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Xiao He pouted when he heard the cheers of these people.

“What good luck are they talking about…” He muttered.

If it wasnt for Feifeis calmness, Su Lings actions just now would have led her into a trap!

Were these people blind

Su Feifei looked at Tiantian, who was already overjoyed, and asked gently, “Do you want to go”

Tiantian raised her head, and the words yes were written all over her bright eyes.

“Alright, lets go then.” Su Feifei nodded.

A little later than at the rest point, Su Feifeis camp also burst into cheers.

After announcing that they were going to the banquet, everyones enthusiasm for work seemed to improve.

As the sun set, everyone slowed down and waited for Su Feifeis order.

Su Feifei also noticed their eagerness.

She put down the bark she was peeling and said, “Go on.”

“Lets go, lets go!” The three brawny men — who were standing far away — immediately put down their axes and ran over.

As the three burly men still had some work left to do, Su Feifei walked over to clean up the mess.

After she was done, she turned around and found Bo Silin sitting on a tree that had been cleaned up and looking at her with a faint smile.

[Holy f*ck! This scene is absolutely beautiful]

[Bo, you and your wife can have your alone time now.]

[Skip to the kissing scene already!]

[The bonfire suddenly feels like a good idea]

[Dont go to the bonfire party, the both of you should take a romantic walk.

Thank you.]

“Lets go.

Dont just stand there.” Su Feifei walked over and patted Bo Silins arm gently before walking past him.

Bo Silin immediately followed suit.

Naturally, the screen was filled with cheers from the Subo Pot fans.

Under the setting sun, the fire in the base camp had already begun to burn.

The program was rich in resources, so the bonfire party was naturally well prepared.

The large fire and the sun setting off the island in the distance excited the islanders.

The wind blew, bringing with it a cool touch.

Su Feifei stopped and smiled, feeling the chill in the wind.

“Tomorrow will be a sunny day.” She said.

With the last prophecy, no one dared to take Su Feifeis words as a boast.

Xiao He came forward and asked, “Really Then we can rest assured and leave our tree bark outside for a night!”

“Yes, yes! Thats a good idea! Itll be dry by tomorrow!” Tiantian replied.

A cold sneer came from behind him.

“It rains when you say its going to rain, and theres going to be sun when you say its going to be sunny.

Are you a weather forecaster” Qiao Hefeng said in a neutral tone.

In the entertainment industry, Qiao Hefeng had always been known for his honesty.

Therefore, when he said these words, it was very in line with his character.

As long as he didnt go too far and the target was the notorious Su Feifei, almost no one would take notice.

There were some comments speaking up for Su Feifei on the screen, but they were quickly suppressed by Su Lings fans.

“Feifeidoes speak the truth…” Tiantian was a little unconvinced and her voice was very soft.

Qiao Hefeng narrowed his eyes and looked at her.

Tiantian immediately hid behind Su Feifei.

Su Feifeis face darkened.

Just as she was about to speak, someone suddenly approached her.

“That is up to the weather forecast.” Bo Silins voice came slowly, and it was particularly enchanting in the night.

He was still holding the instant chicken breast that Su Feifei had given him for an extra meal.

“Its better than some trash who landed on the scene with the help of the director team and cant even pull their own weight.

What do you think, Qiao”


There was silence.

[F*ck… Bo came in strong]

[Is he asking for a fight]

[Qiao Hefengs fans, take a good look and see what it means to be honest!!!!]

[I almost forgot.

When it comes to venomous words! Bo is number one! But no one dares to be second!!!!]


[Is no one surrendering Tiantian was protected by Su Feifei, and Su Feifei was protected by Bo.

Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, doesnt that mean that theyre like a family]

[If you want to talk, just talk.

Its just a little funny that you brought the chicken breast with you, hahahaha.]

[One of Feifeis body-nourishing foods.

Why would he leave it behind!]

Qiao Hefeng and Su Lings faces instantly turned nasty.

Bo Silin had always spoken according to his mood.

When he was in a good mood, his words would sound nice.

When he was in a bad mood, well…

For a moment, Qiao Hefeng didnt dare to say anything when Bo stood up for Su Feifei.

