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After some thought, he finally understood the intentions of these people.

“Are you guys… here for a job interview” Xiao He was a little scared.

These men all looked like they were only very good at steaSu Ling food.


Would they eat their supply until they all become hungry too

Xiao He turned around and saw Su Feifei who had just come back from kilSu Ling the rabbit.

He quickly ran to her and said in a low voice, “Feifei, these people seem to be applying for a job here as well.”


Su Feifei nodded and looked at them.

They looked tall, strong, muscular, and could do a lot of work.

She walked closer and looked at them with admiration.

Then, she patted the shoulder of the leader and said, “We start work tomorrow.

Sound good”

The burly man in the lead clicked his fingers and gently pushed Su Feifeis shoulder.

“Dead man, are you going to cover our meals”

Goosebumps rose all over Su Feifeis body.

She held back and forced a smile.


[Hahahahaha, did anyone see Bos reaction]

[He looks jealous hahaha.]

[But, did anyone see the goosebumps on Su Feifeis head]

[No, I havent watched this show for three or four days, and now Su Feifei has fans]

[Im dying of laughter.

The Subopot ship is about to encounter some issues.]

[Isnt this self-adorning]

The meal was quickly prepared by Su Feifei.

The dinner was very sumptuous.

Not only was there wild vegetable soup, but there was also roasted rabbit meat.

The three burly men ate in a very refined manner, and they were almost moved to tears when they finished.

“Try the snake soup.” Su Feifei took a sip and closed her eyes in comfort.

The food in this world seemed to be more delicious than the food in her world.

The aftertaste of the meat was sweet, and the fruits were a little special.


Even with Su Feifeis strong recommendation, no one dared to try the snake soup.

In the end, Tiantian mustered up her courage and said, “I… Ill have a sip …”

Su Feifei immediately leaned over and handed her bowl to Tiantian.

[No, why did the scene suddenly become so loving]

[F*ck, its fine if you ship Su Feifei and Bo Silin, but can you not make it weird for us]

[This is the best variety show Ive ever seen.]

[Now that I look at it, even Su Feifei and Xiao He look a little cute together…]

[Su Feifei is a perfect match for anyone.

I swear.]

[Su Feifei seems to dote on this little follower a lot.

Look, who else would have such treatment here]

Su Feifei put the bowl away after feeding Tiantian.

Her eyes were full of anticipation.

“How is it”

Bo Silin narrowed his eyes.

His gaze first swept across Su Feifeis bowl before he looked at Tiantian.

At this moment, Tiantian was so immersed in the delicious food that she was completely unaware of the approaching danger.

[Theres something wrong with Bos eyes.]

[Whats happening!]

[Im the only one who cares about my baby.

Everyone shush!]

“Its, its so good!” Tiantian smacked her lips and nodded frantically.

“It is, isnt it!” Su Feifei curled her lips and generously gave her the bowl.

“Here, this is all for you.”

Tiantian immediately took it and smiled with her eyes and brows curved into crescents.

Her round face was very likable.

Su Feifei lowered her eyes and looked away.

This little girl… Was very much like her personal servant, Xiao Ya.

It was a pity that Xiao Ya died in front of the main hall in order to help her delay the enemys time during the year when the Prime Minister had forced her to abdicate.


In the same year, when the army invaded the border, she fought on the battlefield and died under the arrow of her fiance.

The arrow had pierced through her glabella, and she could still feel the phantom pain once in a while.

Su Feifeis eyes were closed, and she reached out to gently stroke her eyebrows.

It was warm to the touch, and the skin was smooth and without any scars.

It was all in the past.

This was another life, and she had to live well.

“Does it hurt” A low and hoarse voice suddenly sounded.

Su Feifei suddenly looked up, a little stunned.

She saw Bo Silin turning his head to look at her.

His eyes were dark, as if he could see through everything.

She stopped and put down her hand.

“Why do you ask”

“You looked like you were in a lot of pain.” Bo Silin glanced at her.

“Theres no wound on it, dont worry.”

He was right, there was no wound.

In this life, she would not let herself get hurt.

Su Feifeis cold body started to warm up.

“I want to try some too.” Bo Silins words were concise and comprehensive.

He raised his chin and pointed at the bowl in her hand.

[What Didnt you just frown and say you didnt want to drink]

[Bo, youre a little willful.]

[Its because Su Feifei fed Tiantian, right You want her to do that too]

[What are you guys talking about]

Su Feifei handed him the bowl in her hand.

“I want a new one.” Bo Silin said.

He was a little disdainful.

He glanced at Tiantian from the corner of his eye and said, “Shes used this bowl before.”

Tiantian was speechless.

Why did she suddenly feel like she had been stabbed in her heart

It was true that she did use it, but didnt Feifei use it too

Does that mean if Feifei used it, it wasnt considered used

Tiantian glanced at Bo Silin cautiously but did not dare to retort.

Su Feifei gave him a new bowl and stuffed it into his hands.

She mumbled, “Youre so troublesome.”

Bo Silins movements stopped.

He held the bowl with his slender fingers and looked at Su Feifei.

Su Feifei was a little confused by his stare, so she turned around and left.

When she left, Bo Silins face darkened.

[Look, look! What did I say!]

[Were you hoping that someone would feed you the soup]

[Hahahahahahaha Im dying of laughter!]

[Bo Silin is so aggrieved.

Feifei is awesome!]

[Previous post, dont over-interpret things!]

[Even though Im a fan of Bo, but… I… I think that…]

[I think Im feeSu Ling what youre feeSu Ling…]


[No, you cant be shaken!]

The comments began to struggle with their perspective of Feifei.

On the other hand, Xiao He went up shakily.

“Bo, the snake soup has gone is cold.

Shall I heat it up for you” He was about to take it when Bo Silin put the bowl aside.

“No need,” He stood up and left.

Xiao He and Tiantian were left behind, they looked at each other not knowing what had happened.

The brawny man was still slurping the soup, and as he drank, he praised Feifei, “Its good!”

[Hahahahahaha, youre such a tsundere.

Youre not drinking anymore]

[Im dying of laughter.

Theres really something wrong with him!]

[Bo, theres something wrong with you you know that!]

[If this goes on, our love line might really come true!]

A day and a night passed quickly.

The next morning, the three burly men came to the camp on time to report.

In the camp, Su Feifei and Bo Silin got out of bed almost at the same time.

Su Feifei casually washed her face with water and was done washing up.

Bo Silin, on the other hand, slowly and elegantly squeezed out the toothpaste, brushed his teeth, and washed his face.

His entire action exuded the elegance of a victorian.

Naturally, there was another round of comments that gushed over his appearance.

After a few days of broadcasting, The Deserted Island of Stars 2 had become the trendiest topic in town.

In the beginning, the topic was heated because of Bo Silin, but later on, it was purely because of Su Feifei.

Even if people who were not interested in the show would still click on the hot topics to update themselves on the show.


At this point, the one who was happy was naturally the director.

Moreover, Director Liu received a phone call just now that caused his face to suddenly light up.

“Is what you said true Su Ling is coming” He asked in a trembling voice, unable to contain his excitement.



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