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Near the shallow water, there was a fish that was swimming in their direction.

Su Feifei held her breath and focused on it.

[F*ck, even Im holding my breath.]

Just a reminder that you can breathe while watching Su Feifei fish!]


[Whats wrong with this woman again Theres no equipment to catch fish.

Is she really going to rely on the slingshot in her hands]

[I think its possible.

Lets just wait and see.]

At the scene, Su Feifei slowly raised her hand, adjusted her breathing, and slowly approached the fish.

Su Feifei stopped a few meters away from the big fish.

She picked up a sharp stone from the beach, pulled the slingshot, and aimed.

[Is Su Feifei trying to kill the fish with a slingshot]

[Does she now know that the fishs head is very hard.]

[Im dying of laughter.

I think this method is unprecedented.]

[Just watch! Why are you all talking so much nonsense]

The sharp stone pierced through the water and into the fishs head, leaving a string of bubbles on the water.

The fish immediately flipped over.

The fish had been shot dead.

Su Feifei picked up the fish and threw it to Bo Silin.

“Take it.

We should have enough for lunch today.”

Bo Silin dodged to the side with precision.

With a plop, the fish fell directly to the ground.

Su Feifei turned her head and focused her eyes before she reacted disdainfully.

Thats right, this subordinate was afraid of getting dirty.

It was rare to see a man who was afraid to get dirty.


She thought for a moment, then fished out some seaweed that had been washed up from the water.

She took out the branch that was tied behind her and gestured on the fishs head.

“What are you doing” Bo Silin sensed that something was wrong and wanted to step back even more.

[Im dying of laughter.

What are you doing A wuss!]

[Bo is about to get PTSD from Su Feifei!]

[Every step she takes will be beyond your expectations.

Are you happy now, Bo]

[Can someone control Su Feifei I think shes going crazy again.]

[This fish is still alive, right]

As expected, Su Feifei ignored him.

She concentrated, gathered her energy, raised her hand, and jabbed the fish hard!

The tree branch directly poked a hole in the fishs mouth.

Bo Silin, who was splashed with water, flinched.

Su Feifeis movements were agile.

She passed the seaweed through the fishs mouth, picked it up, and handed it to Bo Silin.

“Can you take it now The seaweed is clean and doesnt have a fishy smell.”

Bo Silins movements paused slightly, his eyes darting around for a moment.

So she did that for him.

[Hes so pampered!!!!!]

[Im sorry, Bo.

Ive grown to be a fan of Su Feifei this time…]

[Ill be honest with you.

I also want to be pampered by her.

Come and dote on me too baby!]

[At least Su Feifei has some conscience and remembers that our baby Bo loves cleanliness.]

[No, you guys should be more firm with your perspective on that vixen!!!!]

[Did Su Feifei put a curse on all of you]

Su Feifei didnt even look back and continued to search in the sea.

This place happened to be the estuary of a river, Su Feifei was sure that there should be fish here, and the fish would come here to eat.

If only there was a boat, they would definitely be able to return with a full load.

Su Feifei searched for a long time, but she didnt find anything other than a few small fish on the beach.

She turned around and walked towards the shore.

“Lets go.

Well deal with them at noon.” Su Feifei said.

[Deal with who]

[You call this a dealing]

[I suddenly feel pity for Renbo and the others…]

[Yeah, thinking about Renbo and the others mocking Su Feifei angers me… but now… Oh my, someone call for an ambulance… but not for her!]

[Im really going to die of laughter because of this show.

Can you come up with more shows of this type in the future]

[Its not the island thats funny, its human nature.

Especially Su Feifeis!]

[It cant be her, shes just a drama queen!]

The sun had just risen, and Su Feifei looked up.

Then she began to pull the plants along the road and weave them.

Bo Silin was already used to Su Feifeis strange behavior.

He followed her from a distance of one or two meters away.

In less than two minutes, a simple straw hat was handed to him.

“Here, cover yourself.”

Bo Silin looked up and saw Su Feifeis porcelain white face.

She didnt have any makeup on, and her eyebrows were perfectly crafted.

Her skin was pinkish white, and her cheeks were slightly red after being exposed to the sun.

Bo Silin took it.

However, the next second, the straw hat fell on Su Feifeis head.

“Im not hot.” He replied and walked forward.

[Why is the atmosphere between the two of them so…]


[If I were Su Feifei, Id do a 180 turn on the spot and bow to thank him.]

[Thats why youll never gain his attention!]

[Su Feifei should be so happy!]

“Youre not hot” Su Feifeis figure only paused for a second, then she stepped forward and covered Bo Silins head with the straw hat again.

“Youre already sweating, why are you trying to be strong

“You need to exercise more if your kidney is weak, but I wont let you be exposed to the sun.


“Remember to take the medicine when you go back.

The medicine for today was already stewed when it came out.


“Thats strange.

You had abs the last time I checked, but how are you this weak”

The world fell silent again.

[Kidney deficiency requires more exercise, no sun allowed, has abs but is weak… What else does she have to say]

[Feifei, how did you make it so sweet and sadistic]

[So this is what a sugar coated knife means…]

[My heart aches for Bo.

His ego mustve been deflated.]

[Are you going to stop talking about kidney deficiency Someone, help me, I cant stop laughing!]


[Im growing abs from laughing.

Girl, get to the main point and kiss him!]

[Ill repeat myself again! Our baby Bo doesnt have kidney deficiency.

His body is in great condition!!!!]

[Ive already thought of tomorrows headline.

A lowlife actress in the entertainment industry is obsessed with the best actors kidney deficiency, sending him tonic soup every day]

[Feifei is such a clown.]

Bo Silin was left speechless on the spot.

He looked at Su Feifeis back and chuckled after a while.

He reached out to straighten his hat and walked forward.

[F*ck! This smile!]

[“So be it.

Ill do whatever my wife says.” I bet he concluded with that.]


[Im gone, my ship is sailing to the sky!]

The two of them brought their things back to the camp.

There were already many big trees that had been cut down and wild vegetables placed around them.

Su Feifei had given Tiantian two kinds of herbs before to pick out.

One of them was a Chinese herb that was easily recognizable.

Unexpectedly, Tiantian seemed to have eaten spinach before and had picked three to four stalks.

She walked to Tiantians side and said with a smile, “You picked so much, are you hungry”

Tiantian nodded, then shook her head.

“Im not hungry! Those tree-cutting uncles are even hungrier!” Tiantian waved her hand and said.

The smile on Su Feifeis face deepened.

She patted Tiantians head and said, “Go and exchange them for points.

Youve picked a lot of herbs today.”

Tiantians eyes lit up as she asked, “Really Did I really pick a lot of herbs”

Su Feifei smiled and nodded.

Tiantian was so happy that she jumped three feet high.

She bounced over to pick up the two piles of wild vegetables and asked, “Captain, which stack should I take”

Su Feifei pointed at the stack on the left.

“Yay!” Tiantian exclaimed and skipped toward the exchange point.

Three stalks of herbs equated to 30 points.

By the time the 30 points were accounted for, Tiantian had also returned.

Su Feifei stood up and smiled at Tiantian.

“Buy a pot, a knife, rice, and some spices.

Lets have a good meal today!”

The three big men who were chopping the tree had sharp ears and quickly put down their axes.

“Is it time to eat”



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