Not far away, the Renbo team shook their heads in disappointment.

He thought that he would be able to watch a good show, but in the end, it was like this again.

Why cant this group of people defeat Su Feifei and her friends

It was really f*cking unfair!

Tiantian tried to ease the atmosphere and tugged at Su Feifeis wrist.

“Captain! I got a lot of chicken legs, lets go roast them later!”

Su Feifei patted Tiantians head and was then pulled away by her.

The Festival Group said that they would provide food, but they didnt say that they would provide seasoning.

Su Feifei conjured a few bottles of condiments from her pocket.

Tiantians eyes instantly lit up, and she looked at Su Feifei with admiration.

“Captain, youre so thoughtful!” Tiantian hurriedly took the bottles of condiments from Su Feifeis hands and walked over to the oven assigned to Su Feifei as if she had found a treasure.

Because of Bo Silin, the oven they got was not particularly bad.

Su Feifei started the oven.

“This oven is not supposed to be used this way.” Su Feifei turned around when she heard this.

It turned out that Bo Silin had caught up to her.

Bo Silin naturally walked to Su Feifeis side and turned on a red button next to the furnace.

The electric network generated power and turned red.

Although Su Feifei knew about this in her memory, it was still strange to see it with her own eyes.

Su Feifei raised her eyebrows slightly and operated the red button again.

She quickly understood that turning left meant adjusting the flame to be smaller and turning right meant adjusting the flame to be bigger.

Its quite useful.

They didnt need to light a fire, so they wouldnt be easily discovered by the enemy.

The only disadvantage was that this machine was too big and hard to carry around, but …

Su Feifei suddenly reacted and burst into laughter.

She was no longer the general who led the army to war.


Tiantians attention returned to the present.

She held four or five chicken legs in her hand and placed them on the already heated iron plate.

The iron plate sizzled, and a blissful smile rippled on Tiantians face.

“Although this is just a daily routine for you in the group, Im still very happy when I think about how I got this for free,” Tiantian said with a smile.

[She f*cking thought that it was for free!]

[Tiantian is also a meme queen.]

[I spat out my water!]

[A serious joke, hahaha]

“Ill help.”

Su Ling suddenly walked over from behind Tiantian and took the chicken leg from Tiantians hand.

She skillfully skewed the chicken leg, brushed it with oil, and began to roast it.


Tiantian was so excited that she was rendered speechless for a long time.


She knew that Su Ling was here, but she didnt expect that Su Ling would have such close contact with her!

One must know that although Su Ling appeared late, she became popular the moment she appeared with her web drama and her journey to popularity was smooth sailing right after.

Even in the industry, there were many people who liked her.

“Actually, I also know some wilderness skills!” Su Ling smiled shyly, “When I was filming before, a lot of my scenes were in the mountains, so I learned a thing or two.

I wonder how much I still remember.”

A pair of chicken legs that looked, smelled, and tasted good were soon roasted.

Su Ling personally handed it to Tiantian, and it made her feel like she was bathing in the spring breeze.

Tiantian accepted the chicken excitedly and saw that the tenderness of the chicken leg was just right.

Moreover, the chicken leg had been roasted to perfection, and the fragrance assailed her nostrils, making her drool.

“Wow!” Tiantian cried out.

[Hmph, at least Tiantian has good eyes! Our Su Ling has a lot of hidden skills!]


[Thats right.

Youre not the only one who can cook, Feifei.]

[I saw that the fish that Su Feifei made last time was also unsightly.

Her cutting skills werent good.

Maybe the production team did something.

She doesnt know how to cook at all, so she found a group of actors to act for her.]

For a time, the bullet screen began to be covered by Su Lings fans.

Su Lings eyes flickered as she curled her lips.

This was exactly what she wanted to do — to make Su Feifei seem useless.

Whats the use of only knowing some things from the wilderness In the end, they would still go to the city to live after all this.

Taste and skill were the ultimate pursuits.

As she thought about it, she glanced over at Bo Silin, trying to see if he had seen her work just now.

Before she found his eyes, the voices of three strong men suddenly came from the distance.

“Captain! The whole lamb is here!”


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