exciting!

This was the ultimate meaning of this show!

Director Liu also rubbed his hands and smacked his lips.

He lowered his head and instructed his assistant, “Go, fuel the bonfire and give them some more drinks!”

Today, Xiao He contributed to a hot search.

Whether or not the second one would be just as hot, it would depend on Su Lings performance!

Everyone raised their hands to vote, but Su Feifei didnt comment on this plan.

She had played this kind of game in the army before, but most of the time, she stayed by the side and watched the soldiers play, so she was not unfamiliar with it.

Therefore, she was fine with playing along with the shenanigans now.

Very quickly, the votes agreeing to this idea were overwhelming.

“Alright, lets start!” Su Lings hand first appeared on the wine bottle, “If you dont mind, can I spin the bottle first”

“Of course you can!” Everyone responded.

No one noticed that Su Ling had a stone between her fingers and secretly stuck it in the opposite direction of Su Feifei.

This was a common trick in the industry.

The bottle spun in front of everyone, and sure enough, it stopped in Su Feifeis direction.

“Dear sister, its your turn!” Su Ling stuck out her finger and blinked her eyes cutely.

“Su Ling, you can ask the question.” Qiao Hefeng promptly responded.

Su Ling looked at Su Feifei, “I do want to, but I dont know if shes willing to listen to me…”

Her eyes were glistening with tears, making her look very adorable.


Su Feifei remained silent the whole time.

She looked away from her hand and stared at her face indifferently.

After a long while, she spat out an okay.

“So you agree” Su Ling happily smiled as happy as a lark, “Then Ill ask! So… is there anyone you like on the island” she asked.

[F*ck! Su Ling is playing such a big game right from the start!]

[I just got my watermelon, whats happening right now]

[As expected of the award winner of the entertainment industry.

She knows exactly what everyone likes to watch!]

[If they continue on like this, I wont be able to sleep early!]

[Im dying of laughter.

Shes obviously in love with Qiao Hefeng.]

[I stand by my ship, Subo Pot for the win!]

Everyones eyes were focused on Su Feifei.

Su Feifei was silent for a while before she nodded lightly.


Su Lings eyes lit up.

There was

Did she admit it

“Oh” Xiao He got excited and quickly sat down in front of Su Feifei.

“Feifei, who do you like”

Su Feifeis eyes darted around.

At the side, Bo Silin was the first to straighten his back.

Then, Xiao He saw with his own eyes that Qiao Hefeng had also curled his lips and even shook his legs, looking determined to win.

Most of the people present understood the candidates.

Who else could it be

Everyone knew about the scandal she had with Qiao Hefeng!

In the end, even if Qiao Hefeng insisted on being Su Lings protector, Su Feifei still wanted to have a chance.

It was also after that period of time that she completely gave up on herself and began to flirt with other people in the entertainment industry, leaving behind all kinds of unpleasant reputations.

Bo Silin saw from the corner of his eye that everyone was looking in Qiao Hefengs direction, and his face instantly darkened.

[I told you.

Su Feifei still cant forget Qiao Hefeng.

Her first love.]

[Look at Qiao Hefengs expression.

Who else could it be but him]

[Feifei wont go that far away from him.

She really wont.]

[Are you saying that Qiao Hefeng is the trouble When did you become blind Qiao Hefeng isnt good enough for Su Feifei!]

[I guess you didnt hear about the things she used to do huh A boot licker.]

[Why are you talking about the past Let it go.

People grow!]

[Seriously, did Su Feifei pay you to say this]

Su Ling saw that the situation was rising and quickly asked, “Yeah, who is it”

“Thats a second question.” Su Feifei said.


Su Ling pouted.

“Alright, then well spin it again.”

This time, the mouth of the bottle was aimed at Bo Silin.

It was Qiao Hefengs turn to ask the question.

Qiao Hefeng turned around with a smile.

“So, Bo, Ill ask you the same question.

Is there anyone you like here”

As soon as he finished speaking, everyones eyes were focused on Bo Silins face again.


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